Tesla Is Most Trusted Automotive Brand In Canadian Survey


Tesla Toronto Store

Tesla Toronto Store

The University of Victoria released results from its second-annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI) and those results show that Tesla is the most trusted automotive brand in Canada.

276 brands were subdivided into 27 industry sectors in the survey that’s designed to measure consumer trust and although Tesla didn’t rank in the Top 10 overall (Tesla actually ranked 11th out of all brands), Tesla did rank the highest among the automakers in the survey.

Saul Klein, dean of the Gustavson School of Business, explains why he believes Tesla ranked so highly:

“We think there’s a shift taking place: In many ways we choose brands that provide their basic functions well, that are reliable, value for money, whatever.”

“…what’s important to consumers is the extent to which the brand or the company is acting to a broader value perspective: respects the environment, treats employees well, invests in the community and cares about societal well-being.”

6,384 online surveys contributed to the GBTI and it was broken down into three age groups: under 35, 35-55 and over 55.

The youngest bracket put more trust in Tesla than the older age brackets.

Here’s a look at the results:


  • Automobiles – Tesla Motors

Ranking of auto makers

11 Tesla Motors
14 Honda
53 Mercedes-Benz
57 Toyota
59 BMW / Mini
79 Nissan
93 Subaru
119 Audi
135 Hyundai
140 Mazda
159 Kia
165 Ford
219 GM
226 Mitsubishi
252 Chrysler/Dodge
255 Fiat
276 Volkswagen

Looks like Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal took quite a toll on the brand.

Source: Globe And Mail

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Do they have consumer reports in Canada?

What do you think ! Canadians still live in Caves ? .. Some of the best Ideas , Inventions , Entertainers, etc: & so On , came out of Canada & Got BIG in the USA. ie: Elon lived in Canada for a period of time & attended Canadian Universities,,….We mind our own Business & We Don’t BULLY the rest of the world!

That in why Elon moved from Canada, to have a chance of become great in America.

Elon , got his START In CANADA, like Most Canadians in all walks of life , That Made It Big in The USA … UNlike USA Canada Is Run By Shady Politicians …L O L.BUT*.NOT SHADY POLITICIANS THAT ARE TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY THE ELITISTS & SPECIAL INTERESTS,that are All On the Take , And are PUT There As Figure Heads & NOTHING ELSE . Hitlery Clinton Will the next US President , Mark my words!..

“Great American” ??? An Elitist Brain Wash, Cliche’…Sad Part is., that you all Believe It ! …

We’re not big enough to bully anyone (it would be a joke if we tried), and we don’t have the vested interests in the world, that a small nation, population wise, has to protect.

ringing the editor: “Canadians” (not Canadian’s) love it.

In Quebec….it’s Canadien… l m a o ……….

To be precise it’s in Québec 🙂

I’M SPELLING IN ENGLISH…that is the French Spelling .Pronounce Kay Bec .cheers !

It’s interesting that brands with the highest Brands Trust Index rating in the study are not the brands the same respondents most recommend to others. The pictorial depiction of the Gustavson model doesn’t show a mechanism for that.
Also interesting is that a high Brands Trust Index rating does not require the highest scores in the 3 types of trust that appear to comprise or create the Gustavson Brand Trust Index.
Perhaps the presentation of the brands’ ranking obscures great disparities in actual scores.
Tesla appears to have scored well in most of the study’s measures, but is less recommendable than Band-Aid. Rona is the 24th most trusted (beating all but 2 automakers) but is recommendable only 197th out of 276 measured brands.

these are suspicious results: are these results merely a statement of brand awareness, or do these results reflect actual consumer experiences? from the article, it sounds like respondents were asked about a wide range of brand names across a wide range of product segments.

if these results are merely a measure of brand awareness, then it is easy to understand that younger respondents are going to think of the tesla brand as being “more cool” (and by implication, more “trustworthy”) than would older respondents.

i’m not going to suggest that this is a meaningless survey, but i don’t think that it means quite as much as the title of this article would suggest.

Yes attack the messenger and the message, which seems to be your M.O.
“Ill news is an ill guest.”
Guess that makes you Wormtongue.
(a not unfair comparison). He lived through the “War of the Ring”, though he did not deserve too.

do you have any comments of substance to make here?

No, as similar to you, I have nothing of value to offer.

Do you own a mirror?

“no comment” posted more FUD:

“these are suspicious results:”

Yeah, and serial Tesla bashers also claim it’s “suspicious” that Consumer Reports says that Tesla has the highest customer service satisfaction rating of any car maker.


This survey is stupid if they leave all the brands of GM as GM while they break out FCA into Chrysler/Dodge and Fiat, also breaks out Audi and VW…

MarvelFan, the better question is, why did nobody even thing to mention GM? They are about as exciting as lawn furniture. Its revealing something is missing about GM, that you need to consider. GM itself has no clue. For example, why did GM itself refused to accept advance orders for the Bolt? Why do they lobby to keep Tesla out of many states? Why do their dealers need to be protected from a level playing field? Why didn’t GM ever force its dealers to match Tesla in concierge service, that gives curbside loaners in many cases? (It can’t or wont). Why doesn’t GM give free software upgrades? (They might say: “Free? are you crazy?”_ Why did GM never give “free” for life (prepaid) supercharging? (No vision or no guts). When I step into a typical dealership, its like they see the SUCKER sign on my head. I want to run out of there before they con me. Surveys have long said, consumers are sick of being treated like suckers and CHUMPS. Have you ever visited a Tesla showroom? You aren’t a CHUMP. They don’t use commission. You are treated like a real person, the way Apple stores used to treat… Read more »