Tesla Installed 1,021 Superchargers To Date In China


JAN 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

The Tesla Supercharging infrastructure in China is growing quickly – already tallying 1,021 stalls at 188 stations through the end of 2017.

Tesla Model S at Urban Supercharging station

Additionally, China is the only country with big 50-stall stations – three of them so far. That means that nearly 15% of all of China’s Superchargers are in those three locations.

It’s expected that Tesla will double the size of the network in China to 2,000, by adding another 1,000 stalls this year.

As you can see below, China is second only to the U.S. in number of Tesla Supercharger stations – 17% of total number, while the U.S. holds 41% (461 out of 1,181 stations).

The total number of Tesla Supercharger stalls worldwide is now at more than 8,500 and China is home to 12% of that figure.

Tesla Superchargers (source: supercharge.info)

source: Teslarati

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How many Tesla’s are in China?

In 2016, some 10.000 Tesla were sold in China. In 2017, some 15.000 Tesla were sold there. I don’t know the numbers for 2014 (first deliveries year there) and in 2015. But, they should be some 30.000 Tesla in China (+ some 6.500 in Hong-Kong).

In 2014, 2.499 Tesla were sold in China. In 2015, 3.695 Tesla were sold there. In 2016, 10.399 Tesla were sold in China.

Superchargers are a good idea, builds the brand.

Lucky for China. To date there is still not a single Supercharger installed in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania despite Tesla Model X being the best selling plug-in vehicle in all of those countries. So Tesla drivers in Estonia have access to the well developed CHAdeMO network, or 12 CHAdeMO equipped stations in Lithuania or the 5 CHAdeMO equipped stations in Latvia. Tesla has not only neglected Baltic countries for Superchargers, but also has not installed a single Destination Charger in any of these countries either. Hopefully Tesla will try to raise its game, having already learned how to do it in China.

The 20th largest city in China,Nanchang, has a bigger population and economy than all the Baltics combined.

Just in time for the next China tax on American cars. Good times ahead!

Generally there are 2 stalls sharing the power for each supercharger. The odd number for stalls makes me a bit twitchy… 😛

I wonder what the actual number of superchargers in China is.

Generally, but not always. All you need is one outlier to make you feel odd 😉

Found the one for you: 🙂

Chengdu – Gaoxin in Sichuan has 9 stalls.

In Canada:
Huntsville, ON has 9 stalls.

In the US:
San Clemente, CA has 21 stalls
Groveland, CA has 7 stalls
Childress, TX has 9 stalls
The Service Center in Cleveland, OH has 1 publicly accessible stall
St. Charles, MO has 5 stalls
DeFuniak Springs, FL has 5 stalls
The Dalles, OR has 5 stalls
San Juan Capistrano, CA has 7 stalls
Roseville, CA has 7 stalls
Madison, WI has 3 stalls
Ellensburg, WA has 5 stalls
San Marcos, TX has 5 stalls

Miami-Brickell City Centre, FL will have 25 stalls (under construction).

In Europe:
West Drayton, UK has 5 stalls
Kitzbühel, Austria has 3 stalls
Dartford, UK has 5 stalls.

In Australia:
Sydney-Lower North Shore, NSW has 5 stalls.

In South Korea:
Seoul – Yongsan has 5 stalls
Seoul – Jamsil has 5 stalls
Seoul – Yeoido has 5 stalls
Seoul – Gangnam has 5 styles, I mean stalls 😉

In Japan:
Chiyodaku Palace Hotel in Tokyo has one stall.

In Taiwan:
Taipei Neihu has 9 stalls.

So, quite a few have an odd number of stalls, most odd of all of course is the US 🙂

Source https://supercharge.info

I don’t see the necessity for Supercharger network. If Tesla will change the charging port to comply with GB/T specification.