Tesla To Increase Prices On 100D & P100D Model S/X Next Week


Tesla Model S P100DL with Tesla Forged Lightweight Arachnid Wheels

Price reductions here. Increased prices there.

P100D Badge

Following the $5,000 price reduction on the Tesla Model S 75 and 75D, Tesla informed us that a price increase is in coming soon on the highest battery capacity (100 kWh) versions (100D and P100D) of the S and X.

The automaker issued this statement to InsideEVs (bolding on our part):

“Periodically we have adjusted pricing and available options to best reflect the value of our products and our customers’ preferences. Today’s updates include slight price decreases to our 75, 75D and 90D models to account for the discontinuation of our 60 kWh models, and next week we will be implementing slight price increases to our higher end 100D and P100D models. We expect our total average selling price to remain almost exactly the same.”

Price increases for our 100D and P100D models will take effect on April 24, 2017 to best accommodate customers already in the order process, while price decreases for 75, 75D and 90D models will take effect today.”

Starting next Monday (April 24) these changes will go into effect and Tesla’s website will be updated to display this new pricing:

Tesla Model S

Model S 100D: Old price – $95,000 — New price – $97,500
Model S P100D: Old price – $134,500 — New price –  $140,000

Tesla Model X

Model X 100D: Old price – $98,500 — New price – $99,500
Model X P100D: Old price – $135,500 — New Price – $145,000

Tesla adds a few other notes in regards to these high-end versions of the S and X:

  • Model S now comes standard with Glass Roof and Power Liftgate and Smart Air Suspension (coil suspension available on 100D orders until 4/24)
  • Model S and Model X 100D and P100D gets standard High Amperage Charger (72 amps) – High amperage charger no longer offered on lower end Teslas.

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Entry level Model S to include glass roof, air-suspension, & power lift-gate (while at same time lowering entry level price) will for sure tempt some of the current Model 3 reservation holders to jump up to Model S. Also moving these additional items to base level helps Tesla downstream for re-sale of trade-in Tesla Models S.

With regards to moving up the price on the other end it will likely not impact much buying desission one way or another for those who can afford P.

The air suspension is not available on the entry level S 75, per earlier story about the price drop on that car.

The base Model S is a very compelling choice for those not already on the M3 wait list. You can get the base Model S now with a full 7,500 tax credit or wait over a year for the M3 and maybe get $0 tax credit.

Seems a little unusual to raise the price of the some models and lower it on others. But it’s great if it gets more people interested in the car.

you said:
“You can get the base Model S now with a full 7,500 tax credit or wait over a year for the M3 and maybe get $0 tax credit.”

Actually IEV’s did an excellent article on the tax credit phase out.

They have full tax credit good thru end of Qtr 3 2018….and the 1/2 tax credit good thru Q1 19.


Indeed. That’s why I used the term “maybe”. For the potential car buyers out there without a M3 reservation, there are about 400,000 people ahead of you in line. I’ll take the over on Q1 2019 for those people.

“Model S now comes standard with Glass Roof and Power Liftgate and Smart Air Suspension”

Is this accurate? I thought the Air Suspension was deleted from the lower models.

It’s just the high end ones. The story says: “Tesla adds a few other notes in regards to these high-end versions of the S and X: Model S now comes standard with Glass Roof and Power Liftgate and Smart Air Suspension (coil suspension available on 100D orders until 4/24)”

Missed that. Thanks!

I thought the Tesla’s were going to install Solar roof’s is this glass roof Solar?

This may be Step #1 in that process.
All cars are built with a glass roof.
Some cars will have the optional solar roof, but will integrate seamlessly on the manufacturing floor.

I can’t believe the increase on the 100KWH Models, when the others are decreasing further ! In the last few years Tesla never gave back to its customer any of the up to 30% saving they made on the battery costs (Minimium 5% per year, but 30% recently from various recent news). And they are doing that still without saying how these models based on their older 18165 battery modules will be able to take advantage or not of their future SuperChargers V3 expected 3X to 5X faster than today SuperChargers, while the current 100KWH models are limited to 120KW. I was holding my Model X 100D P.O. till I know that, as I don’t want to get trapped by buying current model based on old 18165 battery then see new models announced by year end with new 2170 battery, eventually cheaper, and enable for 3X to 5X faster SC v3…. This new epidermic negative change, following the end of Free-for-life supercharger charges in 1st Qtr without price decrease, and all previous huge price increases, will make me delay my purchase again, likely till the end of this year, so I can have a clear view. Too bad for this… Read more »

I understand waiting for the right time to buy your Tesla. We waited for the S100D. However, waiting for cars compatible with increased charging speeds when there are no details/announcement/rumors that they are close, nor any evidence the existing or being newly built superchargers will support them, might be a long wait.

You could be enjoying the 100 now and needing to charge less often than any other battery version right now.

As for that nonsense about Tesla passing their savings onto you or missed opportunities to be in the Tesla now. They are a for-profit company and given their sales figures apparently are priced competitively against their competitors. Any wait for features that haven’t even been announced is your choice.

You have 6 days to beat the price increase.

Teslamotors.com shows 100D as 92,500, not 95,000. If it goes to 97,500, that will be $28,000 more than the Model S 75, for an extra 25KWh of storage.

In the south, going 20 miles can cost a Model S 20 miles of range. In the north, it’ll cost you 40.

I don’t like this. Those with a northern need for KWh face a $1,000/KWh upcharge. Doesn’t seem reasonable. Yes, there’s AWD in the 100D, but I’d take RWD, snow tires and 100KWh, long before I’d go for 75KWh and AWD.

The price spread between 60/85 used to be considerably less.

“Teslamotors.com shows 100D as 92,500, not 95,000.”

I noticed that as well but that’s without air suspension which is 2500 so the article is correct on apples to apples basis

I don’t get why they’re forcing customers who want a larger pack to get an all glass roof or dual chargers.

Seems like an ahole move to me. I guess if I was in to market for a Model S with a larger pack I’d just opt for the 90.

This article tells me even more that a used Tesla is the way to go. My 2012 Model S 85 has air suspension and you can’t get air anymore on the MS 75.

Plus free supercharging.

….and prices around 50K$

You’re also missing AutoPilot….