Who Wants To Design A Gigafactory? Tesla Is Hiring An Architect For The Job!

AUG 6 2014 BY JAY COLE 12

Ever wanted to design and help build the next generation of battery facilities?

Well, if you are a skilled architect (or just really good at padding your resumé), that could be you – as the company has placed a want ad online for that position.

Architect Wanted Ad

Architect Wanted Ad

Besides being really good at what you do, Tesla is also looking for you to be able to work on the road most of the time, be ok living in dusty half-constructed war zones, and have a “never say die” attitudebasically you are the Mad Max of architects.

The official job description reads as follows:

The Role

...just another day on the old job site (Mad Max via Warner Bros)

…just another day on the old Tesla job site (Mad Max via Warner Bros)

Tesla is looking for an Architect to assist in the design and construction of advanced manufacturing facilities.  Like our products, these facilities must be innovative.

This person must be highly motivated and organized with a clear focus on driving multiple projects with aggressive deadlines and budgets.  This role will help the infrastructure group design and construct leading edge facilities that target world-class efficient output and carbon neutrality.

This full time role requires the flexibility of traveling when needed (up to 70%) and doing whatever it takes to achieve project objectives.


  • Promote and protect Tesla’s reputation as a cutting-edge company producing the world’s most exciting cars and shifting the paradigm of personal transportation worldwide
  • Manage multiple construction projects through design, build and qualification
  • Duties may include: Project Management, functional layouts, building design, site analysis, cost estimates, code review, space planning, design visualization, schematic design development and contract documentation.


  • Master’s Degree in Architecture from a top university
  • 5+ yrs of direct construction experience designing high-tech infrastructure and operational facilities (semiconductor, solar, battery, waste water treatment plants, etc.)
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and work in an extremely fast-paced environment
  • Ability to interface with multiple engineering disciplines
  • Background in high voltage power generation, heavy civil, wastewater, manufacturing operational construction
  • Working knowledge of OSHA and UBC codes and HAZMAT safety protocols
  • Desire to do the impossible with a positive and professional “never say die” attitude
  • Ability to communicate clearly and interface at an executive level
  • Proven track record of managing budgets and evaluating construction related quotes and contracts.
  • Strong desire to be a part of a world class team focused on achieving amazing results
  • Excellent written and spoken English. Additional European or Asian language a plus
  • Happy to travel and stay for extended periods of time at construction sites

Currently, Tesla is prepping at least one site for their new $5 billion dollar Gigafactory, including a location in Reno Nevada (video), after signing a deal with Panasonic to partner in the project earlier last month.

So if this job is for you, here is where you can apply for the job.

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12 Comments on "Who Wants To Design A Gigafactory? Tesla Is Hiring An Architect For The Job!"

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They don’t have it designed yet? Seems like a pretty big oversight after already starting construction.

“Oh shoot, yes, the building! And you say we might need blueprints for that? Damn, I knew we forgot something!”
Yes, this seems, er, surprising.

Then maybe scrambling a couple earth movers in Reno was just for show, to “encourage” faster or more favorable arrangements from competing locations and/or potential partners…

I guess the person who will be hired for this can say goodbye to his/her family for about 3 years –

“This full time role requires the flexibility of traveling when needed (up to 70%) and doing whatever it takes to achieve project objectives.”

“Ability to multi-task, prioritize and work in an extremely fast-paced environment”

Looks like male architects are out.

“Duties may include: Project Management, functional layouts, building design, site analysis, cost estimates, code review, space planning, design visualization, schematic design development and contract documentation.”

I’m an architect and this is a job description for like a team of 10 people. The gigafactory isn’t a house. I’m assuming this is for a lead position with further hiring for support staff to follow.

One would hope…

Yeah typical of overzealous job application forms. Maybe parts of it could be just for the fiddly bits to dress up the box with some wrapping paper and a bow. Facades and such.
Seems to be saying hey unless you are famous or soon to be do not apply.
But most famous architects come with a team anyway, don’t they?

This is what’s aggravating about job application these days in that everyone wants a million years experience while at the same time time there is no jobs to train people.

Death is not what I’m worried about with the Ebola or some other virus it lets to the question what happens if it gets out of control and kills off all the experienced people with like 20 and 30 years experience. And when that happens there is not a program in place to train new people. So basically this is how the plague would cripple society in that the people left wouldn’t know how to run things or build things and that’s when we fall into decay.

This is where I skeptical about the Tesla dates.

Having been through the architect/design/building dept. cycle for a custom house, I can tell you that it’s frustrating as hell, and none of the entities (architect especially) are financially motivated to exit the “revision loop”, which is pay as you go.

Maybe if they hire him as an employee they’ll have more control…….

Actually the Black Death lead to a flowering of Europe, eventually.

This isn’t so much about the Giga factory as their entire worldwide facility inventory. I looked at an open senior facilities mechanical engineer position with Tesla a few months back, but ultimately pulled back because of the potential work level.

Tesla has and continues to buy/lease existing facilities all over. Remember that old plant in Lathrop CA they just got? From what I see, a lot of fire-sale type commercial/industrial buildings that have to be converted to their needs, probably with a tight budget and with an insane fast-track schedule. That means all kinds of site visits, etc. all over the world. All that conversion work requires architects and engineers as much as their new construction. Could be fun if you are young and unattached, but not if you actually have a life, a family, and 30 years experience. Seems Tesla wants both in the same package. Good luck with that.

Note that Tesla may have already “had” that special architect referenced in the job description and they ultimately burned out and left, so now they have to hire another one.

Do you get to drive a company car? 🙂