Tesla Gigafactory Tour – Video


The bulk of video is taken from the Gigfactory grand opening event some 8 months back, but it’s just now hitting YouTube, so we’re sharing it here with you.

Inside tesla Gigafactory

In addition to the looks inside the Gigafactory, the video includes a rather lengthy section where video blogger Vincent Everts gets reactions from various people in relation to Tesla and Tesla cars.

Everts even manages to run down Bjorn Nyland for a brief Q & A.

The Gigafactory portion starts at the 6-minute mark and we even get a bit of Elon Musk time then too.

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2 responses to "Tesla Gigafactory Tour – Video"
  1. Kim Jorgensen says:

    Just listen to the enthusiasm when Tesla owners are interviewed, you simply don’t get that, to the same extent, from other brands. The woman with the allergies, how many friends & family members do you have with the same problems, yet, no other maker ever went for a filter like that. Only tiny versions of it.