Tesla Gingerbread Cookies – What’s Next?

2 years ago by Electric CarsTV 8

Tesla Cookies

Tesla Cookies

Tesla mania has now invaded even the baking industry with Tesla gingerbread cookies popping up on YouTube.

The cookie maker states:

“It’s a rainy, lazy day for me and while I should be doing other things that need to get done, I’m sitting around decorating cookies.  Not just any cookies either, Tesla cookies.  If you can’t afford to buy one, make a cookie.”

Tesla cookies! That really make us wonder…what’s next?

You’ll find the Tesla stencils and some additional details on how to make these Tesla cookies by clicking here.

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8 responses to "Tesla Gingerbread Cookies – What’s Next?"

  1. Tom K says:

    Light (sugar free?) news day….

  2. sven says:

    “Tesla cookies! That really make us wonder…what’s next?”

    Some Tesla Kool-Aid to wash down those cookies. 😉


    1. Anon says:

      Nope, just bitter Hemlock for you… 😉

  3. TomArt says:

    black is not an appetizing color…

  4. Foo says:

    I’m surprised insideevs.com didn’t release this story as “Gingerbread Tesla rendered”.

    That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

  5. hjdfdu says:

    Tesla toilet paper is next. Can we have a rendering?

    1. Anon says:

      Why? You seem fully capable of generating your own BS…