Tesla Hires Former Obama Aide To Head Government Relations & Policy



One of former President Barack Obama‘s Special Assistants is the newest player on Tesla’s roster.

According to Teslarati, Alexandra Veitch will be Tesla‘s new head of government relations and policy, effective immediately. The publication says news came by way of U.S. political reporting agency, Politico, which referred to Veitch as “Obama Alumni.”

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As the news just surfaced On April 9th, Veitch has yet to update her LinkedIn profile with the details. It appears that she’s leaving her current position as Vice President for government relations at CSRA inc. in Washington D.C., which she’s held since January of 2017.

CSRA is an information technology firm headquartered in Falls Church, VA that provides contract work to the U.S. government with regard to national security, civil government, and healthcare.

While at CSRA, Veitch worked to make the company a leader in its field through helping to revamp and promote a “unique public policy view.” She dealt with government-related issues focusing on information technology and cybersecurity.

Veitch boasts over ten years of experience on Capitol Hill, four of which were in the capacity of a senior official for the Obama Administration, with work out of the White House. She worked at the highest level of both the legislative and executive branch.

Source: Teslarati, LinkedIn

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O Bummer. Shouldn’t they hire Dump insider instead? I have a bad feeling Dump will get elected again with all the crazy left wing demonstrators causing mayhem and “marching” for causes they care little about.

So you are continuing to repeat Faux News propaganda I see.

You should get out more!

You are the perfect spokesman for re-electing Dump. All the Faux news cheerleaders love it when you talk dirty, because that will push more and more people away from center to Dump.

Sounds like Sparky is already planning on voting for Dump again!

THE perfect example of getting people to vote for Dump: tell them to do so after making Dump opposition look like horrible a-holes.

LMAO, the PERFECT EXAMPLE of someone so weak that they decide critically important choices of theirs to make based on the actions of others, or blaming others for why they did it again!


Hire someone from the previous opposing political side!

Who made that decision? I can’t imagine it was Elon.