Tesla Gigafactory Will Be Open To Visitors, Says CEO Elon Musk


Tesla's Full Vehicle Lineup On Display Outside Gigafactory

Tesla’s Full Vehicle Lineup On Display Outside Gigafactory

Perhaps you missed out on the Gigafactory grand opening last Friday. Fear not, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly stated that the Gigafactory will eventually be open for tours.

Of note: You can also check a live stream Gigafactory tour from opening day here, or watch the Tesla CEO (and CTO JB Straubel) give a speech on the event at an afterparty here.

As part of press week at the Gigfactory, Musk made it known that the battery manufacturing site will definitely be open to the general public “because it’ll be worth seeing.”

We’re not sure when the Gigfactory will open its door for tours, nor do we know if Tesla will charge a fee for seeing within (we kinda doubt that), but for sure if you’re in the area of Sparks, Nevada, then a stop at the massive battery factory should be on you to-do list.

Autocar adds:

“The factory, which is already partially in use, will be open to visitors, Musk said, “because it’ll be worth seeing”. All of Tesla’s vehicles will have parts made in the Gigafactory: primarily the upcoming Model 3, but also the current Model S and Model X, as well as the new models highlighted in Tesla’s ‘master plan, part two’.”

Source: Autocar

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Great, can’t wait to see inside this amazing place!!

Don’t have the $ for a P90D, … AND hate working? Just visit the factory(s) every day for the next 20 years or so,… and don’t forget to bring your big lunch box.

One Piece At A Time

Tesla will most likely make you sign a non-disclosure agreement like they do when you take a tour of their Fremont factory.

Probably not. They allowed photos and video of the tour at the grand opening.

Name a day. I could come tomorrow.


When I get to see Elon, in his sleeping bag at the end of the manufacturing assembly line, losing sleep over fit and finish issues, of battery packs, I will gladly pay Full Price for the VIP access tour! Can’t wait!

They may well allow tours in the future, but I predict they don’t let people wander around and look at anything they like, as they did for the Grand Opening. There was one place where a Panasonic manufacturing machine had a black cover over it, and the tour guide explained that Panasonic hadn’t given permission for its proprietary machine to be shown to the public.

I rather doubt they’ll shut down all the Panasonic-owned machines in the Gigafactory, and cover them, every time someone wants to take a tour. So I predict future tours will cover only Tesla areas of the Gigafactory, not any Panasonic areas.

Just my opinion, of course.

The grand opening party was poorly put together. Food ran out instantly. Super loud music. Smoking outside.

Waited forever for a test drive then that mini sand storm hit and had to go inside.

Waited outside since everyone was inside (clusterf**k)

Saw Elon walk out the factory around 9. That was the highlight of the 4 hours being there. And then him walking back.

Also EVERYONE was on their damn phones. Very disrespectful to the tour guides.

Drove 500 miles there and 500 back home.

Definitely wasn’t worth the drive but got to go to 4 new Superchargers so the road trip was fun.

Also that TMC meet the day after at the Reno chargers near the Atlantic was ridiculous. No spots and huge line of people waiting to charge

Luckily had enough range to make it to Gardnerville

If I didn’t I would have had to wait 2 hours just to charge.

When 500,000 Model 3’s hit the road Tesla better have something else up their sleeve with charging because it will be the biggest cluster f ever

LOL would you like some cheese with that whine?