Tesla Knocks Honda Out of Third Place in Consumer Reports Environmentally Friendly/Green Category


Let’s follow up our post on Tesla nudging its way into the Top 10 in Consumer Reports’ latest Brand Perception Survey with a deeper dive into the various categories that the publication reports on, starting with Environmentally Friendly/Green.

“Toyota owns the environmentally friendly/green factor, with a commanding lead each year and a higher score for 2013,” according to Consumer Reports and Smart ranks safely in second place, but the three remaining spots in the Top 5 are often up for grabs.  In 2013, Tesla jumped to number 3, surpassing green-driven Honda.

Here’s what Consumer Reports stated in regards to Tesla knocking Honda off its third-place perch:

“Here, again, we see the ascension of Tesla, nudging out Honda in the rankings. This is no small feat. Honda has long made green issues a company priority. (Arguably, its greenness dates back to before it built cars and it manufactured motorized bicycles.) When Honda came to America, it established itself as a source for fuel-efficient models. Fast-forward a few decades, and today, Honda is fully dedicated to energy efficiency and low emissions in cars, motorcycles, and small engines. And yet, Tesla has nudged aside this corporate giant in the rankings.”

Arguably, Tesla Motors most notable achievement is in the field of technology, but those surveyed by Consumer Reports seem to disagree.

Motor Trend award Model S.

Motor Trend award Model S.

Here’s a look at the placements in the area of Technology/Innovation:

Brand 2013 (%)Brand 2012 (%)

*These are the top five brands that car owners consider the best in this category. The accompanying percentage reflects those respondents who are aware of the brand and named the brand as their number one choice for technology/innovation. The results from 2012 are presented for comparison.

Though it seems Tesla missed the mark in this field, that’s not actually the case.  Tesla placed sixth in this category for 2013 and, once again, Consumer Reports remarks on this notable achievement:

“Tesla took 6th place again, putting the established brands on notice that this pioneering electric car company is gaining prominence.”

So, Tesla seems to be on the radar in all categories that we deem important for the startup automaker.  What’s most promising is that Consumer Reports is a mainstream publication read by the general public.  If the general public is truly this aware of Tesla, then that’s an achievement in itself.

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I think awareness is the important facet here. Since these are survey results from responders to Consumer Reports’ emails ( I was one ) I’d say many people just don’t have Tesla on their radar at all, “Tesla who?”…and those who do know the marque – , “Oh that electric car, right?”…..Thus the green score. There’s still much ground to cover in the minds of the mainstream. Seriously, when I think “tech” or “advanced” I just don’t think of BMW or Mercedes anymore. I have seen SO MANY Mercedes excercises over the years re: advanced propulsion, CNG, hybrid drivetrains, and hydrogen fuel cells – yet nothing ever really comes of it. Mercedes and safety used to be synonymous to me, and BMW equalled balance and handling. Today Tesla turns this upside-down. None of those established brands can be as safe with that hunk of lump under the hood, and none can drive as smooth, nor as quiet, nor have such a low center of gravity. To me, those German brands with their gaping grilles ( hello…Audi? ) just look ugly compared to the svelt, sleek Tesla. Think of the heralded cars, Bentleys and Astons, Panameras and I could go on… Read more »

Well said James.