Elon Musk Interview: Tesla to Go 90% Auto Pilot Starting In 2015 (w/video)


Spied - Tesla Model S With Camera - Note That This Particualra Model S Is Claimed To Have Dozens Of Cameras/Sensors Mounted Everywhere For Testing Purposes - Image Credit: Mon Silvestre

Spied – Tesla Model S With Camera – Note That This Particular Model S Is Claimed To Have Dozens Of Cameras/Sensors Mounted Everywhere For Testing Purposes – Image Credit: Mon Silvestre

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a Tesla car will probably be 90% capable of auto pilot driving starting in 2015.

And of course, Tesla Motors will lead the world in this technology, claims Musk.  The rest of the automakers will follow Tesla.

Here’s how Musk states it:

Autonomous cars will definitely be a reality. A Tesla car next year will probably be 90 percent capable of autopilot. Like, so 90 percent of your miles can be on auto. For sure highway travel.

Q: How’s that going to happen?

A: With a combination of various sensors. You combine cameras with image recognition with radar and long-range ultrasonics, that’ll do it. Other car companies will follow.

Q: But you guys are going to be the leader?

A: Of course. I mean, Tesla’s a Silicon Valley company. If we’re not the leader, shame on us.

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I like the way the great communicator said it better:

“great communicator”
good one..

Tesla appears to be ahead of schedule if they are going to be ready in 2015 (next year). Nice work!

“A Tesla” car like “one prototype”? Can’t imagine that even the official regulations (like who’s fault is it, if something goes wrong) for autonomous driving will be ready in one year.
But I can imagine a set of features getting accessable after official testing and aproval is done, time after time. My guess is, that Tesla will unlocked every one of them for a fee like supercharging in a Model S 60.

All in all, nice development.

I agree with your concerns. And you are most likely right about the rollout. Tesla has a lot of work to do convincing the authorities that their system is safe and bug-free. That will be much harder than implementing the actual technology.

The good news is, these sensors are really cheap. Tesla doesn’t have to spent a lot up front to install them in every car they sell, only activating the ones that have paid for the feature.

Official regulations? You know the world is large and there are different regulations in different countries? 😉

You know that there are already partly autonomous cars on the roads and in private owners hands?

Pretty inexpensive, I know! Like the Logitech webcam taped on the windshield in the picture above – I just hope Tesla doesn’t put too much time, resources and energy into autonomous-drive just because of all the internut web-moaners out there using the lack of electronic lane-keep gadgetry as a knock on the Model S.

Tesla is building out a charging infrastructure unlike any other – worldwide, while doing so many things at once it’s mind-boggling for such a small, new heavy industry company! Gigafactory, legal battles, developing two or three new models….wow!

Priority-wise, I think Tesla should stop all the talk about this autonomous tech for a later time. It’s got it’s hands more than full and doing oh, so much all at once! To me, this is a recipe to muck something up pretty badly if they’re not very, very careful.

When the 3rd gen Prius came out, I chatted with a new owner of the first one I saw on the road. She’d bought the tech package with the nice wheels and all the bells and whistles which included lane-keep. She said the steering wheel button that activated it was purely annoying and all the beeping at even the slightest move from the center of a lane was frustrating.

This stuff is all hyperbole as far as I’m concerned, and retina scanners, accident-avoidance nannies and the sort are all things that can go wrong; things that drive up MSRP ( autodom loves THAT! ) and are ancillary to making a great car that can enable the average person to drive sans gasoline and petroleum products.

I’m geeky and love gadgets like infotainment and the like. I also am on a budget and can slap myself with some cold water and look myself in the mirror , making my rational side buy a car that is affordable and has less to go wrong. My cellphone has a much better nav than any unremovable, expensive
brick the manufacturer installed.

Electric Car Guest Drive

+1 and +1

Pretty awesome stuff! I think highway driving is the obvious first step. Let the human driver navigate complicated city streets with traffic and pedestrians traveling in different directions. Then let a computer handle traveling in a well-marked lane with other vehicles all headed in the same direction.

I can just imagine having the front seats pivot 180 degrees so you can face the rear passengers. You can then do any number of things to pass the time while your car covers 90% of your trip.

The ultimate autonomous car would be able to predict collisions and safely get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. Say you’re stopped at a red light and a driver at a distance behind you, not slowing down fast enough and not paying attention is going to hit you. Your car’s system predicts the impending collision, warns you then moves safely out of the way. Or, your car is at a 4 way intersection, when you get the green light it detects a vehicle in motion that would result in a side impact. Your car is smart enough to avoid the predicted point of collision by speeding up (if possible) or waiting for the moving vehicle to pass, slow down or stop.


theory doesn’t play well with x-hundred feet per second.. “another vehicle that I cannot correctly communicate with is not properly paying attention and my calculations conclude that there is a 96.63% possibility that the vehicle is going to collide with us, Dave, should we move?” “Yes, HAL, move out of the way.” “I am sorry that I was unable to comply soon enough, Dave.. Dave? Are you there Dave?”


Funny 🙂
And therein lies a problem that can be corrected. By warns you I meant red blinking collision indicator light and beeping sound alert passengers while car avoids collision. No HAL like conversation need to take place.


Yeah, maybe not so easy to do.

Another vehicle merging onto the freeway might be projected to collide with you, when in fact it will soon alter course and become parallel…. so you wouldn’t want your autonomous car “flinching” every time that happens (like my wife does!).

I’d like to know if these different sensors still work as well in different weather conditions, including blinding dust storms (that we occasionally get in the desert. I am also hoping that side-view mirrors can be replaced soon.

I guess some of the sensors will greatly improve on the human eye sight in bad weather conditions.

And this how Elon Musk killed the Electric Car. I hope these features are completely optional. I do not want them!

You’re not a car insurance company employee, are you?


“60% of the time, it’s works every time.”

This unit is guaranteed to work 100 per cent of the time, without fail – unless of course it malfunctions.

Given that Tesla can’t seem to manage adaptive cruise control. this seems like more fluff from the fluffmeister.

The claim for leadership is a joke. FWIW probably all the major manufacturers have one car that will do this. Audi and MB have demonstrated them. You may actually be able to order it today as an option on the MB S500, assuming it’s legal in your jurisdiction. And don’t forget Google.

It appears the man cannot speak the truth. It’s just impossible for him.

Oh come now, I bet the Mercedes doesn’t have a webcam taped to the windshield. Clearly Tesla is leading the pack here.

On a serious note, I now wonder whether the MB/Tesla partnership involved sharing some of the underlying autopilot technology.

cruise control is for wimps