Tesla Invisible Driver Prank – Video


Tesla Autopilot Prank

Tesla Autopilot Prank

Rahat Hossain, YouTube channel name Magic Of Rahat, created an outfit that resembles the driver’s seat of the Tesla Model S.

He then got into the S, moved the seat backwards to conceal himself behind the B pillar and hit the road with the Tesla on Autopilot.

The result was stunned motorists who drove by thinking nobody was in the Model S.

Some of the comments from the surprised drivers include:

“Oh! Ain’t nobody in that car!”

“Where’s the driver?”

Dude, no joke. This is the future. There is nobody driving this Tesla on the interstate.”

“Anyone there?”

Hossain did occasionally reveal himself, which surprised passing motorists too.

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Glad nobody crashed coz they were distracted gawking at his Tesla.

I wonder if anybody called the police and wasted their time/resources.

No more distracting than when a hot chick drives a convertable down the expressway.

this is one of the downsides to putting too many gadgets in a tesla – STUPID stunts by tesla drivers.

first it was a series of idiotic videos showing guys drag racing on public streets. now it’s equally idiotic autopilot stunts on beta test autopilot software.

Perhaps you would feel more cozy in a small English town where everyone agrees with you, and anything fun draws the attention of the council and constable?

> in a small English town where everyone agrees with you

Such a town does not exist.

Slow stop and go traffic on a dry sunny day is actually about the only situation in which Tesla’s autopilot excels.

It was a great stunt IMO.

This youtuber has done this type of stunt for a long while already if you look at his other videos (but the story was a “ghost” car previously). So nothing to do with “Tesla drivers” in general.

What else can we expect from an anti-Tesla troll?


Chill. Nobody died. It was stop and go highway traffic (where autopilot works best).

This a genuinely funny prank.

Some people don’t like pranks, but it is silly to think that this particular prank was wreckless.

i guess if you liked the “jackass” videos, this kind of thing would appeal to you, because this is pretty much of a jackass stunt.

“Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!”




Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking! Just a moment!
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Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking! Just a moment!

Just be happy they weren’t on your lawn.

no comment — You should watch the “making of” video before judging. It seems like they were driving more responsibly than all those drivers of gas cars eating, drinking, putting on makeup, playing with their GPS, and chatting on their cell phones in traffic.

The thing that surprises me most about this video is that this many people actually noticed. I mean, who looks at the driver of every car they pass on the road? I don’t. I would have probably driven right past and never noticed.

I think a lot the drivers noticed the car in front slowing down when it was first noticed causing a succession of cars to take notice.

I like the guy motorcycle. Those guys have seen everything, but even he was taken aback.
Creative and funny, but inadvisable and invisible.

I have loved my (three) Volts (all still in the family), but the only time I saw someone pull out a camera and snap a photo was when I had a deer on the cargo carrier. Thanks be to Tesla for making people realize what the car of the future MUST be like.

This was an enjoyable and imaginative video. My X will be delivered in two weeks, but I did get to experience X on auto pilot a few weeks back. Sadly, it makes my Volt’s Lane Keep Assist (bouncing from side to side like a billiard ball) fairly comical in comparison. I am so glad that Tesla threw in all the bells and whistles, because if all the common man knew about was that it didn’t burn gas, few would pay attention. This video shows that people are noticing.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Of course, we will have to get used to this… the first completely automated vehicles that have no one in the vehicle is going to draw this reaction until people get used to it.

That’s weird, because I have been assured by several commenters that this is impossible, as Autopilot “requires” a hand on the wheel at all times.

Not “at all times” but, as I understand it, it does require that you touch the wheel every now-and-again.

Thanks for the levity, it was needed. 🙂