Tesla Gigafactory Grand Opening Set For July 29


Gigafactory Grand Opening Invite Via Kushari On reddit

Gigafactory Grand Opening Invite Via Kushari On Reddit

Tesla Gigfactory

Tesla Gigfactory

In the evening on Friday July 29th, Tesla Motors will host a “grand opening” celebration at its battery Gigafactory in Nevada.

As promised, Tesla is inviting all of the Model S owners who referred 5 or more buyers to join the opening party.

Word of the opening, as well as a copy of the invite, was posted by Kushari on Reddit.

In condensed form, the invite reads as follows:

“Congratulations on winning tickets to the upcoming Gigafactory Grand Opening! We appreciate your support and participation in the Referral Program.”

“We are excited to announce that the Gigafactory Grand Opening event will take place on the evening of Friday, July 29th at our facility outside Reno, Nevada….As a reminder, you are permitted to bring one guest to the Grand Opening.”

We imagine, in true Tesla style, there will some ‘pomp and circumstance’ surrounding the event, and a live-stream for those not able to attend.  As always, we will have all the additional details (and any live event coverage) as it unfolds.

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The juxtaposition of this with the preceding article is telling when you consider that VW is talking about what they will be doing while Tesla is already there.

VW is talking about 10 billion EUR, Tesla and Panasonic were talking about 5 billion USD for the full (100% built) Gigafactory.

So far, Tesla and Panasonic only constructed s small pilot plant (at 14% of floor space and just 10% of total investment until end of Q1 2016).

See my comment below for details and more numbers.

Great point, tftf. Here’s another one, Tesla is doing it and VW is just talking…

“In response to the report, a Volkswagen spokesman gave the OEM party-line of ‘we have no comment on future production and plans’.”

VW increased spending on Electric Drive 100mm Euro, and they’re going to follow through with a 10bb Euro battery plant?

“I read it on the internet” has more credibility, than Volkswagen.

““I read it on the internet” has more credibility, than Volkswagen.”



More euros/dollars does not necessarily mean bigger or more efficient.

It may be the difference between Nevadan and German cost.

BTW according to tftf and TSLA shorts when Tesla builds a GF it is a stupid idea because LG and Samsung can do it cheaper.

When VW talks about a GF it is a Tesla crushing concept.

That’s the truth Rob!

The desire of the financial manipulators to screw Tesla (and America) so they can leech off more dollars into their greedy accounts without making anything of value is just like their behaviors in the run-up and during the Great Recession.

They will warp and twist any and all information beyond recognition to accomplish their subterfuge.

What you see in the picture is small 1/7 size pilot plant that is smaller than even older Panasonic factories. Not to mention LG Chem, BYD, Samsung and others. Sorry, it is as always – so much pumping that eventually results in nothing.

Nothing but more cars on the street around me.

Really?! Dude, go back to sleep.

No, small describes your mindset.

The building constructed so far are IMMENSE and when it is totally built out it will be the largest factory in the world after Boeing’s main assembly plant.

Hey, zzzzzzzzzzz, nice to see you back posting again.

Hopefully some more Model 3 news. Though I doubt this is “part 2” of the reveal.

Cool. Tesla is smart by building a fan base and getting free press with these little events.

Kinda weird to have a grand opening for a project that is only 15% or so done though.

It is more wierd to have a Grand Opening Ceremony for a battery factory…

Oh well, guess it is a good idea to get free PR.

Lets see… Model 3 design to be ‘finalized’ by June 30th. Model 3 is critically dependent on GF1 being operational, making larger cells for its unique battery pack.

There is enough time to also toss in some Model 3 stuff along with the Grand Opening in July…

I am sure we will hear something about the M3 in the coming AGM.


With all due respect, Tesla only constructed a pilot plant at 14% of the projected floor space so far.

It will take many YEARS to complete this factory (if Tesla doesn’t abandon/change plans before):

“The factory is still under construction and currently only the first phase is up with an 800,000-square-foot footprint and 1.9 million square feet of space. It is often referred to as the “pilot plant”.

Once completed, the Gigafactory is expected to have a total operational space of about 13 million square feet.”

These are facts (before somesone cries FUD again).

And that’s why Tesla and Panasonic combined only invested around $500 million instead of the projected $ 5 billion.

I find it rather amusing to call this pilot plant of 1.9 million sq ft instead of 13 million sq ft a “grand opening”.

Yeah, so what? Everyone knows that. But they do have a facility that is partially up and already producing useful products. And they got free press with this. You jelly.

Everybody knows that?

So why does the press (Tesla PR of course channels them with their wording) call this the “Grand Opening” of the “Gigafactory”?

No, we only have a large pilot plant so far with just $500 million in investments.

Half a billion may sound like a lot, but it is not.

Tesla/Pana talked about $ 5 BILLION for the factory and VW is talking about 10 BILLION EUR for their battery project.

Everyone except you understands this build in phases concept.

“Everyone except you understands this build in phases concept.”

Does that include Elon Musk?

We will see how he can get 400k EV batteries from this pilot plant by 2018 for the M3.

(assuming 100k batteries for S and X still come from Japan, at least the cells).

35GWh/7 = 5 GWh
5 GWh/60kWh ~= 83333

If 60kWh batteries and 1/7 of the eventual 35GWh cell manufacturing capacity there they could make 83333 additional cars per year.
Of course:
– construction will continue
– will actually be less than 60kWh per car
– as originally stated, 15GWh of the 50GWh of cells used to make the 50GWh of batteries is expected to come from elsewhere.
– the actual manufacturing capacity of Phase 1 is not necessarily 1/7 of the final capacity. While the plan is full cycle in order to get down to $100/kWh, as long as Model 3 does not depend on that pricing then Phase 1 wouldn’t have to be doing everything at that point.

I dont ever reply to these, but you really crossed the line here buddy . Calling a model 3 an m3 is offensive. Made me think of a crappy bmw brand which is nowhere near the sophistication or prestige of tesla s or model 3. Has anyone been to the bmw website lately. What a joke. They have the following models. Bmw series 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. And all of them look exactly the same just bigger except the 6 and the 8 series. How special does one feel owning any of the 1.2,3,4,5,7 series. Same sh%, different price. Would not drive a bmw if i was goven one.

Lighten up! “M3” is a common abbreviation for “Model 3”. Context almost always results in no confusion about which “M3” is being discussed.

You neglected BMW’s i series, the i3 of which is just as sophisticated as Tesla’s EV’s. The i3’s lightweight CFRP and aluminum construction is more sophisticated than the M3’s steel with some aluminum construction. The M3’s software will likely be more sophisticated than the i3’s software. But I agree with you about the remainder of BMW’s cars.

Tito, “I Would not drive a bmw if i was goven one.”

I certainly would! For sure – if it was 100% electric, had at least 215 miles of range, could be bought at about 35K, with a reasonable warranty and had the fastest on-the-road charging available located worldwide.

Once again the unethical stock manipulator and serial Tesla basher tftf slimes yet another Tesla thread here on IEVs with his anti-Tesla FUD!

Tftf is so unethical that he won’t even disclose here that he is short on Tesla and this fact drives ALL his Tesla bashing.

The MAIN reason VWAG and other laggard OEMs are considering starting their own battery factories and starting to build EVs (and announcing upcoming long-range EVs) is because of the unrelenting pressure that TESLA is starting to put on them.

Of course tftf and the other shorters or haters will never admit this “Tesla Effect” as I call it.

I’m beginning to think that handle stands for:

So do you actually think that there is some formal legal definition of “grand opening” that they have to follow? Is that your thought? I’m sorry but that is just not true.

I think you’re required to have dancers. There better be dancers. Oh and a big ribbon with cartoonishly-large scissors.

And Nevada Politicians in Top Hats…

No llamas though.

Good, I HATE llamas! 🙂

/and you banned
…just kidding
/or are you?

Ok I’m lying, that picture made me LMAO!

VW needs to stop talking and get to work!
There’s a WHOLE lot of contrition that needs taking care of after the whole diesel thing.

Raining on their parade? Don’t worry about it. It’s a celebration for those who believe in this company. I wish I was invited. As far as I know, in it’s current state, it’s the biggest battery factory in the world.

Last I checked, even 5-7 gigawatt-hours is still a gigafactory and will be one of the largest battery factories in the world. The largest factories today hover around 3-4 GWh.

When comparing VW and Tesla, posters should note that VW plans to convert an existing factory to a battery factory.

This, presumably could be completed much faster than building a factory from the ground up. VW may actually hit the ground running wrt battery production.

I hope you are right.

Remodeling is not necessarily faster than a new build.

Evidently, VW does not want to partner with an Asian battery cell producer.

Panasonic will actually manufacture cells inside the GF.

VW will have to learn almost from scratch mass battery cell manufacturing IF they give this project the green light. I know they bought some startups and hired some people from battery companies but that is not the same. Tesla hired the top North American auto plant executive from Toyota. Tesla did not hit the ground running.

Well, if you see at what pace the building goes up, I am sure that installing all the machinery and turning all these separate machines into a smoothly operating mass production facility is the real work.

Please Elon if you are reading this, I beg you to do every thing you can and double your strength if needed to get this sustainable transport to be irreversible.

This man will find it harder to stop you if you produce the Model 3 before he gets into office.


There are many middle class people around the world that are praying that he doesn’t get into the white house. I hope that the American public has enough sense to not let him become the president of the USA.

I hear you and am making phone calls to help Democrats defeat Toxic Trump. If you’re in the USA get involved with your local Democratic party…they need volunteers.

Cairo Egypt

“Grand Opening”

Why not a Giga Opening?

Why is Telsa wasting money? Lose quarter a billion every quarter and they decide to throw a party for a not even halfass job.

Why you wasting our time with your half*ssed FUDing?

It’s a much anticipated Global PR Event that is far cheaper to host, than buying advertising time on a single 30 second Nationally Broadcast TV Commercial.

Do you still not grasp the cost / benefit ratio?

But a box of crackers and tap water will be served.

Why would anyone go to middle of nowhere NV?

Oh, that is right, the Gigafactory and Bunny ranch… LOL.

So…you’re saying I can get ALL my ‘batteries’ charged out there?

You mean discharged.

I presume that this willl mark the actual production of battery cells at the Gigafactory. Hopefully the protection ramp will be better than the X, which took six months produce more than a handful of cars. I have every expectation that it will be, unless they try some crazy new battery technology for the 3. Because Musk likes shiny things.

I am totally confused by the whole idea that making the worlds biggest battery factory will drop costs. There will certainly be some reduction in price by going bigger but really, IMO, I think this is the first of 7 identical modules. I’d be surprised if the pilot plant isn’t actually multiple battery lines already. If tesla are going to meet production targets they are going to need increased battery supply but building a really big battery factory, that is essentially just going to be a series of parallel production lines, is really not overly exciting. It needs to be done and it’s good that it is being done but is it really going to be anything wildly different to what we have now? Do we need a party? The thing that does play on my mind is that the much delayed Prius prime is set to hit the market at about the right time as the factory opening which will inevitably help ease any production constraints at Panasonic. I have been wondering if this pilot plant provides enough spare Panasonic capacity to supply the prime and the X ramp up whilst the existing plants maintain s production. I don’t… Read more »

That Giga factory is going to produce a LOT of Cowbell.