Tesla Is Highest-Ranked American Automaker In Consumer Reports’ Annual Brand Report Card


Consumer Reports just released its 2017 annual “Brand Report Card.” The top seven spots all go to foreign automakers, with Audi #1.

The Highest ranked U.S. automaker on the list is none other than Tesla. Ranked 8th overall, Tesla received a road-test score of 88 and an overall score of 73. Its road-test score is among the tops in the industry, but Tesla reliability ranking is considerably below average, largely thanks to poor reliability scores for the Model X.

There’s no denying that Tesla makes compelling vehicles. The make is #1 in Consumer Satisfaction too, according to Consumer Reports. But with reliability lagging behind key competitors, Tesla will have to up its game in that department if it intends to move further up the “Brand Report Card” list.

Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say of Tesla’s #1 spot for American automakers:

“Some of the standout brands benefit from a tiny roster. Tesla, the highest-ranked American brand, earns its position based on just two models.”

And here’s a brief explanation of how the rankings are determined:

“The Overall Score is the combination of our road tests, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. For each brand we indicate the percentage of tested models that earned a recommended designation. This percentage reveals a meaningful differentiation.”

Source: Consumer Reports

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Good work so far, Tesla. Do not rest on your laurels and do keep an eye on improving reliability. Go Tesla!

Consumer Reports just released its 2017 annual “Brand Report Card.”
If it is a 2017 Report,there should not be any problems with the Model X as they were in 2016.
The next update will be much better for the 2017 X and S.

Good job TESLA! Reliability improvements will
be reflected soon on the Model X second and subsequent years of production. The same improvements as shown on the Model S.

Humm, horrible reliability but best American Brand?

This seems rather like the ‘best car ever’ stuff that the CR guys did, then shortly afterwards rated the car ‘not acceptable’.

They’ll deny it, but unless they’re little kids they were playing the options market on the Tesla Stock.

This sounds like the same kind of thing: the only thing factual it seems to indicate is that current Tesla owners absolutely LOVE their cars, bar none, and are rich enough (verified by the high percentage of millionaires who own them) to not care about trivial things like problems.