Tesla Listed Among Top 100 Global Brands

OCT 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Top of the line Tesla P100DLs set 0-60 mph times of 2.5 and 2.9 seconds for the Model S and X respectively...but perhaps more importantly stronger high speed metrics too


Tesla Motors broke into the Top 100 Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2016 Rankings, finding a place right at the bottom – #100.

According toInterbrand, the value of Tesla brand stands at $4 billion and because a lot of companies on this list are not that far ahead and experiencing negative changes, Tesla should stay in the rank for long.

“Telsa Motors builds electric cars that accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport. Tesla is also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation. tesla.com”

The top name in the rank is Apple with $178 billion in brand value. Just imagine how high it could go up even further if Apple could manage to also successfully introduce electric cars on the market.

Top all-electric car maker (by global volume) Nissan Motors also climbed the list this year, finishing at #43, while Toyota was the top automotive company, ranking #5th with a brand value of $53.5 million (see full list here).

source: Teslarati

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I thought Apple was not planning on developing an ev. At least that is what I have read.

Clearly Apple has no intention of clarifying what it’s working on.

It does seem to me that it’s within Apple’s line of business to develop hardware and software for self-driving cars, possibly including a sensor suite. But I would expect that to be like OnStar or “Intel Inside”. That is, Apple products installed in cars made by auto manufacturers. The heavy industry of building entire cars would be far out of Apple’s business model.

Just my opinion, of course. Just because I think it’s unlikely that Apple will get into the business of building cars, doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple executives see it the same way.

Yep. Seems likely they will continue to work on that aspect of self-driving cars, not the cars themselves but what goes into them.


Apple wants to make a compelling product that fits in with the rest of the ecosystem. With cars that is a very very long road to reach anywhere near there.

People speculated thats only a matter of time before Apple starts making TVs – with a screen, not only the media player. Apple wants to stand out and I guess they couldn’t think of anything that would make even diehard fans think that its different enough. I also concur that the same holds true for vehicles at this point – there is no “Hey Siri drive my kids to school and pick me up at 9” yet – it would just be a car with a little bit more advanced CarPlay.

Although I can already imagine this convo:
me: Siri, activate Super Pursuit mode!
car: Sorry, that function reserved for Michael only.
me: Siri, activate Turbo Boost!
car: I am afraid you’ll have to jump yourself.

Sadly no one really knows what exactly is going on at Apple. Maybe they realized they were too late. Maybe they are just building car software to sell to others. Maybe they don’t even know.

Making EVs cool is probably the most important thing that Tesla has done.

People whine about subsidies going to pay for rich people’s toys . . . but these Tesla cars have massively advanced the EV technology, the desire for EVs, the consumer acceptance of EVs, created an American company dominating a new and growing product sector, etc.

Money well spent.


A successful Model 3 rollout to half a million new buyers will cause the Tesla brand value to skyrocket, as the total number of people who actually know somebody who owns one will skyrocket.

It is the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thing, except there will now be half a million Kevin Bacon’s talking about their M3’s. If customers love them, most of the people in the US will end up hearing about it personally from somebody they know, or someone they meet personally. That’s big for Tesla, since they don’t do the ad thing.

Now if the M3 fails… Well, that’s the risk of manning up and going big or going home.

Have to ask. With a ton of other EV manufacturers high atop the list why the special call out to Tesla?

Toyota, Mercedes and BMW are the only automotive manufacturers in the top 20 brands. Who would have thought that? I mean Toyota is understandable, but the two German manufacturers sure finished ahead of a bunch of other brands!