Tesla On Jeopardy – Video


Tesla Motors On Jeopardy

Tesla Motors On Jeopardy

Over on the website Where’s Elon?,we discovered video of the recent Jeopardy episode featuring Tesla Motors.

After testing your Tesla skillz, check out the new Where’s Elon? site that we just stumbled upon.  It’s a Tesla Motors/Elon Musk information overload.

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6 responses to "Tesla On Jeopardy – Video"
  1. Storky says:

    Whooo hoo! 5 for 5 on Tesla, lose in all other categories.

  2. Leptoquark says:

    Interesting. My question is who records Jeopardy! everyday off of a TV screen?

    1. Foo says:

      I’m sorry but that question was not in the form of an answer.

  3. GSP says:

    Great to see Tesla getting exposure on a popular TV show!


  4. kdawg says:

    Poor Alex only got to scold the contestants on one question. I find it funny that they saved all the Tesla questions for last.

  5. TomE says:

    Would have mopped up that one!

    Good advertising. Too bad only the last two questions were really Tesla specific…