Tesla Gigafactory – Professional On-Site Photos Emerge, Still More Details Needed

DEC 28 2015 BY STAFF 32

Some new imagery has hit the net on Tesla’s Gigafactory project in Nevada.  There still is not a lot to pass along other than some of the scenery around the factory.

…and the fact Tesla seems to really want to stress that this is “Gigafactory 1


Tesla Gigafactory - Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)

Tesla Gigafactory – Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)


Model S With Sand - Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)

Model S With Sand – Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)

Rocks At Gigafactory - Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)

Rocks At Gigafactory – Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)

*Image source: @jameslipman (Instagram) / James Lipman website, via TeslaMondo

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It surprises me to see the pictures and the luxury of the sofas and the fresh paint and at the same time I look at the share price and see it drop!

I confess I can’t understand why anyone would think Tesla’s long-term construction plans would be affected by the day-to-day or week-to-week rise and fall of the highly volatile TSLA stock price.

That makes even less sense than the suggestions that Elon’s tweets are intended to pump stock prices… rather than intended to help promote sales of Tesla’s cars!

Some., Understand Nothing……

Sofas and paint are luxury? Well color me surprised, I just found out that I live in a luxury home! I have both of those things!

Yeah, right. Next thing you’re going to say is that you have indoor plumbing and electricity too!

I even have a dishwasher. Peon.

Doesn’t it make your paper plates and paper cups soggy?

Thank baby Jesus for that.

It is. Having paints and fresh sofas most likely puts you in the top 5% globally. 🙂

But most of us are so spoiled (or rather used to it) so we don’t even see it as luxury.

Oh well, I’m drifting to far away into the global misery. Of course it’s not luxury but very much expected in a western lobby.

Are there any workplaces you’ve been to that don’t have a place to sit?

I can see a supercharger on the picture and wonder if it is connected already.

It is not one of the locations on http://www.teslamotors.com

The Gigafactory 1 construction site isn’t open to the public. This was made clear in articles several weeks ago about two local newspaper paparazzi who were arrested after climbing a fence to sneak onto the property and take pictures.

My guess is that the Superchargers are active, but not shown on the map because they’re only for use by Tesla employees.

It is a temporary supercharger, not a permanently installed one. And I’m sure its within the bounds of the construction site so its not public anyways.

For the Christmas holiday, Tesla should have moved all its temporary Superchargers along with some diesel generators to their busier permanent Supercharger stations to alleviate congestion. There was a 2+ hour wait at some Supercharger stations and some very frustrated Model S owners, but no temporary Superchargers and diesel generators.

Is there no indication in the car that all superchargers at a specific location are busy?

No there is not. That would be a nice feature since Chargepoint offers it on their app, it should be an easy feature to implement. If would be really nice to have an indication of how many are full and even how many cars are waiting. That would be possible I am sure.

I can totally see them labeling the building 1-4 for the areas of production. Makes things simple for delivering and for visitors. Could you imagine pulling up to that for the first time and finding the right area to be in?

Gigafactory 2 in China, perhaps?

The making of the history

those superchargers look portable, forklift holes in the base? thatd be cool, set them up in any location and see if the traffic warrants an installation

Superchargers are not portable once you consider the type of electrical connection they need.

Anything is portable if you want it to be.

Sure, even the regular superchargers can be disconnected and moved.

But things stop working when you move them and there is no place to reconnect their customized power. 😉

And despite what sven posted above, I doubt Tesla wants public images of Superchargers powered by diesel generators! That doesn’t exactly fit with Tesla’s stated goal of ending use of oil to fuel transportation.

Does no one recall the temporary Tesla Superchargers?

Article posted on insideevs.com no less:http://insideevs.com/deatils-on-teslas-first-35000-mobile-supercharging-station/

Electric Avenue, sweet.

Let’s Go To… Elec tric Ave’ nue ….

…And then we’ll take a Falcon higher.

The superChargers are why I will get a model III.

Other than the interesting Alien Skull in the lower right of the last picture, I don’t actually see any Gigafactory Floor Production Areas.

There is some initial work being done there, but none of it is actually shown.

Disappointing “article”.

Is that a polished concrete floor? If so, +1! MW