Tesla Gigafactory Images Via Tesla Board Member Steve Jurvetson


Elon Musk Tweets

Elon Musk Tweets

Tesla Gigafactory - Image Via Steve Jurvetson

Tesla Gigafactory – Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

Elon Musk’s Tweet (above) led us to a small collection of photos posted by Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson.

The photos are from a recent Tesla Gigafactory construction tour in which Tesla invited board members, high-level execs and others to check out the progress at the Gigafactory in Nevada.

Jurvetson posted this description for his photo collection:

The Tesla Gigafactory Construction Tour

Phase 1 of gigafactory under construction…

When complete, it will be the largest footprint manufacturing building in the world. The scale can be deceiving; this two-story structure is 72 ft. tall.

Gazing Upon The Tesla Gigafactory - Image Via Steve Jurvetson

Gazing Upon The Tesla Gigafactory – Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

Tesla Gigafactory - Image Via Steve Jurvetson

Tesla Gigafactory – Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

Mr. Cool (AKA - Elon Musk) Gazing At Tesla Gigafactory - Image Via Steve Jurvetson

Mr. Cool (AKA – Elon Musk) Gazing At Tesla Gigafactory – Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

J. B. Straubel Strikes A PoseTesla Gigafactory - Image Via Steve Jurvetson

Project Lead J. B. Straubel Strikes A Pose In Front Of Tesla Gigafactory – Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

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The phrase “Sarah Conner?” comes to mind with the third picture…

Right on! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the photo.

Get your ahhhhsss in die Model 3! 😉

And den get to dah SooopaChaaaggaahh!!

Pretty cool.

Maybe Tesla will buy some VIA suburbans to replace those Chevy Suburbans?

Model X can’t come soon enough for these photo ops.

There have been some reports of the GF being scaled down 80%, but I’m not entirely sure that is the case. It is likely the GF first 20% is the “test” portion of the factory. So once the structural work for the first 20% is done, there is no more structural work onsite to be done for a while. Then its electrical/mechcanical/HVAC, etc on through to the substantial completion of the facility (sans battery equipment). Once that 20% is done and they’re sure its what they want, then they will resume building the next 80%.

I doubt it. It’s a modular design. They will build as needed. The union job board reports were estimates Tesla was not even aware of. Musk tweeted that it was bogus reporting quickly and vehemently. This tells me the reports were baseless.
Why would I trust Musk’s tweets like that? Well, on the same day of the bogus GF slowdown reports, there were also reports of staff being cut in China. Musk didn’t say a word about that, so that told me that they were probably correct. He’ll quickly deny the bogus reports but it’s usually crickets when something is true or close to true.
Not that China job cuts should be a surprise. They staffed for a level of sales that has not yet materialized.

The 20% of the Giga factory doesn’t look disappointing in that it looks to be fairly big by itself. Maybe the first phase of the Giga factory will build enough battery packs for 20,000 Tesla cars a year. That way Panasonic won’t get upset for having to shut down all their factories in Japan due to the Giga Factory taking away production. But then as Tesla being the hungry Cookie Monster of the Battery World that it is it will devour all of that production. This in turn will allow Tesla to expand the giga factory in later phases.

Hmmm, I doubt they’ll try to build the entire rest of the complex, 80%, all at once. No reason not to continue building it a section at a time. This is particularly true if Tesla is going to have to borrow money for the construction. Putting off part of the construction until later, until it’s actually needed to house the expanding manufacturing lines, will save on loan costs.

I usually scale my GF down 100%


Building a big empty steel building is relatively easy (at least in Nevada.) This is just the first step of a very long-term project.

Filling it with the production machinery, processes, and trained manpower required to make it worthy of the name “giga-factory” is another matter. That will take both time and giga-$$$.

It will be a race to see whether Tesla can generate the cash flow/financing to make it pay out before they hit a financial wall. Elon almost hit that wall once with Tesla. I fear this grandiose giga-factory could bring him face-to-face with it again.

Maybe Apple will help.

No reason for Tesla to “hit a wall”, financially, over the next few years. At worst, they can just issue more stock to sell.

When QE is finally really over, money will be tighter, so debt financing will be pretty tough. re: cash via new stock offerings – All depends on the P/E and other valuation metrics of Tesla in a few years. They will no longer be a market darling and will have to compete for the stock dollar. The future EV market competition may be fierce, with Nissan, GM, BMW, etc. all with mature long-range EV products at a range of market price levels. Elon will be competing head-to-head with the big boys then.

QE has been over for about half a year now. The last bond purchases were in October.

If you mean low interest rates, that’s not QE. There is no need to raise rates while inflation is well below the 2% target, though the Fed is under a lot of pressure to do so from investors in fixed income assets, who would like to see higher rates.

It’s true that a big empty building can go up quickly on a site like that. But I don’t think the production facilities are so hard to add for Musk and his team. Battery production is simpler than car production, so it’s a fair assumption that it is easier to scale by adding production lines operating in parallel. This means they can grow capacity as needed and closely follow demand.

I do not believe they will get stuck with a massive 500K pack per year plant and no market. If demand is slower to appear, the GF will be built out slower as well.

You can get lot of stuff when you have 5 billion dollars in your pocketbook..

Wait a minute…I don’t remember seeing that SuperCharger on the map. Electric ave….how funny.

More photos of the Gigafactory, from a drone:

Via Teslamondo

I could really have helped them use more solar generators and cutting edge hybrid or electric construction equipment, it would have been fun to advance that industry.

yuval Brandstetter MD

very disappointing that Israel is not on the map. Israel could be a six supercharger location, with plenty of sunshine to charge the locations, and wildly taxed premium vehicles so that Tesla will not even be considered expensive