Tesla Launches Destination Charging Program In Europe


Tesla Motors Tweet

Tesla Motors Tweet

Tesla’s Destination Charging program allows owners to charge at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. This makes it convenient for drivers to charge their vehicles while they are occupied for a time, or staying overnight. The connectors are like the wall connectors used in homes. Drivers simply plug in and go about their “other” business. This is not to be confused with the Tesla Supercharger network.

The Destination Charging program has been available in the United States for some time. Tesla owners in Europe have been eagerly anticipating its arrival and now it’s finally launching across Europe. The Tesla navigation system shows all locations for the user.

The recent installation of “valets” at California Tesla Supercharger stations, along with the upgrade to the company’s wall connectors, and the welcome addition of Destination Charging in Europe are all key for Tesla. With the Model X hitting roadways, the Model 3 coming, and the Model S face lift, the prospects of an abundance of additional Tesla’s needing charging is inevitable.

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Why is the plug on this car ccs

This is not a CCS. It does not have the big DC contacts. It is a Type 2 compatible plug that also supports supercharging. It is the standard plug for the european Model S and X.

That´s no CSS!
That´s Typ2 AC.(Up to 43kW on 3-Phases)
Standard in Europe.

Most of the charging stations in Germany will provide you with 22kW AC.

CCS has the same top connector (which it uses only two contacts for communication) and bottom half with big DC contacts.


Tesla uses the same connector for it´s SC in Europe, but they use it for thier propertary DC charging method.

But Tesla also joined the CSS Consortium last month.
Maybe the Model 3 and future S XY will have CCS too.

Then you´re able to get
SC 120 kW
CSS 50kW
Chademo 50 kW with Adapter to Typ2
AC 22 kW

Meanwhile most of the other manufacturers only support their own systems and mostly Type1(or Type2 1-Phase) 3,7kW.

First, Tesla’s SC are already mostly 135 kW, or are being adapted to that from 120 kW.

Second, Tesla uses a slightly modified version of the European Type 2 plug which uses two of the bottom two pins of the Type 2 plug to transport their 135 kW to the cars, the top two pins of which are one for proximity and one for control.

Third, in Europe Tesla is beginning to add a CSS plug to their superchargers and they will support the same 135kW as for the Tesla cars.

Fourth, CSS will not stop at 50 kW, already first 150 kW stations are being deployed (despite no cars to use them) and 350 kW stations are in development, too.

Fifth, AC can also be 11 kW (or even less in single-phase AC case), or with Teslas without the double charger onboard – these only take 11 kW, afaik.

Sixth, I don’t think Tesla will switch over to CSS, but I am sure they will make an adapter. In fact, I thought I had already read that somewhere.
Then at least two cars (S, X) will be able to use the new 150 kW CSS charging stations.

Why would Tesla add CCS plugs on the superchargers if they not planning to switch to CCS for the Model 3 ?

Probably so other EV brands can use their superchargers. Not for free of course.

Upcoming European regulations from what I have heard. Maybe it is collateral damage from forcing out Chademo? Or maybe it is just dumb.

Mainly because ze Germanz have mandated CCS and Tesla must support it to be legal in the land of the war mongerers.

Technically AC can be higher, and has been deployed up to 43kW AC, but only by Renault for the Zoe. I doubt that Tesla (or any other manufacturer for that matter) will use it in the future though.

Even Renault is moving backwards towards 22kW (and is expected to add CCS in the not so distant future for fast charging).

The destination charging program is genius. I assume they just give away the chargers to any hotel that will provide free charging to hotel customers with a Tesla. Tesla gets Tesla owners free-charging and the Hotel gets Tesla customer. win-win (and the cost of electricity is pretty trivial).

We don’t need more proprietary charging points. We need more charging points where any EV can be charged.

The European destination chargers are simply 22 kw AC mennekes chargers. As most cars are. There’s nothing proprietary about Teslas destination charger network, where did you get that idea even?

You are sure the control protocol is the same? I was wondering, but I cannot imagine why it would be.

Tesla has build in a brand identification. While the plug fits into any other Type 2 compatible car, it will simply NOT charge.

Tesla chargers should better called arien brotherhood chargers.

Wow. Really? Teslas are Nazi cars? Your trolling hit a new low.

The sign of a sick and twisted mind?

Serial Tesla/Musk hater and glorifier of all things Nissan CSC shows his lack of maturity again.

Does Tesla have a 3-phase Type 2 wall connector (HPWC) now?

The link in the article goes to a story about Tesla’s 80 Amp single phase HPWC that has their proprietary plug for North America and Japan.