Tesla HR Chief On Leave Of Absence, Reason Unknown

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AUG 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 20

One more rotation for Tesla’s executive team

Gabrielle Toledano, who was Chief People Officer at Tesla since May 2017, is on a leave of absence, according to the latest news and her duties are now being handled by other members of the HR team.

Bloomberg notes that Toledano is the highest-ranking woman at Tesla. The absence, in a demanding period for Tesla, suggests that it maybe is not an ordinary leave of absence.

“Tesla Inc.’s head of human resources and facilities has been on a leave of absence as the electric-car maker has dealt with a period of intense tumult spurred by Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk.”

“She reports directly to Musk and was among the handful of executives who stood on stage with him at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June. A week later, Musk announced that the carmaker would dismiss more than 3,000 employees, or about 9 percent of its workforce, as part of a push for the profits that have largely eluded the company to date.”

At the end of 2017, Tesla had 37,543 full-time employees.

Earlier, Toledano was Chief Talent Officer and EVP HR and Facilities at Electronic Arts for almost 11 years.

There are several examples of extended leaves of absences among senior executives at Tesla, which includes Doug Field, Tesla Senior Vice President of Engineering, whose been out since mid-May. But there are also other examples like Jerome Guillen, who is back and now is in charge of the Tesla Semi program.

Source: Bloomberg

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Another Tesla exec likely bites the dust. In other news, it is hot in Arizona.

Isn’t it ironic that if you had your wish for Tesla to cease existing, you’d have no reason to come to this site?

To be fair, I’m sure that he has posted about the Bolt getting some new seat foam next year.

If Tesla ceased to exist, you’d have no reason to come to this site.

Actually, if you paid attention (which i know you do), you’d know that I’ve recently posted about my disapproval of how Elon has been Tweeting of late. And also the conversations I’ve had with folks like David Green regarding the upcoming Electrify America network, and how I hope for an equal fast-charging network competitor to Tesla’s Supercharging network, so we all have more different car choices for long-distance travel other than Tesla. I also ask questions regarding electric cars, batteries, etc beyond Tesla. And also how I own my own ignorance and mistakes as much or more than anyone here at this site. And also how I’m a very vocal proponent of us all being on the same team, which I’ve personally told you probably more than anyone here. And how I’d like to see the conversations get back to information sharing first, just like the old days. Big difference between you and me, pretty evident to most here I’d wager. Don’t forget, i also share with folks that I drive a Volt, so i guess that may take the Tesla bias wind out of your sails just a skosh. Have a great day.

My thought exactly, man things must be really rough around the office for so many execs to depart.

And yet their numbers are in line with a company this size: Shock!
People come and go!

But, Musk should start an investigation. One of Jim Chanos reported short habits is to harass current employees of a short target.

I don’t think this article is particularly newsworthy in and of itself, but I’d be interested to learn how many Tesla executives leave and aren’t replaced, even temporarily. That would be a mark of organizational dysfunction.

@David Green said: “…things must be really rough around the office for so many execs to depart…”

What is going on at GM? Things there must be supper bad… mass depart of executives.

See my below @bro199@ response.

You have any insight what’s going on at GM?

@bro1999 said: “Another Tesla exec likely bites the dust. In other news, it is hot in Arizona.”

Anothe GM exec *beyond* likely bites the dust:

Feb 2018- “GM’s head of HR leaving after 8 months…”source:

In other news…

… the other GM news:

April 2018- “Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen is leaving General Motors…” source:

July 2018- “GM’s chief accounting officer to leave…” source:

… and yet even more GM news:

July 2018- “General Motors’ global marketing chief Joel Ewanick has left the company…” source:

etc…. etc… etc…

Good grief @bro1999… what the heck is going on at your beloved GM!???

Seems like mass GM exec defections….

Hopefully all is ok at GM?

GM execs departing left and right what seems a weekly basis is *troubling*.

Cue the crickets…

Yes, inconvenient facts for the shills, shorters and haters.

Maybe things were just getting too ‘grimey’ for her . ….

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Why do you all talk like she left the company?

“suggests that it maybe is not an ordinary leave of absence”

WTF is an ordinary leave?
I know of people that took LOA’s for Cancer treatments, severe car accidents, medical procedures, mental health issues, short jail times, family deaths out of country, legal issues, immigration issues etc, none of that is “ordinary”.

In government employment ordinary means when you have 800hrs of sick leave and 1100hrs of vacation time and you’re ready to retire, you take that leave for many months till your vac and sick time get low then you retire.

HR leadership often rage quits after layoffs. Their mindset is that the most valuable asset is the work force, including middle management. Elon’s mindset is that middle management doesn’t add the value he needs right now.


“Research Shows That Organizations Benefit When Employees Take Sabbaticals… While sabbaticals are still rare inside of corporate America, their presence is increasing rapidly…” source:Harvard Business Review


After sacking thousands of employees maybe the HR manager just needs some time off.

And I personally would like Elon Musk to get some time off – a relaxing (malaria free) holiday in a nice remote place to recover energy after 120 hour per week of “production hell” , because there is a hell lot of strategic decisions to be done : about financing China and Europe factories; which future model (‘Y’, Semi, roadster …) to produce next and where the US factory is build for those …. and concentrate his effort on this utmost important decisions after the ‘recharging holiday’.