Tesla Gigafactory Still Ahead Of Schedule, Plus New 4k Drone Flyover Video


Tesla Motors released this statement to counter a recent inaccurate report on the progress at the Gigafactory:

“Tesla is currently ahead of schedule on both construction and production at the Gigafactory.  To date, we have built 1.9 million square feet of manufacturing space and have started production in a portion of the facility while equipment installation continues throughout other areas.  As stated previously, we will be building in phases over time and while our original forecast was to begin production in January, 2017, we actually started battery pack production in October, 2015, over a year ahead of schedule.”

“In terms of hiring, the Gigafactory will employee up to 6,500 people at full production. As we build the Gigafactory, Tesla continues to show an overwhelming commitment to the Nevada workforce. We have gone way beyond the state’s intention that 50% of the Gigafactory workforce be Nevada residents. Nevada residents currently comprise 80% of the construction workforce at the Gigafactory, and each and every contractor at the Gigafactory exceeds the 50% threshold. Additionally, 94% of Tesla employees at the Gigafactory are Nevada residents.”

Additionally, a new 4K drone flyover video of the Gigafactory just hit YouTube with this video description:

“An update to the first 4k ultra-high-definition video of the Tesla Gigafactory video seen around the world in 2015. Located 15 minutes East of Reno, NV the Gigafactory is growing at a steady pace and helping fuel the strong economic recovery in Northern Nevada. Filmed using a DJI Phantom 4.”

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I have a great idea for the factory. How do I get it to Elon Musk directly.



Probably by tweet or posting here.

Mister G

GO TESLA GO…tell all the naysayers and wall street talking heads to “kiss your arse” because you’re proving them wrong lol


I really don’t much care about battery pack construction. How is the battery CELL production going?


Exactly it was suppose to be cell manufacturing at the Gigafactory that was going to make the Model 3’s price point possible. If a $35k 200+ mile EV is possible with current cell manufacturing that means Tesla was wrong about the need for the Gigafactory. And given the Chevy Bolt’s price point, Tesla could be wrong. Being wrong is fine and not the end of the world, but it also means the only advantage Tesla has in the EV game is name and SuperChargers.

Fool Cells

Tesla will always be able to undercut GM since Tesla has no middleman. LG is making money from GM and will force all their customers to bid up future prices for their shared supply.

Not to mention Tesla has dedicated production.


Name can be a pretty big advantage. Look at the much greater interest in Prius Plug-in / Prius Prime vs Chevy Volt even though Volt has always had way better features.

Superchargers are of course another huge advantage. So far, no other company has or is even planning anything close.

Having control of their own battery supply instead of sharing a supplier with many auto makers will let them produce at greater volume if they want to. Analysts have said Tesla can make batteries at least as cheaply as producing them in China and shipping here, and they have no middleman to raise the cost.


The Bolt doesn’t really prove anything. GM had to hand over all EV component supply (and a large chunk of non-EV component supply) to LG to achieve those cell prices. Obviously for Tesla, they can’t do the same (they prefer inhouse). Tesla had been on record that they can easily undercut those cell prices with the Gigafactory.

Also, the volumes Tesla is aiming for with the Model 3 is drastically higher than the Bolt. Having the gigafactory is a necessity. They already had some cell supply issues with Panasonic, so having the gigafactory gives a lot more certainty in terms of having enough cells available.


“…the only advantage Tesla has in the EV game is name and SuperChargers.”

Seriously? The most important reason Tesla is building the Gigafactory isn’t to reduce the price of batteries, altho that’s certainly important. The most important reason is so Tesla can control its own battery supply. Tesla has been constrained on its growth rate by battery supply; they have constantly had to pressure and/or bribe Panasonic to ramp up battery cell production, and it still hasn’t been fast enough to meet Tesla’s needs. With the Gigafactory, Tesla can decide for itself how many kWh of battery cells it will get in a year.

If this isn’t clear to you now, it certainly will be within 2-3 years, as Tesla ramps up its production towards the goal of 500,000 cars per year in 2020, and GM is still only producing something on the order of 50,000 Bolts a year… or even less.

Even if GM wanted to ramp up production of the Bolt to rival one of its best-selling gasmobiles — and it doesn’t — it can’t, because it’s dependent on LG Chem for supply… and LG has many customers to satisfy, not just GM.

Counter-Strike Cat

There will be a nice street inside the factory.