Tesla Launches Charging Partnership Program In China



Tesla Destination Chargers In Gray And Superchargers In Red

Currently In China; Tesla Destination Chargers In Gray And Superchargers In Red

Tesla announced the Tesla Charging Partner Program in China to expand charging infrastructure in preparation for the company’s goal of having 5 million EVs (including Teslas) on the roads by 2020. Ren Yuxiang, Tesla’s Vice President of Asia-Pacific, recently spoke of the program at the new China Quality Certification Center (CQC). It will mark the most substantial charging infrastructure update anywhere ever. He said:

Olympian City Supercharger station Hong Kong

Olympian City Supercharger Station Hong Kong

“Although the new national standard has been published, but the implementation of standards in the ground still face many challenges, Tesla actively support the new national standard, co-sponsored with the CQC ‘Tesla Charging Partnership Project’, and charging partners to promote the implementation of the new national standard, as always, including China, to make positive efforts to change global sustainable energy. “

The new program will assist in getting partners certified by way of tests that will be performed at the CQC. Tesla explained further:

“Tesla Charging Partnership Program” encourages partners to get the voluntary certification by CQC, Tesla will preferably go through CQC certified enterprises and products, and further testing center in China to accelerate the newly established interconnection standard.”

It could cost up to $20 billion U.S. to fulfill the goals of the new standard. The company’s hope is to add around 12,000 stations for the public, with 4.5 million total chargers. The program applies to both, level 2 charging, as well as DC fast-charging.

As the map shows, Tesla already maintains a large number of charging stations in China. Along with the addition of new stations, the company will also update current stations with more chargers and inter-connectivity compliant with the new standard.

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Any details on “the new national standard has been published”
that China has developed for PEV (NEV) charging infrastructure?

This new standard has the potential of being the second largest globally behind Tesla, given size of China and their PEV plans.

5 million Tesla’s by 2020? That doesn’t sound right.

That’s 5 million electric cars, not teslas. Typo

I’m not sure exactly what is happening here. Why is Tesla involved? Just so that they can assure their cars can charge on the new standard?

So the Chinese don’t screw things up too badly? Tesla is on a mission to put an ev into every garage.

There are Model 3 reservations from china. And the Model X and now Model S having a hardcore cabin filter (biohazard mode) is specifically addressing Chinese air quality problems.

Is that what this is all about? The article is a bit vague about what exactly the subject is. If so, great. That’s all we need. Yet *another* EV charging standard.

Unless this is all flannel and China (which already has its own standard – GB/T 20234.1-2011) is going with Tesla’s own connector. Alternatively, the ‘other’ EU standard plug, the IEC62196 ‘Type 2’ (aka ‘Mennekes’) plug, which is physically very similar to GB/T 20234, may be the result.

Interesting that Tesla’s EU Model S’ use a very cleverly engineered adaptation of the Type 2 to provide single phase AC charging up to 32A, 3 phase AC charging up to 32A and high power (120kW currently) DC charging all via the same 7 pins. Perhaps *that’s* what they’ve got up their Mandarin sleeves?!

Or is this just Tesla’s way of getting a whole bunch of ‘destination chargers’ for free? Like I say, all very vague. MW