Tesla Leases Two New Large Office Buildings In Fremont

Tesla Model 3



Outside the Tesla factory in Fremont, California

Tesla is expanding again and could bring over 1,000 new workers to Fremont.

The Silicon Valley automaker has reportedly leased two large office spaces in Fremont with access to the Dumbarton Bridge. According to Alameda County public records, the buildings are listed as 6800 and 6900 Dumbarton Circle. One is 116,000 square feet and the other is 114,000. County records show that development firm Peery Arrillaga owns the buildings and lists the automaker as the tenant.

The new space is in a prime location for Tesla since it’s partway between the automaker’s Peninsula (Palo Alto) headquarters and East Bay vehicle production facility. The Peery Arrillaga website reads:


This isn’t the first time we’ve reported about the automaker’s expansion in the area. Tesla’s Warehouse Property, Oak Logistics Center

“This is a great location and easily accessible from either the Peninsula or the East Bay due to its proximity to the Dumbarton Bridge.”

Both buildings are currently in “shell condition” but substantial construction is already underway inside and outside. Documents filed with Alameda county state:

“Improvements are to be constructed on the premises. The name of the lessee (tenant) of said premises is Tesla Inc. and the name of the party who contracted for the work is Tesla.”

Of course, Tesla, Arrillaga firm, and its affiliates have yet to respond and verify the information, but documents make everything abundantly clear. Zoning information and local planning regulations suggest that approximately 1,000 or more workers could be employed in the combined spaces.

Kelly Kline, Fremont’s economic development director, wouldn’t provide a direct comment officializing the deal. However, she admitted that this is the most sensible and logical location for the automaker’s expansion. She shared:

“We are aware that Tesla has been in the market for substantial office needs beyond their Palo Alto headquarters. We’re very hopeful that Fremont would be a strong contender for that requirement.”

Source: The Mercury News

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Other automakers are contracting as Tesla expands. They are cutting models left & right, some by half of their current offerings, while Tesla has an open field before them to make all sorts of different evs with little or no competition.

Of course this pie in the sky and not at all reflective of reality. Just what I’ve been saying, along with others, for years.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Some auto manufactures produce 10 million cars/trucks a year. Others might make it to 100k this year. Which one would you rather be?

“Which one would you rather be?” Definitely at a start up company with a lot of room to advance. Tesla for sure!

Why don’t you take a poll of the 1,000 new Tesla workers, and the 1,500 GM workers that they just laid off and see which they prefer:

“GM Is Laying Off 1,500 Workers at a Plant in Detroit”


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“GM also confirmed Friday that it’s investing $294 million in the factory to build a new Cadillac SUV.”


There’s dedication to the sloppy OPEC Jizz swallowing GM ICE for you!

No need. Telsa fires 700 employees.


Fired and not layed off.

“Some auto manufactures produce 10 million cars/trucks a year. Others might make it to 100k this year. Which one would you rather be?”

I’d definitely rather be the company whose biggest problem is that it’s growing so fast that it’s causing growing pains. And not one of the companies facing the obsolescence of their core technology!

You know your are a fanboy if you get excited about a company leasing office space.

I get excited by a green car company (any green company) adding up to 1000 new jobs, whether they are office jobs or any other job. You don’t?

Green car companies growing is what green car enthusiast all want to hear.

I’m not excited about every little thing that happens at Tesla.

“I’m not excited about every little thing that happens at Tesla.”

Unless you own some TSLA shares, like our friend Nix.

Full disclosure: I own some TSLA share through Vanguard extended market mutual fund.

I can imagine the excitement when Tesla orders the cleaning supplies for this new space.

If they announced the next Roadster, I’d be excited. More EVs front other mfgs I’m excited. This is so stupid it’s funny.

Yea, Tesla is expanding, why would a website called inside EVs cover such an event? 😀

Just skip the stories that are trivial to you.

You did see that Tesla just fired 700 workers today.

Fired days ago. Fired employees putting up model 3 for sale.

sure. hundreds of people all putting their model 3s for sale. I was wondering what sort of spin people would try to put on it.


“You know your are a fanboy if you get excited about a company leasing office space.”

LOL! Yeah, my first reaction to this article was “Really? Now InsideEVs is running articles about renting office space? Just how far away from the actual subject of electric vehicles are they gonna get?”

We need a “You may be a Tesla fanboy if…” list. 😉

Has IEVs ever had an article on GM, Nissan, Toyota, or Hyundai leasing new office space?

I’m genuinely serious.

Haha, and curious 😀

No, but then again, GM, Nissan, Toyota, or Hyundai have never leased a building in which only work on all-electric vehicle/renewable technology would take place.

That said, we’ve done pieces on new office buildings for A123, LG Chem, Apple (iCar/automous project), and Fisker though.

But if “GM, Nissan, Toyota, or Hyundai” announce a new building just for work exclusively on all-electric vehicles (or their support), we will make sure to put that out for you.

But being “genuinely serious”, no one give ‘two figs’ if a huge traditional automaker with an existing global footprint is adding generic capacity…but they do for Tesla and other start-up EV makers trying to cut into that market (especially if they are coming to InsideEVs to read automotive news).

…that seems pretty obvious to us. And I think, probably to you as well, (=

Really office space? I would get production space, but office space?


Well, end of the day, if people aren’t interested in reading this type of news…then we will take that as our lead to not take the time to put it out there. However, that has yet to be the case.

You’ve got two people who seem to think that it’s a big deal for reasons only known to them. Might as well keep writing such things then.

FYI — comments aren’t the same as page views. By far the vast majority of people who were interested in this story didn’t comment, so post numbers are a poor metric of interest in a story.

Speculation that many others share your view is also a poor metric.

I’m not speculating. The measure of whether or not people are interested in the content of the story enough to click on the story is self-evident in the number of people who chose to click on the story.

Clearly you are much more interested than you pretend, because you keep clicking and clicking and clicking on the story over and over.

If this wasn’t of interest to you, you would stop clicking on the story over and over.

I certainly can’t speak for anyone else, but the only reason I even bothered to look at the comments here is to see how an article about renting office space could possibly be interesting enough to generate 27 comments!


If you’re counting, then please put me down as a “No” regarding more articles on Tesla’s business which are not directly related to production of cars, batteries, or “green” products such as PowerPacks, PowerWalls, solar roof tiles, or solar panels.

Please, no more articles on investor analyses of Tesla’s finances, or renting office space.

FYI – page views don’t necessarily correlate to interest.

DJ — The relevant part of this story is that Tesla is expanding. And expanding by as much as “1,000 new workers”.

Stories about Tesla expanding are indeed relevant. It shows that they have confidence in their finance and that they continue to grow the company. The fact that it is office space vs. production space that they are expanding in really isn’t important.

If you feel so strongly about it not being important to you, I wonder why you even clicked a story about Tesla leasing two buildings?

Much less bothered to post.

Then bothered to come back and click the same story again to check for responses to a story that you feel so strongly about not being important to you?

What’s up with that? *shrug*

No, but this is Tesla, the biggest and bestest in the world!!!

Great News.
78,000 new energy vehicles were sold in China in 2017-09 out of which 64,000 were BEV. 2017-YTD sales stand at 398,000.

So just the sales of China + USA = 99,000 for last month. Thanks to Tesla’s big sales.
Worldwide may hit 130,000 for 2017-09.


Now Plugins (BEV + PHEV) is closing the gap with Hybrids. Starting from 2018-01, the plugins may overtake Hybrids.

You are severely distorting and misdirecting, like head cheerleaders PP and Nix. TSLA has a Joke of a Market Share in China (11k cars in ALL of 2016), and Model S was down Negative ~6% Q3. Yes they should be commended for Past EV successes, But the Whole Story for its growth (hence should be stock valuation) is Model 3 Waiting List = 0 After they finally start delivering Non Beta cars Not under NDA to Non employees/investors with zipped lips (else get fired).

I think this office is to process all the Model 3 refunds, the number of which must be overwhelming.

Aha! A UK diesel owner speaks!

Don’t own a diesel, though I used to, but got rid as I can see the writing on the wall. Also the emissions are not great. I am afraid that I believe that the Model 3 will be a damp squib. It is one thing to pony up a refundable deposit, yet another to actually make the decision to purchase the car with that “unusual” dashboard, limited range and increased sticker price.

Although- it may not have been a great idea to accept over 400k pre-orders/ reservations for M3 since it has generated so much expectation- which may fall far short in production reality.

Whats this I’m hearing of Tesla firing between 400 & 700 employees?