Tesla Gigafactory Will Get Hundreds Of Panasonic Employees


Tesla’s Gigafactory will be getting several hundred Panasonic Corp. employees for work on lithium-ion batteries.

Panasonic's 18650 High Capacity Lithium Batteries.

Panasonic’s 18650 High Capacity Lithium Batteries.

Don’t worry, the employees are not leaving Panasonic to go to Tesla. Rather, Panasonic is sending the workers over themselves just as soon as the Gigafactory gets up and running.

Yoshio Ito, head of Panasonic’s automotive & industrial systems division, adds:

“We’ll need hundreds of people at the start. We should actually see that starting around the autumn.”

It has been reported that Panasonic will invest ~$478 million into its automotive division, including for the Gigafactory.

On a slightly different note, Panasonic stated that part of this investment will also go to & towards other automotive components, and collaborations with companies.

All of this in return will strengthen Panasonic.

As far as automotive components mentioned above, you might ask, “which components?” or “with whom?” One of those collaborations includes Ficosa International SA who specializes in driver assistance components/ systems, such as blind spot information, parking aids, & so on. Ito adds:

“We have the sensors… but in the future we’ll see technology that gets the data and informs the driver or sets off automatic controls, and those are areas where we don’t have expertise.”

“Those are areas where we can collaborate.”

Source: Automotive News.

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I wonder why the need so many people?

Shouldn’t the lines be mostly automated by now? Just need one guy to help keep the vagrants out, and you’re all set. 🙂

Even automated production lines need people to keep an eye on things, watch for malfunctions and jams, and tweak the controls for best performance.

Besides, Nick, the Gigafactory will be so huge they will need several guys to keep vagrants out 🙂

Many of the Panasonic people won’t come here and build cells. Machines need programming and production lines need structure. As soon as the first building is finished and the machines start to arrive, the biggest chunk of work begins . They have to take a look at every process and optimize it. The first couple of cells will have to undergo a lot of testing and even the ones after will be tested randomly. The cells they use will be completely new ones. They might have been planned and tested the first time in Japan, but you can’t plan the whole production, from around the globe. You have to be there to determine, why errors occur and why thinks don’t work like they did in the lab. So, in my opinion, most of these Panasonic guys, won’t be factory workers, but engineers and scientists.

Keep in mind this is a Tesla factory shell. Panasonic owns the equipment, the IP and the battery output. Tesla has made a commitment to buy and house but it’s truly a Panasonic factory… makes sense that only Panasonic would have the actual IP and access to the IP to make the batteries.

That’s an exaggeration. Panasonic is responsible for battery cell manufacturing at the Gigafactory; Tesla is responsible for battery pack engineering and assembly.

Tesla already has a highly sophisticated test lab for batteries, as well as patents for structures and subassemblies inside the cells themselves. Altho Tesla does not (so far as I know) currently try to develop new battery chemistry, it seems highly probable that the Gigafactory’s R&D lab will be shared by both Panasonic and Tesla.


So far, are the cells made overseas and shipped here? This will be great to reduce the carbon impact.