Tesla LMP1 Race Car Rendered




Tesla LMP1 (Image Credit: Motorpasion)

What might a dedicated Tesla racer look like?

It may be awhile before we see a Tesla racer such as this, or it may never happen at all, but automotive artists Joren Claus and Fabian Brees have it all figured out just in case. They believe that by 2030 an EV will be able to pull off a 24-hour race and prove that range anxiety is a thing of the past. What better to live up to the challenge than a Tesla.


Tesla LMP1 (Image Credit: Motorpasion)

These esteemed designers started with some simple sketches before they got heavily involved and went all out on this project. The racer would not only be fast, as is expected of the automaker, but also teeming with state-of-the-art technology that one would expect from Tesla, especially several years down the road.

Of course, we already have the Tesla Model S P100D for the Electric GT Championship. However, this is a whole other breed of car. We’re talking about some 450 km/hr (~280 mph). Claus and Brees suggest that “their” racer could eventually take part in the World Endurance Championship. This would include 24-hour races at sites like Daytona and LeMans.

These cars would come with a fairly conventional cabin, complete with a head-up display and various applications of augmented reality. The designers also conjured up ideas of allowing for a whole new way to interact with racing fans. This Tesla racer would have a 360-degree camera to broadcast to user apps and would also keep fans posted of its position and battery charge in real time. Further, the vehicle would include an “active livery” that could transmit varying sponsor logos and information over the course of the race.

What do you think of the concept? Will we see something like this in the future?

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Q1: how will the battery be positioned so it can be changed during a standard length pitstop?
Q2: battery capacity, charging?
Q3: cooling? (Will need a lot)

Even if it is more than a decade away such a concept should included the specs that would be necessary to compete with current LMP1 speed over a 24 hr race.

A “lot” of cooling? Define “a lot” please – and why will it need it?

Don’t think there will be a World Endurance Championship in 2030, with Porshe and Audi exiting to compete in Formula-e instead. Back to the drawing board boys and design a Tesla Formula-e instead 😉

What’s the point of ascribing this car to Tesla? It’s not a Tesla unless it’s made by Tesla. This is just some random car that somebody wrote “TESLA” on.

I just don’t get these “rendered” articles. It’s not news. It’s not even real and it never will be.

I view this as an enthusiast’s site. If you are passionate about EVs then you let your imagination go. You hope, you speculate, you dream. Obviously you come from a more pragmatic place. I enjoy these types of articles and I think they have a place on the page. I hope they continue and am excited about the potential in racing with EVs in the GT segment.