Tesla Launches First Showroom In Dubai – Debut Video

JUL 13 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

Tesla Launches In Dubai

Tesla has entered the United Arab Emirates, launching its first showroom and service center in Dubai, in addition to the first two Supercharging stations which were installed earlier.

The store is located near the Burj Khalifa, on Sheikh Zayed Road in the center of Dubai.

Currently, Tesla offers the Model S and Model X in the United Arab Emirates, but reservations for the Model 3 are also accepted, with deliveries reported to arrive as early as 2018.

Overall, Tesla now has two stores in the Middle East (the first one being in Jordan).

The number of Supercharging stations in the region stands at six, while the Destination charger network already exceeds 30.


source: The National, Teslarati

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Wow… They sell Mary Kay there too… J/K

Gah my eyes! Color adjust that photo! That is a sin against the visual cortex…

I think it is really cool that there is a good market for Tesla in the middle of oil country where gas is the cheapest in the world. The world still needs lots of oil, for lubricants, plastics etc. We shouldn’t be wasting it by burning it. Oil companies won’t go out of business, just expand other portions of their business while selling gas and diesel fuel decrease.

Wishful thinking

True. But, there’s going to be an Oil Stock price “Adjustment” when that happens. I’d get out of oil now, while it’s artificially high, and wait for the “crash” to buy back in.

But, this is TESLA’s Biggest RECYCLING EFFORT so far.
Oil money converts to Green Energy.
They’re also building lots of Solar Power in Dubai. They want to stay in business after the oil crash.

7 seats and towing capability….enough to haul all the wifes around town…maybe.


Wouldn’t it be great if they had a Model 3 in their showroom during the opening ?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Model X is the big seller in Dubai they certainly can afford it and it would be a status symbol.