Tesla Kicks Off “Fully Charged” Model S Tour In Northeast US


Model S

Model S

“What does it feel like to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds without a drop of gasoline? You’re about to find out!”

States Tesla Motors in regards to its “Fully Charged” tour:

“Join Tesla as we tour the Northeast with Model S. Schedule your appointment today at a location near you.”

Tesla is hitting the Northeast hard over the next seven or so weeks in an effort to drum up additional interest in the Model S.

Here are the event dates and locations of the tops along the “Fully Charged” tour.  Additional information can be found at this Tesla “Fully Charged” tour link:

  • July 4th – July 5th: Montauk Yacht Club, Montauk, NY
  • July 5th – July 6th: Harbor View Hotel, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
  • July 12th – July 13th: The Golf Club of Cape Cod
  • July 18th: Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa, Groton, CT
  • July 19th: The Port Inn, Portsmouth, NH
  • July 25th – July 26th: The Beachmere Inn, Ogunquit, ME
  • July 25th: The Reeds at Shelter Haven, Stone Harbor, NJ
  • July 26th: The Whitebrier Restaurant, Avalon, NJ
  • July 27th: Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport, ME
  • August 1st – August 2nd: The Gables Inn and Restaurant, Beach Haven, NJ
  • August 8th – August 9th: Forty 1 North Marina Resort, Diamond Point, NY
  • August 8th – August 9th: The Mill, Spring Lake, NJ
  • August 8th – August 9th: Congress Hall, Cape May, NJ
  • August 8th – August 9th: Dunham’s Bay Lake George Resort, Lake George, NY
  • August 10th: Saratoga Automobile Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY
  • August 29th – August 30th: Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain, Vergennes, VT

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Did they just rip off Robert Llewellyn? They should at least give him some credit…

Yes they did. Though perhaps Tesla isn’t aware?

The term “Fully Charged” is high in our awareness,as it, number one, referes to the battery status, a fill-up, as it were for Electric Fueled Vehicles, world wide.

Our good friend and renown promoter of the Global Electric Fueled Vehicle Industry, Robert Llewellyn uses the phrase extensively.
@Bobbyllew (Twitter)

The Llew Blog:

Fully Charged – Youtube Channel:

The term, “Fully Charged”, however is in use globally by any number of peoples, organizations, entertainers and beyond.

A simple Google search of “Fully Charged” in quotes, returns over 2,000,000 hits!

A more focused Google Search, “Fully Charged EVs” returns over 5,000 hits.

Looks like a public domain call to me. I would not expect Tesla Motors to see it any different.

Best always,

Thomas J. Thias

I was just thinking about that.

Meh. Robert Llewellyn will probably benefit from this as people do internet searches and find his videos. This appears to be a one time event for Tesla so I doubt anyone will make a stink over this.

Given the last tour was called “Get Amped” I think it’s just coincidence.

When I first read the headline, I thought Robert Llewellyn was going to be involved as a spokesman on the way to a Fully Charged video about these events.

OOps, minor DO-DO pile.

Just because Tesla open-sourced its patents doesn’t mean everybody else involved in the EV movement is agreed —- and will automatically give up their trademarks, in- house secrets, copyrights, production tricks, secret recipes, patents, and so on.

The secret Coca-Cola recipe is locked away in a safe somewhere. It’s not on the internet.

And remember when Google tried to rip off the print publishing world and the countless authors who spent years of work and research on their books ?

Just so that the mindless Google web crawlers and search bots could mine every noble thought of humanity to make advertising dollars for the creeps at Google.

What about the Tesla engineers ? Normally engineers sign an agreement when they go to work for a company/corporation stating that anything they invent while in the company’s employ, basically belongs to the company and a relatively small sum in royalties is therefore paid to the inventor.

LLewellyn is sponsored by a British Natural Gas company, No doubt, there are some copyright issues with the Fully Charged name.

We might see some feathers fly over this.

A little bit out of topic…

The 99th Supercharger in US went online yesterday (Salina, Kansas), together with 3 in Europe (including the first in France).

US: 99
Europe: 27
China: 3

On topic would be that north of Rhode Island, and east of Albany NY, there are no superchargers in the Northeast (MA, NH, VT, + ME).

Two more in Europe.
Going fast!

Europe: 29

A tempest in a teapot, nothing will come of this.

If I remember correctly, Ford went round and round with Toyota back in early to mid 2000’s over hybrid technology, I think Ford finally ended up leasing some of Toyota’s technology.

Patents do matter.

Chevron bought Ovshinsky’s NiMh battery patents and sat on them for at least a decade, so that no large format batteries suitable for EV applications could be made.

Along with Chevron tying up the MiMh battery, the Oil Industry also strenuously lobbied to get rid of the California Zero Emissions Vehicle mandate. Big Oil won the day and this effectively rubbed out the EV movement for at least a decade.

That’s when General Motors said:

“Let’s crush all the EV1s.”

The rest is history.

jmac, You said,”That’s when General Motors said: “Let’s crush all the EV1s. The rest is history.” WHAT! 7 months ago, retired Engineer and InsideEvs writer, John Hovis, interviewed John Dabels, former Director of Marketing for Buick and best known for heading up the EV1 Marketing Team. In a gripping, indepth interview, Mr. Hovis draws the most complete story of the EV1 that exhists in spontaneouse journalism. Sit down and read this great interview linked below in two parts before you toss out short verse, ill informed opinion. Not that there is anything wrong with that! lol EXCERPT- “Mark Hovis (InsideEVs): The question that Sam Dellinger and I have which is covered in the film (Who Killed the Electric Car) is how could GM justify crushing the EV1s? John Dabels: That is relatively simple answer. It starts with controlling the distribution of the cars. I fully support GM’s decision. Mark Hovis: To crush the cars?? John Dabels: Yes. When you buy a car and take title, that triggers an obligation by the manufacturer to provide service parts. I am paraphrasing the law, but if you buy a car at any authorized dealership in the US, the manufacturer must provide service and… Read more »

who the hell is robert something


It’s actually a dumb slogan for Tesla to use because it does absolutely nothing to identify Tesla’s unique value proposition.

The fact that it’s been widely used for years by a popular “one man show” proponent of EVs is both sloppy and tone-deaf.

Maybe it is an opportunity to show off some of the drop-in place/portable superchargers since there is not a service center close to any of these locations

Thomas J. Thias

Someone at General Motors gave the order to crush the EV-1.

The Ev-1 was no longer relevant to GN plans since the oil lobby had successfully defeated the California ZEV mandate,

No need to continue making the EV-1. Just that simple.

It’s true that GM may not have wanted the parts/service burden carried forward, but that’s NOT why GM was more than happy to get rid of the electric car,

GM simply wanted to go back to their cash cow bonanzas like the Hummer, various pick-up trucks and gravy train luxury vehicles.

Real simple.

I agree that GM did not want the service or liability concerns from the the EV1 going forward. I can understand that.

GM only came up with the EV-1 because they forced to by the California ZEV mandate.

Once the mandate was dismantled by the Oil Companies, the folks at GM no doubt let out a huge sigh of relief and maybe even a few shouts of joy.

Don’t you get it ??? General Motors never wanted to build the car in the first place!!

Humm, from what I have seen any issues with Robert could be smoothed over with a year free lease on a Telsa Model S and an exclusive interview. Just a hint in case anyone across the bay is listening… [1]

[1] Yes, I really can see Telsa in big letters across the bay, although it take binoculars. We are on the west side, Fremont the east side.

This answers my question of where I’m going to charge on my next weekend trip. Will be at the same hotel during the test drive!