Tesla Inks Deal To Install 400 Charging Stations In China


Tesla Model S In China

Tesla Model S In China

Tesla Motors signed a deal to build a charging network in China. The deal was with China’s second biggest mobile-phone company.

Tesla Model S in China.

Tesla Model S in China.

According to Tesla spokeswoman, Peggy Yang, 400 charging stations will be installed in 120 cities at China Unicom Outlets. Those outlets will also add an additional 20 DC fast chargers.

Even though Tesla is expanding its own DC fast charging (Supercharger) network, along with chargers at Tesla service locations, BMW will join the party in China in to get chargers installed.  It’s not yet known if BMW will provide Level 2 charger, DC fast chargers or a combination of both.  Of course, China’s fast-charge standard is neither CCS nor CHAdeMO, but rather the GB standard.

Tesla has signed all the necessary paper work to get charging network installed.  This includes agreements with real estate developers SoHo China LTD & China Yantai Holdings Co.

Supposedly, the central government of China may provide up to $16 billion dollars for the whole charging network in China.  It’s unclear if Tesla will receive any of this funding.

Source: Automotive News

Tesla Model S Design Studio In China - Company Owned & Operated

Tesla Model S Design Studio In China – Company Owned & Operated

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Looks like Tesla has nothing else to report on China. Now repeating this meaningless piece of old news.

Seems like See Through has nothing to add to the conversation but more anti-Tesla drivel.

Insideevs is sourcing an Automotive News article from Aug 29.

Tesla is not reporting anything.

For me anything Tesla and charging networks and charging standards is VERY interesting. Tesla’s potential sales volume might determine what the future harmonised AC & DC charging standards might be. Tesla will also have a powerful influence on what the business models will be for charging stations and charging networks.

Tesla is so clever with its solutions to be ignored

Tesla must have a pretty good idea of demand for Model S in China to commit to building 400 charging stations.

Apparently, Tesla thinks they will do well in China.

EV Sales Blog posts Tesla sales in China as 1,849 vehicles sold from April (2014) through July.

China really is a huge, almost unimaginable market, about equal to the entire U.S., plus all of Europe, with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Russia thrown in.

400 chargers for China is many more chargers than we have even in the U.S.

Remember that they are not talking about 400 super charger stations.

Those chargers will be normal 32 amp chargers (I assume by calculating 120kw/16 = 7,5 kW. 7,5 kW/230V = 32 Amp)
And there are millions and millions of those in the US.

Tell us about these 400 stations. Single-head? Dual-head? They say it is a charging post.

What is the connector end on the EVSE? Tesla-only or J-1772? Since they are slow chargers, if they are Tesla-only, they will go unused for a long time until enough cars get into the country. While other standards may be applicable for sharing the network and allowing J-1772 or some other standard to get more EVs running on the streets in China.

These articles do not indicate what the charging port design will be.

Installing a 400-unit charging-post J-1772 30A charging system is not exactly worth a 1-2 Billion dollar market cap rise in the TSLA stock price but that is exactly what this news did when the algorithmic trader computers digested the news.

Tesla only charging with a Tesla plug. These chargers will almost certainly be Tesla HPWCs.