Tesla Increases Price Of Model 3 Dual Motor


With the updated pricing, the Model 3 Dual Motor version now starts at $54,000

When the Dual Motor Model 3 was introduced by Tesla Motors, many were surprised with the $5,000 price tag attached to it. Why? Well, because Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, once stated that the dual motor option for their entry-level electric vehicle would be less expensive than on the Model S – priced at the same $5,000.

However, upon launch, both options were priced the same. A few weeks later, when Tesla updated the Model 3 options and pricing tiers, we saw a price reduction to $4,000 for ticking the Dual Motor box on the Model 3.

After a few months, Tesla decided to play with the Model 3’s pricing once again. Revealed earlier last week, Tesla once again updated the pricing for the dual motor version of their entry-level all-electric model, returning the price to $5,000 for the dual-motor option.

Tesla Model 3 Online Configurator

The updated pricing sets the base price of the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor at $54,000, plus options.

Overall, we’re quite confident that in the following months, the Dual Motor version of the vehicle will attract an even higher percentage of the customer base. The price bump then makes even more sense for the carmaker overall, as it’s primary goal right now is to turn a profit.

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That’s fine but $2000 for paint, Good Lord !

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


$2k for paint that is able to stay stuck, to this Fast Tesla Model 3 EV, is but a small price to pay!

By any chance, could one of you thumbs-downers, Please pass me the Grey Poupon!

Black paint job is free and everyone knows that black cars are the fastest. Why would anyone want any other color?

Absolutely! Black cars are the fastest and cars with loud exhaust systems provide extra thrust and make the car go faster. Just like farting when you are running.


So instead of “A customer can have any color he wants, so long as it’s black,” as Henry Ford is quoted as saying, Tesla says “A customer can have any color we offer… but unless it’s black, he’s going to have to pay $2000 extra!”

The colors are different prices. Red and white are $2,000 now, others are $1,500. Most companies charge less, but most still charge a premium for certain colors. I saw a red Model 3 this morning, it was really nice looking.

What a swindle. “$35,000” Model 3 my eye… oh, you want paint on that??? $2000 for freaking white. Really???! What’s the excuse? They have to put extra whitening compound in like they do toothpaste?

It used to be you paid extra for fancy, special colors. Then some car companies started making you pay extra for the popular colors, like silver on a Porsche. Now Tesla wants you to pay a stiff premium for ANY color?? Tesla doesn’t even have any special colors. They are all leasing company/rental car colors.

This whole pay for paint thing has gone to far and Tesla’s maxing out the concept. When I bought my first new car in 1984, it came in 9 colors and they were ALL free of charge and included in the price.

White is a mix of all colors. More colors cost more thus white is $2,000 extra.

No. Mixing all colors of paint together does not result in white paint.

Rather, black (or close to it) would be the result. As you add more and more pigments, more and more wavelengths of light are absorbed by the mixture. A pigment (or paint) appears to be a certain color because it is absorbing all other colors. e.g., Blue paint looks blue because it absorbs all other non-blue light, reflecting back only the blue portion of the spectrum. Adding any other pigment to it will make it appear less blue, no more, and certainly not closer to white.

White light, on the other hand, is the result of mixing all wavelengths of light, originating from sources that are actively emitting light. Pigments do the opposite — they only absorb already-emitted light, reflecting a portion of it back or, in the case of black pigment, reflecting very little back.

Relax, it was a science joke. Check out the light spectrum on the net.

Actually, in typical paints you get a mix of additive and subtractive colour mixing… So if you mix all paints, you get some kind of grey. (Likely tinted, if the proportions aren’t equal. Going by the colours available for Tesla, the mixture should have a purple tint.)

They had plain white for a long time and it was only 500.
Perl white is different. More reflection to it.

I love it! Plain white was *only* $500 extra! What a swindle. Plain white should be freaking no extra charge like every other car company on the planet. “Affordable” Model 3 my eye!

*Every* other? Are you sure of that?

Until proven otherwise, yes. Every new car I ever bought had white as an option free of charge.

The excuse is that switching between colours in the paint shop adds overhead. Any car they have to paint in anything but the most popular colour (black), they have to do so in smaller batches, and thus it adds costs.

White does not cost 2000. Perl White does with multiple coats. Big difference.

ah, I see they dropped the plain white.

It is the only white they offer at the moment so I didn’t see a need to be pedantic.

Elon Musk is a reverse Henry Ford. Ford created an inexpensive car for the common man. Musk produces expensive cars for the well-to-do crowd.

The well to do crowd is currently paying through their noses for Tesla’s short term financial well being but there will be a $35K version (production cost having been calculated at<$28K and Tesla needing it badly for its 500K/year production target) and that -like Model T more than a century ago- will offer the sort of value that will allow Tesla to absolutely own the plug-in market, the lower luxury class market and the sedan market.

In fact it already does, Model 3 sold more copies than all other plug-ins combined in the US market last month and was the best selling sedan overall.

Adjusted for inflation the model T will cost $18k, who wouldn’t want a new tech horse less motor coach

wrong. Ford, like Musk, started out with expensive cars and then brought them down in costs. Regular car makers can easily afford to build lines, etc. Tesla can not. He, like Ford, is growing the company so that he can get to the affordable car. ——————————— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Ford_Motor_Company#Early_developments_and_assembly_line  The coal shed on Bagley Street, Detroit where Henry Ford built his first car in 1896. During its early years, the company produced a range of vehicles designated, chronologically, from the Ford Model A (1903) to the Model K and Model S (Ford’s last right-hand steering model)[4] of 1907.[5] The K, Ford’s first six-cylinder model, was known as “the gentleman’s roadster” and “the silent cyclone”, and sold for US$2800;[5] by contrast, around that time, the Enger 40 was priced at US$2000,[6] the Colt Runabout US$1500,[7] the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout[8] US$650, Western’s Gale Model A US$500,[9] and the Success hit the amazingly low US$250.[8] read the rest of it. Ford started high, and then brought the costs down by putting together assembly lines and designing the cars to make them easy to do. Sound Familiar? Musk will likely have a full automated assembly line on the Model Y, and most parts will be… Read more »

Ha, so maybe Musk is like Ford after all. Go Tesla.

While by 2025 Tesla might be able to sell an extremely bare-bones car with somewhat acceptable range at $15,000, I doubt they’d want their strong brand associated with something like that.

They might launch a secondary brand though I guess, or team up with some other car maker to use their technology…

Black cars are hot too, really hot: temperature.

I drive my black car only on overcast days or at night, heat is never an issue.

You really aren’t going to like the price Audi charges for Daytona Gray paint on the RS7.


I wish Tesla offered Daytona Gray.

Yea, but regular colors at an A4 are $575, even white! And that’s too much IMO.

$575??? Sounds like a missed business opportunity. No wonder A4 loses out to TM3.

Tesla should follow the Porsche example and charge you more to remove the paint altogether.

Seems more accurate to say “ends $1,000 discount for Model 3 Dual Motor” since they are just putting the price back to where it was before.

Tesla can charge as much as they want. It’s all about supply and demand.

Another options for more profit
1. Air suspension
2. HUD
3. Tow package
4. Roof rack
5. Tesla watch instead of using phone
6. 5G upgrade
7. Ventilated seats
8. Retractable roof

Tesla watch is creepy.

As in “Tesla death watch”? Creepy indeed.

Some of these things are known to come in the future. It’s just they don’t want to add too many options right now, complicating production.

What this country needs is a good $35,000 Electric Car.

They already exist. The Bolt is a perfectly good 35k car and the Kona likely will fit the same slot.

What people seem to be looking for with Tesla model 3 is an exotic for 35,000 and they are likely to be disappointed after all the marketing wears off. This is intended to be a $50,000 car.

Last months sales results:

Bolt: 1175
Model 3: 14250

…and that is only the beginning.

Define perfectly good.

A car company that doesn’t lose nearly a billion dollars a quarter.

Perhaps a company that does not need a taxpayer bailout?

Ouch the truth hurts LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks co2.earth

Tesla never lost anywhere near a billion in a quarter of course, but starting up Model 3 was defenitely costly. However Tesla is now ready to start making money of EVs where GM is still completely dependent on ICE trucks for profit. Very much like Ford that’s dependent on F150 for 90% of its global profits. Companies that are entirely dependent on ICE age dinosaurs for their profits are not investor’s favorites these days as demonstrated by Ford and GM’s relatively low market cap compared to Tesla’s.

I think what EVer said was- “What this country needs is a good $35,000 Electric Car.” not “What this country needs is a good $50,000 car for rich people.”

I actually think, and the Bolt sales numbers show this, is what this country needs is $25,000 electric car with 200 mile range. Maybe one day.

The bolt is OK at best. Not what I would call a good car at $35K.

dan: “This is intended to be a $50,000 car.”

More like $60k+. $57,200 with minimal options like white paint and cruise control. Goes to $78,200 if you tick all boxes except FSD vaporware. 4 digit 6 year auto-loan payment should certainly be non-issue for most – you can mortgage your house after all, or take out retirement savings 😉

If you need to mortgage your house to get a car, perhaps you should purchase a scooter instead.

Or you could be like the fool cell companies and get the government to pay for the refilling pumps and over a million$ per pump.
Go away you serial anti-Tesla troll and shill for Big Oil.

Don’t worry, Model 3 production cost was calculated at $28K and that’s for the LR version so yes, there will be a $35K version because Tesla needs it for its ambitious 500k/year production targets (which in turn it needs for that $28K production cost, economies of scale is what drives the car industry) and because it will be highly profitable, especially since nobody buys entry level, ASP is bound to be north of $40K.

There will not be a $35K Tesla for several years. As long as demand outstrips supply to the extent that it currently is, Tesla will do the rational thing and maximize its profit to achieve profitability and continue its aggressive expansion.

If you see that the market is willing to support mass demand above a given price point, why wouldn’t you charge that? Even if the Model 3 cost per unit declines, Tesla would be wise to maintain its pricing strategy until such time that another manufacturer can offer a compelling alternative at a lower price. Even then, Tesla will be an entrenched in the EV market, so odds are good that any competitor will need to either offer a significant value improvement over other offerings in order to win over customers.

Vehicle purchases, like houses, are rarely made solely on the basis of seeking the lowest priced offering.

If the speed of geographical roll out of the current high end versions is any indication Tesla is actually burning through its high end customers list fairly quickly so I would expect that $35K version to happen pretty soon. Of course Tesla needs to have production cost under control before that happens but it look like Tesla is getting there.

Wait until next year if you want a $35k (probably more like $37,700 with paint and delivery) electric Tesla. If you want a good $35k EV, buy a Bolt EV as dan points out.

That’s called “supply and demand”.

When Tesla has taken care of the “small luxury car buyers”, who are can’t wait to pay $60K or more for the TM3, they’ll lower the prices to start scooping orders from the middle-market demographics, perhaps even down to the $35K level … and maybe then we’ll see the Model Y 🙂

Right on target!
Tesla needs to sell as many TM3 cars at as great a profit as possible. If they don’t stay in business, nobody will get a $35K TM3.

My friend ordered the non-P version of dual motor 3 just in time.

I wish I had friends.

I’m with my two best friends all the time. There’s me, myself, and I. These jokers never leave me alone, constantly jabbering about how great SparkEV and Tesla 3 and P100DL are.

As long as you, yourself, and Irene, share those three absolutely terrific EVs equally, the constant “jabbering” issue, seems to point to positive EVidence, of your being in a EVery day “Win-Win” situation.

Sounds like Seven Pretend Teslas.
He is with his pretend Teslas all the time so he can come here and bash them online and then go buy more pretend Teslas because he hates them so much!

Three months ago is like the Model 3 olden days. When prices were the prices.

So confusing now. Wait a week and they might drop again.