Tesla Job Fair Creates Major Backup On Interstate 880 – Tesla Forced To Cancel Event Early


Interstate 800 Gets Clogged Up During Tesla Job Fair

Interstate 800 Gets Clogged Up During Tesla Job Fair

On Saturday, Tesla Motors hosted a job fair at its factory in Fremont, California.

Initially, the job fair was scheduled to run from 8 am to 5 pm.

However, an impressive turn out forced a change in plans.

“Given the very high level of interest and after speaking with local law enforcement, out of consideration for the job seekers, the local community and motorists, Tesla decided to close today’s job fair.”

The job fair closed at approximately 10 am:

Tesla Job Fair Tweets

Tesla Job Fair Tweets

The Fremont Police Department was quick to warn motorists that Tesla’s job fair had created a back up on Interstate 880 and on surface roads around the Fremont factory.

As NBC Bay Area reports, some job seekers weren’t pleased with the cancellation:

Fremont resident Alex Chang:

“I came here around 8 or 9 a.m., but they told me it was already over.  I was kinda disappointed because we couldn’t go inside to meet the people. I don’t think that’s fair for everybody.”

Job seeker, Michelle Edmundson:

“I was basically told they got what they needed and I can email my resume to their website.  I was a little disappointed – I was hoping to give my resume and tell a little bit about myself to them. It was an opportunity, you don’t want to miss anything like that.”

For those who were unable to interview with Tesla, the automaker suggests applying online:

“Our priority is to ensure that everyone who wants to apply has an equal opportunity to do so, regardless of if they attended the job fair or not.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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Ramping up head count for an up coming increase in production? Model S now and Model X by end of year. Maybe Model E coming out earlier than 2017? Although the Model E doesn’t need to come out early since there is no competition even close to what is expected from that car.

I really would like to work for Tesla but they have no real activity in my area. In that I most likely would be good at talking about the good things about the different models and about the coming oil storm too.

This really shows you how there are very little new jobs being made or Tesla really is a good place to work.

Both of the above

Thank you stimulus bill, DoE, and the state of California for helping create a new industry with new jobs! Both Republicans (Arnie) and Democrats have worked hard in California to build this industry.

We need Ca back on its feet for sure.

I wonder if the local news reported it as “Gigatraffic”.

damn…beat me to it…


Somewhat related, and I’ve mentioned this before, the company I work for is bidding on equipment to build the Model X. If we get the job, I’ll indirectly be working for Tesla 🙂

sweet! good luck!