Tesla Hopes To Open New Store In South Korea’s Biggest Mall


Interior Rendering Of Starfield Hanam

Interior Rendering Of Starfield Hanam

The mall hasn’t even been built yet, but Tesla Motors is already seeking a site within for one of its stores.

As Automotive News reports:

“Tesla Motors Inc. is in talks to open its first store in what will be South Korea’s biggest mall, according to the shopping complex’s owner Shinsegae Group.”

Renderings of both the outside and inside of the mall show that it’ll be an impressive site.

Construction of the mall is well underway, with the grand opening set for this September. It sits on a site that’s the size of 70 football fields and is located six miles east of Seoul, South Korea.

Automotive News adds:

“Atsuko Doi, a spokeswoman for Tesla in Tokyo, didn’t immediately reply to an email request for comment. Tesla said last month it plans to set up an office in Seoul, without giving further details. The U.S. electric vehicle maker advertised positions in sales, engineering, service and marketing in Seoul on its website. South Korea would be Tesla’s fourth market in Asia after China, Hong Kong and Japan.”

Joining Tesla at this mall will be Hyundai. The automaker will open a Genesis store within the massive shopping complex.

Source: Automotive News

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