Tesla Hiring Efforts Leap 24 Percent Since July 1


Following substantial layoffs, Tesla is now ramping up its hiring efforts.

Tesla had another record month with its popular Model 3 and company stock is up considerably. Now, according to Thinknum, the automaker is seemingly ready to invest in “human capital” once again. This comes as no surprise since CEO Elon Musk made it clear during the layoff period that the automaker would continue hiring.

The career and investment website notes that Tesla had 1,662 job openings listed on July 1. Just a little over a month later, this number spiked to well over 2,000 and climbing.

Keep in mind, however, that back in May, the company had nearly 3,000 open positions, so this jump is still not back to where it once was. Nonetheless, the upward trend is very clear. Considering that vehicle production is way up and Tesla is making concerted efforts to reach profitability in the very near future, this information is fitting.

The fact that the hiring push began on July 1 also makes perfect sense. The date begins a new quarter for the automaker, so what better time to surge forward and appease investors?

As far as the breakdown of jobs is concerned, they are spread out over multiple locations. Of course, the Fremont factory, Tesla’s Deer Creek Headquarters in Palo Alto, and the Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada top the list of openings.

The automaker’s primary effort at this point is Model 3 production, due to the huge backlog of reservation holders, in addition to opening orders to the general public in the U.S. With this comes the need to ramp up the delivery process. Even last month, when the automaker moved a record number of Model 3s, it seems there was still a struggle in getting a large amount of new production into customers driveways.

With all of this being said, aside from production and delivery employees, Tesla will have to fill many other job positions that act as supporting roles in the grand scheme of operations.

Source: Thinknum via Electrek

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Talked with a Tesla solar PM recently, he told me a lot of the layoffs came from the solar sales division. No more Home Depot stand-around person, no more door-to-door sales. I guess Elon thinks that it’s bush league and doesn’t want to do it anymore. Allegedly Straubel says that Tesla solar is really taking off though, but the PM guy I spoke with told me that his projects are drying up.

Home Depot was taking a huge commission on each sale. Didn’t make sense. It was like when Best Buy was selling Zero Motorcycles.

It defiantely didn’t make sense but for another reason, they were “selling” free in home consulations, not solar panels you could buy and took out of the store with you…