Tesla Lands Another Powerpack Contract In Australia

FEB 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Tesla Powerpack energy storage system (100 MW/129 MWh) in South Australia

Tesla’s 100 MW/129 MWh energy storage system in South Australia is one of the most handy for the company, as it also brings high marketing value in Australia.

Victoria (Australia)

The ESS not only is the world’s largest, but also helps to stabilize the grid.

With great publicity, Tesla is getting another big order – this time in state of Victoria where Neoen requires energy storage to build a 204 MW wind farm.

20 MW battery energy storage (with undisclosed capacity) is expected to do the job.

According to news in Australian media, it’s just the tip of the ice berg for a pipeline of projects that’s coming along.

“France’s Neoen, announced on Wednesday it had now signed a “support agreement” with the Victorian government for a 20-megawatt battery for its Bulgana Green Power Hub located near Stawell in western Victoria.

The battery’s agreement opens the way for construction of a 204-MW wind farm, and will support a 40-hectare Nectar Farms glasshouse nearby. The farm would not have proceeded without the renewable energy project and battery – together costing more than $270 million – Neoen said.”

Franck Woitiez, Neoen’s managing director said:

“The performance of the South Australian battery is outstanding. The Bulgana battery is primarily going to provide energy to Nectar Farms and may support the grid in the future.”

John Grimes, head of the Smart Energy Council said:

“What we’re seeing with the South Australian battery, what we’re seeing in Victoria, is really the tip of the iceberg for a pipeline of projects that’s coming along. This is a breakout year for energy storage.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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Why isn’t this 300 MWh installation”the world’s biggest”?


Oh, a sodium sulfur battery. Those don’t count since they aren’t used in electric cars.

(Or rather, the industry is moving fast and it’s hard to keep up.)

In grid energy storage, there is more the custom to rate batteries by power, not capacity. The Mitsubishi battery you linked to has an output of ‘only’ 50 MW.

This story will never make it to FOX LOL

All fake news. Clean coal is the future.
He he
Tesla / Solar Rocks!

And more proof that Tesla Energy will eventually become even bigger then Tesla Motors.

How exactly does this prove that? This tiny installation is not even going to register in Tesla’s terrible financials.
And, considering that Tesla sold the last battery at a huge loss maybe it’s not even a good thing what you claim.

Well Some Shorter Troll Out There, since reading comprehension and basic facts is not your forte you should read the definition here:


Batteries are the key to making electric power feasible. Tesla is a battery company that also makes electric vehicles and solar power units.

The real worth of Tesla lies in Elon Musk’s courage to challenge the entrenched fossil fuels industries by proving all forms of clean energy and clean transportation are workable and can replace oil, gas and coal usage.


And when you said – gas – I am guessing you meant Natural Gas, Fracking Gas, LNG, and maybe even LPG?