Tesla Gigafactory Has Possibly Hit 5,000 / Week Throughput

Tesla Model 3


The Gigafactory has reached its 5,000 / week production goal, according to an employee on Twitter.

On Sunday, a Twitter user named John Totah posted that the Tesla Gigafactory 1 has “hit 5,000/wk throughput in June.” His Twitter profile states he is a Model 3 Material Flow Lead. However, his account was switched to private soon after posting.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been with Tesla since January 2018.

Gigafactory hits 5000/week throughput in June according to employee on Twitter.

The battery module assembly line has been a known issue for Model 3 production since as far back as Q3 of last year. Following the Q3 earnings call, Elon Musk explained:

To date, our primary production constraint has been in the battery module assembly line at Gigafactory 1, where cells are packaged into modules.

We had to rewrite all of the software, from scratch. We managed to write 20 to 30 man-years of software in 4 weeks.

In February, Tesla again identified battery production as one of the main production bottlenecks.  Neither Fremont nor Gigafactory 1 were able to meet the planned 2,500 / week production rate last quarter. In a statement to Bloomberg in March, a spokesperson for Tesla commented:

Our Model 3 production plan includes periods of planned downtime in both Fremont and Gigafactory 1. These periods are used to improve automation and systematically address bottlenecks in order to increase production rates. This is not unusual and is in fact common in production ramps like this.

At the time, the semi-automatic lines were outperforming the automated ones. Tesla fast-tracked a new automated system developed in Germany. The new line was shipped and re-assembled at the Gigafactory earlier in Q2.

We will take Totahs claims with a grain of salt until we have official news from Tesla. But if the claims posted are to be believed, this is a positive sign. Hopefully any outstanding issues at Fremont are similarly resolved.


Looks like gigafactory has hit a 5,000/wk run rate (not official) from teslamotors

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News from under the Big Top!

The Gigafactory would be the Extra Super Big Top.

I’m sure that Twitter post was completely spontaneous and not pre-planned in any way whatsoever. Because my first impulse is always go to Twitter when I want to post about company proprietary information.

Agreed. Tesla can do no right. The most nefarious explanation is always the most plausible with them.

Well, he may have posted it in excitement and then could have been asked to take it down. No way of knowing for sure really. At least his job and credentials check out. We’ll know more next week.

bro8008 — Sorry you are so easily bvtthvrt by good news, when it is about Tesla.

Maybe MadBro can tweet the latest sales numbers of Silverados from the sleazy Stealership he works at?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What’s a “Twitter”?

MadBro has a compulsion to keep reminding us of how mad he is that he bought the wrong car. It wasn’t a Tesla Model 3, and he can’t get over his disappointment.

If it is on Twitter from some random guy, it must be true! Twitter is almost the same as Internet, and as we all know everything on internet is true.

We heavily researched the person that tweeted. He’s a Gigafactory employee and has been with Tesla for a while. His LinkedIn checks out among other things or we wouldn’t have run the story. We do our homework if we are going to run something like this. It’s also telling that he tweeted this and then was asked to take it down. This happens often when a Tesla employee publicizes information that wasn’t supposed to go public.

Still there is (slim) possibility of a hack. Declaration of 5k target no matter how unofficial will spur expectations. Could earn big $ if reality do not meet them. But in this case, Tesla would be best to denounce message altogether.

Hmmm, they appear to be running on all CYLINDERS!

Ha! Who Needs an 8 Cylinder Engine? Tesla Run on Thousands of Cylinders!

Yes, how does one apply that to EV cars.
These don’t quite cut it:
Humming with no power limiters activated.
Running with Valet mode turned off. Maximum battery drain.
Running at the thermal limit.
Full Flux Ahead.

Hard to compete with running on all cylinders.

Well, let’s hope it’s not running *beyond* the thermal limit… Like that one paper recycling machine 😉

Running at full amps?

Nice! So sad about him loosing his job though…

Well, that’s good news. loosing his job is a lot better then losing his job…..

What makes you think he lost his job?

Hope he gets that job tightened up. Just glad he didn’t lose it!


If they completed the 5K last week, that gives Fremont this week to put those batteries into cars, and no time for those cars to be delivered to customers.

Even in the best case scenario, there will be a significant gap between between Production numbers and Delivery numbers. Keep in mind that the 5K/week has always been a Production target, not a Delivery target.

I can already anticipate this being confusing when the numbers come out. Unfortunately, there will be people here who will attempt to exploit this confusion in the form of attacks against Tesla, even well after it has been explained to them multiple times over and over.

We can count this post as Explanation #1.

Remembering too… that we don’t want the company to go over 200k domestic US deliveries until 1st day of next quarter to maximize the number of folks who get the full tax credit.

Absolutely. That is indeed another factor that I predict will be twisted intentionally. Thanks for bringing it up. But even if they were all headed for Canada to be sold there where the 200K number isn’t a factor, there won’t be enough time to complete the sale.

Yup. There is a lot of confusion generated by Bloomberg estimating Tesla’s weekly production vs. InsideEVs’ (apparently much more accurate) estimates of Tesla’s monthly deliveries, and sadly some serial Tesla bashers exploiting the confusion to promote their long-term (and utterly unfounded) conspiracy theory that Tesla is “faking” its production or delivery/sales numbers.

Ah, the Mythical Man-Year. A good read and fully applicable.

Remember MMM -> Mythical Man Month. It is a measure of work, the effort of one programmer for one month. It was written during the OS/360 project for IBM, which started to dump more and more people on the project in later stages as the (enormous) project fell farther and farther behind schedule. Fred Brooks, who ran the project, noted that not only did the project not linearly scale with the number of programmers applied to it, but the project progress actually started to get slower the more people you added to it.

Yup. When it’s a large, difficult project, just throwing lots of people at it isn’t sufficient to accomplish the goal. It takes time to build a team capable of accomplishing such a goal. The time needed to build a productive team has to be taken into account, plus the time needed for them to do the actual work. That’s why the “man month” isn’t necessarily a good measure of what is needed to accomplish a large and difficult project.

Alive and kicking 😉 Or maybe somebody had a field day with code generators xD


Glad to see Gigafactory 1 has reached the goal of 5000 per week, altho we should take that with at least a few grains of salt, since Elon Musk has made previous very optimistic but highly qualified statements. So this perhaps indicates a burst run that would have been 5000 if it had been sustained for an entire week. Such statements have never been followed by the next month’s production achieving the indicated total; in fact, the next month’s production total has always been substantially less.

Let us also remember that Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is only producing the powertrains — including battery packs — for the Model 3. The rest of the cars — the “gliders” and the finishing required after the powertrain is installed — are being made/ performed at the Fremont plant.

So, while we Tesla fans will applaud Gigafactory 1 reaching (however temporarily) a burst rate or run rate which projects to 5000/ week, that doesn’t necessarily indicate that Tesla can produce 5000 Model 3’s in a week. The Fremont assembly plant would have to match that production rate.

Go Tesla!

Last I read was that the paint booth was the part that couldn’t keep up. So, exciting to see. I dearly hope this won’t come with quality issues. They are on shaky ground when it comes to that already.