Newsflash: Tesla Gigafactory Investor Event Scheduled For January 4 – Elon Musk To Host Q&A Session


Leave it to Tesla CEO Elon Musk to hold an invite-only, Tesla Gigafactory investor event to coincide with the huge consumer electronics showcase.

Leave it to Tesla CEO Elon Musk to hold an invite-only, Tesla Gigafactory investor event to coincide with CES 2017

Most of us know full well that this week marks the beginning of CES 2017 in Las Vegas.  So, leave it to Tesla CEO Elon Musk to hold an invite-only, Tesla Gigafactory investor event to coincide with the huge consumer electronics showcase (and also the company’s release of Q4/full year 2016 vehicles sales).

Announcement for the start of new and local battery production (earlier promised by 2016’s end) anyone?

Inside the Tesla Gigafactory: Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)

CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel will hold a questions and answer session inside the Tesla Gigafactory. Image Credit: @jameslipman (Instagram)

Charlie Anderson, analyst for Dougherty & Co., will be in attendance at Tesla’s event. He shared:

“Everyone is converging in Nevada for CES, which starts the next day. There have been tons of requests for Gigafactory tours.”

Sparks, Nevada, home of the infamous Gigafactory is over 400 miles away from Las Vegas, but many will find it convenient enough to make the trip “on their way” to CES.

The event kicks off at 9AM (PT) and wraps up with factory tours for all.

Baird just called Tesla its top stock pick for 2017, and executives and analysts from the company plan to be in attendance at the Gigafactory event. The firm is even hosting a dinner for Tesla’s top brass.

CEO Elon Musk, along with CTO JB Straubel will be on hand for a question and answer session. As Tesla moves into 2017 with huge goals, and the necessity to borrow and spend massive amounts of money, getting in good with the investment firms and analysts is key. Tesla just recently increased it borrowing capacity with two new credit agreements.

According to Bloomberg:

“While visitors have to pay their own air fare and hotel costs, they’ll get some time with CEO Elon Musk and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel, according to guests who have received invitations. Tesla may need the good graces of Wall Street and investors this year as it spends heavily to expand production to 500,000 vehicles annually by 2018, some 10 times the number of vehicles delivered in 2015.”

Gigafactory construction is on the fast track, and recent news shows that Tesla is doing everything in its power to assure that Model 3 production is on track. Elon Musk said that by 2018, the Gigafactory will be producing more batteries per year than all worldwide combined manufacturers in 2013. Some Model 3 componentry will also be produced at the Gigafactory.

Tesla will forego a presence at CES, as this special event will be a more hands on and intimate way to showcase the company’s progress and successes.

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Presumably this event will include the announcement that battery cell production has started at Gigafactory 1. Tesla previously planned to start production before the end of 2016, but as yet there has been no announcement of that.

If Nissan announces their EV, will Tesla reveal a little more detail on theirs?

No specific Model 3 further details are planned for Tesla’s event on the 4th.

Just as a note in regards to new Nissan hotness, CEO Carlos Ghosn actually has two US media/press day presentations planned over the next week…but both are after the Tesla Gigafactory media scrum on Wednesday.

Ghosn is in Las Vegas for CES on the 5th, and Nissan has also quietly added him to the presentation/event list in Detroit for the 2017 NAIAS on the 9th.

In other words, what we would expect is generic technobabble about autonomy at CES, and a facelifted LEAF (or a brand new, back to the drawing board second-generation?) in Detroit..?

And I thought CES was the major “car show” in the US now!

What does that mean? He will held the same presentation two times or we will see a Leaf 2 and an other EV on add?

That would be great. An electric Micra is rumored to be in the works. But my guess is he’ll talk autonomy at CES and have LEAF news in Detroit. Hope I’m wrong!

Jay, What is/was Teslas sales goal for 2016?

Initially 80-90k cars, revised towards 80k by the end of the year.

Aside from raising money, Musk is taking the wind out of the sails of Ghosn, who once called Tesla nothing but a “niche” player in one old video I saw, after the Roadster came out in small numbers (to much nervous laughter by the assembled yes-men in Nissan’s boardroom).

Maybe Musk was stung (or motivated) by the catty remarks and wants to make them eat crow.

When investors see the Gigafactory start making hundreds of thousands of battery packs a year, who will look like a niche EV player now?

I suspect little detail will be revealed of model 3 until March 31, initial reveal anniversary.

It would be interesting if someone asks the question, ‘Will Tesla consider making available, and selling, some of the new 21-70 cells, to third parties, like small companies that do EV Conversion builds?’

Since their mission is to accelerate the move to sustainable transportation, such a move could also support that!

The cells which Panasonic makes for Tesla lack certain safety features (designed to prevent runaway overheating) found in consumer grade li-ion cells. I would guess the 21-70 cells will also lack such features, and if so, then they can’t be sold as consumer grade cells, and probably not to the e-bike market either.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible that the Gigafactory might start producing cells with different internal construction for the consumer market, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Tesla has talked about selling to the stationary energy storage market, both for home solar installations and also for grid backup, as their secondary market for Gigafactory cells.

Other possibilities seem more remote. It’s not impossible that Tesla might switch to a different and less volatile chemistry, as other EV makers have done, which would make Gigafactory cells more compatible with the consumer market. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that either.

Since Panasonic is actually making the cells they will certainly be interested in broadening the market for them. However the cells made for Tesla will likely be different from the generic ones just as the 18650 cells are now.

And hopefully the answer will be “Sorry, but no, we have too many Model S cars, Model X cars, Model 3 cars, PowerWalls, and Powerpacks to build. Perhaps the Gigafactory output increases that will be possible.”

Panasonic does sell their cells to everybody interested. Whatever factory, the old one in Japan or leased in Nevada from Tesla doesn’t make much difference.

I don’t think you need Tesla-brand stickers on them to make you bike go faster :/

Cells produced at the Gigafactory use proprietary chemistry developed by Tesla/Panasonic. This could only be sold with Tesla’s permission. (However, Tesla has been pretty free with sharing their IP, so might happen.) Also, agree that Tesla cells are designed for their battery packs and are not directly usable without safe guards.

What chemistry? Do you have source other than some blogger speculation? Or do you mean some extra silicon in anode? It isn’t exactly proprietary.

Nobody heard about Tesla internal battery research and it is assumed it doesn’t have such. Few months ago it started funding Dr. Dahn’s lab at his university, and that’s all. Panasonic is the battery cell producer for Tesla with or without Nevada factory. Panasonic buys battery materials like separators and oxide mix from Sumitomo, and Panasonic & Sumitomo know their stuff better. Another major player is 3M that owns a lot of battery IP and sells chemical materials to pack them into cells, e.g. to LG Chem.

Yes, you would not want individual cells straight from big auto pack for retail use, but they may have basically the same retail version with extra safety features, or smaller packs for bikes.

zzzzzzzzzz posted FUD:

“Nobody heard about Tesla internal battery research and it is assumed it doesn’t have such.”

Only an anti-Tesla FUDdite troll would post such complete B.S. Tesla has patents for the internal structure of battery cells, as well as a very sophisticated battery analysis lab, and of course Panasonic makes its proprietary Tesla cells according to Tesla’s exact specifications… just as other battery makers make cells to the exact specifications of other auto makers.

Below is a link to the long, long list of Tesla patents. Its #3 and #4 patents, back on 1/20/2011, were for battery cell construction. One item on the list is “Battery cap assembly with high efficiency vent”.

Just remember, when you read a post from zzzzzzzzzz, everything he says regarding Tesla and its cars is complete B.S.

Hey comrade Pu-pu, did you got that position in Pravda? You Tesla zealotry is great, you must be great candidate to defend one true party line!

Maybe oneday that thing will be “giga” , but for the moment let’s say , to respect the truth , it is a “factory” , a “battery factory” .

Its *name* is Gigafactory.

“Some Model 3 componentry will also be produced at the Gigafactory.”

Huh? You sure about this? Hadn’t heard it before and doesn’t seem possible unless just final battery install or something like that.

Tesla has stated plans to manufacture the Model 3 drive train in Gigafactory1. This would include the battery pack, gear, motor, inverter, etc. The rest of Model 3 production will be in Fremont.

I think that statement is giving too much weight to speculative comments about possible future plans from Tesla spokesmen. Perhaps Elon said something along the lines of “In the future, we might build more parts for the Model 3 at the Gigafactory, or even the entire car there.”

But then, there has also been speculation by Elon that the Gigafactory might wind up having a bigger footprint; different numbers have been thrown out, up to and including double the originally planned size. I regard all such speculation as exactly that: Just speculation, and not any firm plans.

No, Tesla has stated that drive train manufacture will occur at the Gigafactory.

You are correct. My comment was in response to the original version of this article, which claimed the entire car would be built at the Gigafactory. The article has been corrected since, and at least one of the comments above have been edited to reflect that correction.

@staff: If you’re gonna edit our comments to reflect a correction in the article, it would be appreciated if you’d add a note to that effect in comments so affected.

Not correct…. Future gigafactories will encompass cell production and car production.

Or possibly it’s confusing Gigafactory 1 plans for the European “Gigafactory 2”, which Tesla has said will include both battery cell production and auto assembly.

See, for instance, the Electrek article “Tesla plans to choose location for ‘Gigafactory 2’ in Europe next year, will produce both batteries and cars”:

Yes, this has been announced earlier. In order to crank up the ability to output more cars from the Fremont factory, various subcomponents (besides just battery packs) will be manufactured at the Sparks, NV Gigafactory and then shipped to the Fremont factory for installation into Tesla cars.

A friend and I went to the GigaFactory Open House in July and it was very impressive. We saw some of the cells they have made and were waiting for testing and final approval. The factory will be the biggest of any in the world, it’s run on Solar PV, Geo-Thermal and soon a Wind Farm just behind the factory. They even has a Model 3 there so we could all see it. Amazing.

C’mon Tesla and Panasonic. We need you to pull off a miracle with this factory.

Wait a couple of days.

GO TESLA GO…yesterday it was 87 degrees in central Florida and this morning it is humid and warm feels like summer weather.