Tesla To Open Larger Store In Michigan At Somerset Mall



Typical Tesla gallery boutique.

Despite not yet being able to sell cars in Michigan, Tesla is in the process of opening a standalone store in the state.

As we previously reported, Tesla opened a small gallery inside of the Nordstrom store at the Somerset Collection mall in Troy Michigan, north of Detroit. Having visited the store on multiple occasions, we’re here to tell you that it looks as if the automaker put a car inside of what used to be a changing room or dress closet. There’s not much room in there for anything but a single vehicle, and if it’s busy with onlookers (which it almost always is), you can’t really move around much.

Tesla is now moving to change this. The automaker is working on plans to open a larger, stand-alone gallery at Somerset mall. You can already see that work is underway with a new storefront, next to the current Apple store. There’s even a sign officializing the project. It reads:


Full-scale standalone Tesla Store, Melbourne-Richmond, Australia

“Tesla Gallery Opening Soon Fall 2017.”

This is in the midst of all of the mess that Tesla is facing in the state of Michigan and has been for quite some time. The situation which makes it so that Tesla is not allowed to sell its cars in Michigan has recently escalated significantly. A judge ruled that communications between Michigan governor, Rick Snyder, other related government officials, and dealer union members must be provided to the automaker. The company’s lawyers believe that the group plotted against the automaker and that said documents will be proof of this. The Detroit News reported:

“In October 2014, Snyder signed a law banning automakers from selling vehicles directly to consumers. The legislation passed overwhelmingly by the Michigan Legislature, was backed by the new-car dealership lobby. The law closed a loophole that Tesla has used in other states to maintain company-owned retail stores, bypassing the dealership route.

The governor said then that the law “clarifies and strengthens” a long-standing law that prohibited direct sales of new cars in Michigan. Previously automakers were prohibited from selling new vehicles directly to retail customers except through its franchised dealers; the revised law removed the word “its,” which Tesla viewed as a strike against the company.”

A Tesla spokesperson told The Detroit News:

“It’s unfortunate that Michigan law takes away rights from consumers in order to protect local car dealers. Tesla continues to fight against that law so that Michigan consumers can enjoy the freedom to buy cars as they wish.

“In the meantime, as Tesla’s legal challenge proceeds, we are expanding our presence in Michigan in order to educate consumers about the benefits of Tesla’s vehicles and sustainable energy products in a fun and engaging environment. Tesla’s new gallery at the Somerset Mall allows anyone interested in Tesla, including the thousands of Model 3 reservation holders in Michigan, to learn about our technology, energy products and cars, including the fastest accelerating and safest production sedan and SUV that have ever been built.

For now, customers can view the cars at the gallery and ask questions. However, employees can’t talk about the vehicles’ pricing, nor can they offer test drives. They can simply tell the interested customers to visit the automaker’s website.

Source: The Detroit News

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I’m with Tests on this. Michigan is defying the commerce clause of the constitution.

GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS and the politicians that support them.

Ridiculous protectionism. Tesla is an american company based and HQ in the USA employing thousands of Americans. Shame on Michigan the anti-american state!

Michigan is in protect mode for its Stealership Network. GM is helping bank roll this effort. Looks like the North American Dealership Association is helping Big Oil and their ICE OEM cohorts, obfuscate the truth about their monopoly on facilitating vehicle propulsion for the US public. This is going to be a courtroom fight to the finish. Game over Michigan.

Absurd decisions made by these sellout on the take politicians. They deserve to be rounded up in front of a Firing Squad & put out of their misery & Greed. Free Enterprise in american , I doubt that!

In general I agree with one and all.

However, I feel an independent franchise dealership is entitled to protection from its’ own manufacturer. Which this not the case as Tesla is the only auto manufacturer that does not have dealerships.

A clear case of special interest (NADA, MADA, etc.) pursuing their agenda and using campaign contributions to buy legislative support.

These local conservative governments, sound eerily historically familiar. Looks like they want Tesla’s ‘kind’ out. Won’t even allow a service center!

There is no need for any of these protectionist laws. What dealer would invest millions in a dealership without a clause in the contract with the manufacturer stating the manufacturer will not direct sell vehicles? If GM started selling cars directly, they would be breaking the contracts with their dealers.

Tesla is not taking any sales from their dealers as they have no dealers.

Hopefully Tesla figures out a way to open some service centers in Michigan. Laws or not, Michiganders are going to continue to buy Teslas, and we’ll need local service centers.

AFAICT here are the options for opening service centers:

1. Win the lawsuit.
2. Fix the law.


Or train a 3rd party to do service. I know that’s not what Tesla wants, but as a consumer I would welcome it.


I’m not sure that would help with warranty service unless Tesla started contracting the work out. It’s easy to think of several reasons they wouldn’t want to or that third-party service wouldn’t work out well, although some of those will become moot if Model 3 takes off as they’re hoping.

In any case, I wish the service centers thing got more attention; many stories (including this one) focus only on stores. A store is just once, a service center is forever. And flimsy as the “we’re just protecting the consumer” excuse may be for the no-stores aspect of the law, it’s ironclad compared to the no-service centers aspect. There is just no way of credibly spinning that as anything other than anti-consumer.

Michigan is also is on board with fast-tracking manufacturer development of AVs. Senator Peters (D-MI) is the leading co-sponsor of a Bill that denies state’s rights to regulate their “performance”. This time, Tesla is with them. In neither that, or this dealer case, is the consumer represented.

It’s not a “mall” it’s a COLLECTION!