Tesla Gigafactory July 29th Grand Opening Invitations Sent Out


Gigafactory Invitation

Gigafactory Invitation



Invitations to the grand Gigafactory opening on July 29th are now being sent out to select individuals.

As Teslarati explains:

“The official invitation sent by Tesla via email went out to existing Tesla owners that participated in the company’s fourth referral program by referring 4 or more qualifying sales.”

The event kicks off at 6 PM local time, with check-in starting at 5 PM.

Tesla will provide shuttle service to the Gigafactory from the downtown Reno area, or attendees can drive in if they choose.

The invite says that attendees will be given a time slot for their tours through the factory.

We wonder if a few Tesla Model 3s will be in attendance for this grand opening event.

via Teslarati

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This should be 15-30m of talking about the factory and after that start the tours (the thing people actually care about). No excuses to start the thing after 6 besides slow signups or Elon fell off a rocket.

What kind of battery production rates are they at (if any)?

Zero. Reports say cell production begins in November.

How many people actually want to go to this? I don’t care how nice a party Elon throws it is not going to be worth my time to trek out to the middle of the Nevada desert. Of course I’m not invited, but priorities people!

How many? Well, after seeing the astonishing number of people willing to camp out in front of a Tesla store so they could be near the head of the line to make a Model ≡ reservation, I’d guess the answer is “A lot!”

It isn’t Model Heaven, but Model 3. It’s time you learn the difference.

I don’t know what it says about people that they have enough wealth spread out amongst their friends, relatives and colleagues that 4 Teslas can be bought. While I am very happy with my Model X, I am not sure I would ever qualify for this type of invite based on the selection criteria. In fact, the whole thing has a bit of snobbery about it.

And yes, I have better things to do with my time than visit a factory IN THE MIDDLE OF DESERT IN JULY. I guess I haven’t drank enough of the kool aid.

What a negative pointless comment!

You are certainly welcome to call it negative, if you like, but that would still be stretching it since I said, ‘I don’t know’. But pointless???? 1) I love my X but I don’t a) ASK people to take a ride in it because many would already think me bragging before I leave the driveway. If they ask for a ride, I do oblige. b) Unlike my Volt, I don’t try to ‘sell’ anyone on buying this car. I have really tried to move everyone I know towards electric transportation. I will take them for rides in the Volt, talk about the tax credit, talk about the fuel savings, talk about torque, etc- I TRY to get them to fall in love with my Volt…and BUY one. I don’t know ANYONE (closely) who can afford a Tesla S or X. They are top one percenter vehicles (or at least top two percent) and I would REALLY come off like an a-hole trying to get someone to purchase one. 2) This article is CLEARLY about a ceremony that takes a particular threshold to be invited to…and I don’t cut it. DO YOU?? No, your comment on my comment is the NEGATIVE… Read more »

I think you’ve misunderstood the selection criteria though. You needn’t have bought four Teslas. One will do, if you’ve referred four or more customers.

As a Model S owner with zero referrals, I actually received an offer last weekend to throw my name into a drawing to win a trip to the Gigafactory event. Unfortunately it was just like the Model 3 drawing where they only gave 24 hours to respond and I didn’t see the email in time. >=I

I assume people with 4 referral credits are getting straight up invites rather than an offer to win an invite.

I think you might be overestimating the financial requirements of Tesla ownership. Top 1 or 2 percent, not really. Maybe top 10 percent or even top 20 percent. Once you factor in the savings on fuel and maintenance the car is less expensive than it seems, especially for people who drive a lot of miles. And don’t forget there are used Model S available now in the mid-$40k range.

Regarding the ability to refer 4 people, you don’t have to know them personally. Post your referral link on an EV forum and you can probably get 4 quite easily.

I got an invite from Tesla yesterday to submit to a lottery, from which official invites would be drawn. Haven’t heard, and am not sure I’m doing more than imagining what it would be like?

I think the place has some room.

Little early for a Reno weather check, but, TWC says Friday July 29th will be 99F with 10-20mph NW winds.

Sounds like blow-dryer-like weather to me.

You’ve got to work hard to achieve your dreams, and treat people with respect.
My word is my bond.

LOL. Stop plagiarizing, Melania! 😀

“I was born a poor black girl in Chicago…”
Melania Trump

I’m really surprised they don’t have a Super Charger at the GigaFactory.

That must be on the horizon.

I seem to recall seeing a photo of a single portable Supercharger unit at the Gigafactory, but it’s hardly surprising that’s not open for public use. Allowing just two Tesla cars to charge there at a time would leave a lot of Model S and X drivers frustrated at this public event, and would make for very bad optics. (“See the days-long waiting line for using a Supercharger!”)

Or to put it another way: It’s not practical for Tesla to provide enough Superchargers to handle the volume of Tesla car traffic at this event. It would make no sense for Tesla to pay for the installation of scores (hundreds?) of Supercharger units, only to have nearly all of them them sit idle forever after, except for the rare times there’s a promotional event there.

I was thinking more along the lines of super chargers for future employees. They are going to have all of that solar on the roof and I imagine Tesla employees will want to buy Tesla cars.

As for the Grand Opening, it’s obviously not practical to provide charging for all of the attendees.

Sorry to say this, any other locations would have been a nice invitation.

But middle of nowhere (closer to Bunny ranch) NV in the middle of hot summer is really NOT all that exciting (Unless you are a burning man attendant who is used to that).

It really isn’t a great location to visit unless you are planning to stay in Lake Tahoe on the way back after the event which will be pretty late for sure.

Seems a bit pathetic that no charging will be available on-site.

Grand opening or grand closing?? How long can this guy spend other peoples money???

Grand Opening.

As long as he makes them $8 for every dollar they invest.

You can’t be talking about profits, Tesla has none. You might be talking about stock price but that’s a bubble that’s going to burst if Tesla doesn’t start making some profits.

Gosh, yet another attempt to drag useful discussion down into the weeds of promoting a stock position.

It’s amazing how many people cannot distinguish between “spending more on company growth than they’re making in profits” with “not making any profits”.

It’s really a pretty simple concept. For example: 20 – 21 = -1. That doesn’t mean the “20” didn’t exist.

See here for a more sophisticated analysis:

It isn’t like he sold clean and delivered dirty, now is it? He’s putting $30,000 power trains in cars, while others save hundreds on exhaust systems…with other people’s monty.

Why does it look so different in real life to the original vision? It doesn’t even look like it might some day look like the vision (when covered in PV cells); its way too tall for that.

It hardly matters what the factory looks like. But I do find it odd that even the invitation uses the original vision when reality looks so much more mundane.

Perhaps as you grow up, you’ll gain more exposure to the common practice of using artists’ concepts for a building as a way of promoting a development project.

Regarding the height-to-length ratio: The Gigafactory is being build out in stages. As construction continues, the building will get longer and wider, but not taller.

No superchargers at gigafactory?

The Reno supercharger is only about 25 miles away. That’s close enough considering there aren’t enough people regularly driving Teslas to the factory yet.

It amazes me how many of these comments are actually negative hoping for failure. I guess there are still many people who think we can just merrily keep going burning fossil fuels etc. I had hoped they were all at the Trump party but I guess not. I am putting my earnings into action. So far two all solar houses and TWO Tesla model S cars. I am not in the 1% and I don’t think even 3%.

Dennis Patton

“It amazes me how many of these comments are actually negative hoping for failure.”

Even more amazing is the number of complaints about the fact that the Grand Opening for the Gigafactory is actually going to be held at the Gigafactory! Apparently they think it should be held at one of the Las Vegas resorts instead? 🙄

Personally, I’d love to take a tour of the Gigafactory. But, I confess, not badly enough to fly out to Nevada for the privilege, even if I were lucky enough to get an invitation.

Dennis — Unfortunately this website attracts a fair number of posters who do not actually care about green cars at all. This site is frequented by people who are only interested in their short stock positions.

We recently had one poster who when they were exposed as a notorious TSLA stock shorter, choose to leave once exposed. Showing once and for all that they actually had zero interest in green cars.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure that same poster has come back and has simply hidden their old identity, after being told that if they wanted to post that they would have to disclose their intentions.

This may be a grand opening. However full operation will not be until next yr. It always takes sometime for a new operation to gear up to full production

I really do hope this factory can start pumping out the batteries. In that I wouldn’t rule out battery supply is still holding back Tesla at the California plant. Also if this factory started making a thousand car battery packs a day that could start causing trouble for a lot of gas stations.

Didn’t get an invite, would like to go, and would drive up from L.A. if anyone has an invite but needs a ride or can invite a guest.

Went to the 3 launch event, really enjoyed everything, the Tesla designers, employees were hosting and out talking with people – loved that part. Great group.