Tesla Looking To Fill 350 Internship Positions For Next Summer

FEB 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Motors, alongside building a battery Gigafactory in Nevada, is looking for employees among students at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).

On February 17, the company will hold a Summer Job and Internship Expo on the campus, hunting for some 350 talented individuals. Similar programs are done at many others universities, according to the Khobi Brooklyn, Tesla global communications director.

Mechanical, chemical and computer science engineering specializations are most welcome.

“The event kicks off with a general information session at UNR from 6 to 8 p.m that’s open to all students. Feb. 17. The session will provide students an opportunity to learn about the culture of Tesla and what it’s like to work at the company.

The expo itself runs the next day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on campus. Tesla might offer interviews on the spot, so the university is advising students to “dress to impress.” A team of recruiters as well as a staff polymer scientist from Tesla will be on hand at the event.

Tesla first approached the university about the expo in December just a few months after picking Northern Nevada as the site for its gigafactory in a hotly contested competition. This is Tesla’s first recruiting visit to UNR and competition is expected to be fierce once again, not just among local students but applicants from around the country as well. Tesla is looking to fill 350 internships this summer, said Joe Bozsik, internship and career support coordinator for UNR’s College of Engineering.

“They’re looking at three major areas — mechanical, chemical and computer science engineering,” Bozsik said. “They’re looking to develop a talent pipeline that could potentially be trained now in the Bay Area but also relocated to Reno once the gigafactory is up and running.”

According to the article, construction on site is progressing and the costs of foundation, steel structures and other work to date amount to $53.1 million – not much of total planned at $5 billion.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

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Internships are one way to save money on building batteries…

It shouldn’t be. Internships should be payed with a market fair salary too, as it is in most parts of the world.

The market salary is $0.

Not at all. But it’s the going rate in a few underdeveloped countries.

Maybe true in some fields, but certainly not in engineering. Most engineering internship positions I’ve looked into have offered more than $20/hour.

In Germany a Internship in the automotive sector was sold with 600-1100€/month last year. Due to introduction of minimum salary rules in 2015, the minimum should be around 1200€/month now. Still cheaper than a graduated engineer.

Pre taxation. Tax and public insurances are around 30-45%. Up to 450€ are without tax.

This is an awesome opportunity, I hope many take advantage of this and start career paths.

Economic slavery is alive and well and living in the modern corporate world. “Intern” sounds so much better than “slave” when it comes to coercing people into working without pay.

There are paid and unpaid internships. Me personally when looking for a job I never apply to a unpaid internship in that would be slave labor.

A paid internship though is good though if it leads to a job.

Your comparisons to slavery are silly. I’m sure some would even find them offensive. It’s not slavery when the “slaves” are free to come and go and quit at any time.

Engineering internships (once called work-study programs) are considered a win-win among all participants. The employees earn good money and get experience, while the employers get intelligent motivated staff. That’s why such recruiting programs have been popular at colleges for decades.

On a related note … it’s sadly ironic so many still label America as the world’s slavery boogeyman, considering North America is pretty much the only continent that has no slavery today:


I now realize such distortions are deliberate and driven by politics.

About these Tesla Internships how many years experience do you need five or ten?

Lately I have discovered a new from of poverty and that is experience poverty. Experience Poverty is when you have no experience and all the jobs out there want two to four years experience which in turn feeds you not getting the job due to you have no experience which in turn leads to poverty.

Even paid internship just means a “cheap version” of contract job that doesn’t need any kind of agreement. Company can terminate internship any time…

It is a form of “cheap labor”…

I co-oped in interned while in college while studying engineering. At 3-4x minimum wage it was far from slave wages but for the company it was a lot less than a full engineer.