Tesla Is Highest Rated Automaker On Top 30 Global Experience Brands List

OCT 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 8

Tesla Is Highest Rated Automaker On Top 30 Global Experience Brands List

It was year ago that Tesla first appeared in the Top 30 Global Experience Brands index released by the Group XP, a New York-based consultancy group, which uses Brandz, the world’s largest brand equity database.

Tesla Model S

And while Tesla is still the highest ranked car manufacturer at #26 this year, that is down six positions from 2016.   Closing the gap in 2017 was Ferrari at #27, while Mercedes Benz BMW are also hot on the EV-maker’s heels at 29 and 30 (respectively).

Although we should note that technically DHL (at #10) is in the lead, as the postal service is now also producing electric delivery vehicles in Germany (with over 10,000 in service today), but that isn’t the reason why the brand is listed – so we will put an (*) asterisk on that one.

Tesla become one of the top brands not only because of its breakthrough products, but also its innovative approach to the market, with sales and service experience rated superior to established manufacturers.

Another former Elon Musk company PayPal is in third.

“Spark of genius “Electric cars, giant batteries and solar” is how Tesla describes itself on Twitter—a very humble statement from a brand that has bold ideals. Tesla’s stated mission is far more ambitious: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

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Wow, Huggie’s and Pampers are above all automobiles?

They’re full of s***.

Just so. People have become so lazy & ‘precious’ that the old washable diaper/nappy has been dumped in favour of another huge pollutant.
“Such is life”

3 companies I’ve never heard about before. Huggies, Ecover and Omo.

Huggies makes tires. “They hug the road”, is their slogan.

Ecover makes a wonderful electric blanket that everyone loves. In fact, I sleep under my ecovers every night. So warm.

Omo is the company behind popular sayings like “Omo god”, and “Omo let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time”. Their stock is going crazy.


So last year BMW (-7) was in 2nd place for automotive brands but are now behind Ferrari and Mercedes?

This has to hurt bro1999. I wonder if his head exploded in rage or if he is in a mental institution muttering “but the bolt, the bolt.”