Tesla Invites Hackers To Hack Model S At Defcon 2015


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

DEF CON 23 is coming up (more info here) and Tesla Motors will be inviting hackers to see if they can hack into a Tesla Model S.

Previously, Qihoo 360 Technology won for being able to (sort of) hack a Model S EV.  Afterwards, Tesla immediately took care of the vulnerability

Based on the kind of person Elon Musk is, you would think that there would not be any room for hacking… right?

Based on the kind of person Elon Musk is, you would think that there would not be any vulnerabilities to hacking… right?

Another opportunity to hack the Model S is coming up at DEF CON in early August.

We suspect there will be all kinds of electronic geniuses with gizmos to use on the Model S, beyond what we can even imagine.

The outcome of this event would be that Tesla would resolve any bugs in the system immediately.

A Tesla Motors spokesperson stated:

“We do plan to have a presence at the conference (and Model S will be on display) as part of our recruiting efforts. Members of Tesla’s security look forward to attending to talk about the security of our cars the work the team does.”

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Good to see Tesla being proactive about this. Of course, it’s impossible to provide 100% protection against computer hacking in a vehicle that is constantly linked to the Internet.

Tesla’s car run a version of linux o.s.
Google that and you’ll understand why it is so difficult to hack.

Excuse me but being very familiar with Linux, I can tell you that if an install is not properly closed down, it would be very easy to take control of. It all comes down to closing the vulnerabilities, and that’s what the appearance at DEFCON is all about.

The guy who supposedly hacked into a commercial aircraft and controlled an engine should give the Tesla a shot….

Mike, you read that article wrong. No one received anything, but you wrote here that they received 10k. That needs editing.

Brilliant idea…hopefully foreign hackers will participate in this activity.

Tesla was at Defcon in 2014. They were not inviting people to hack the cars or find vulnerabilities. Instead they were asking about defense tactics, which fell flat with the crowds…. Maybe it will be better this year