Tesla Gigafactory Flyover Video – September 19, 2018

SEP 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla Gigafactory is getting solar panels.

Not much changed at the Tesla Gigafactory in terms of building size (30% of the planned footprint), since the flyover video in August 2017, but finally solar panels begin to pop up on the roof, as you’ll see in this flyover video from Electrek.

The first panels were installed in early 2018, and ultimately there will be 70 MW of power available from the sun (up to 200,000 panels), which would be the world’s largest rooftop solar installation (of course, not even close to the biggest ground installations).

The major recent focus at the Tesla Gigafactory was production pace, not the expansion of the building. In early August, the company reached battery output of 20 GWh annually. 30-35 Gwh should be possible by the end of 2018.

Plan when completed:

  • 105 GWh of cell production (updated from 35 GWh)
  • 150 GWh pack production (updated from 50 GWh)

Source: Electrek

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Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t actually venture anywhere near the solar panels…

What surprised me on the official photo of the solar array released recently, was that they were installing polycrystaline cells — I don’t think Tesla even makes these at their own “Gigafactory 2” facility?… This was particularly surprising since the delays had me thinking they were waiting for the production there to ramp up…

On the video however it looks like one of the more recent strips in the middle is darker though (presumably monocrystaline) — which suggests that they are probably testing and comparing various types of cells?

70kW is *not* a large array. I am organizing one for my small church that is 50kW. Should this by 70mW?

It is supposed to say 70 MW.

Yes, thanks!

Milliwatt? 😛

The math is wrong.
“70 kW of power available from the sun (up to 200,000 panels)”
0.35 W per panel???

each panel should have a rating of 200 to 300 – call it 250 W or 0.25 kW
200,000 *0.25 kW = 50,000 kW or 50 MW.

70 MW if each panel yields 350 W which is on the high side if I’m not mistaken.

Yes 70 MW, thanks!

Glad to see someone else studied arithmetic (no it’s not really math) in primary school. Please remove an OBVIOUSLY wrong (by orders of magnitude) number from your innumerate article. Yes they meant MW not kW.

Nice to see Tesla making good on this. They have so many important things to work on so I’m sure this is low down on the priority list. But putting up the solar PV shows that they are committed to walking the walk.

Yes! Great to see Tesla finally installing solar panels on the roof. That was part of the original proposal to the State of Nevada; the Gigafactory was supposed to generate most of its own power via solar panels and a wind farm.

Are they not going to complete the other section of the factory. Seems the closest town is miles away, where do the employees stay.

They will continue construction when they need more space, obviously the three storey building of the current size fits the current needs of space to support currently required production. Also, spending laregs amounts of money for construction right now is contrary to profitability targets. I estimate activity will start come January 2019.
As for the employees: If you look closely at the video, you see some dark rectangular structures next to the white building. This novelty is called a “parking lot”. On that, you see small boxes, called “horseless carriages” or for the more tech affiliated crowd, “automobiles”. The employees who own one of those can use them to travel a full day worth of marching distance (or multiple hours on horseback) in less than an hour! This allows them to live in places that are many miles away from their place of work. There are also larger boxes called “buses” that ferry employees in from further away than just down the road. I don’t think that many of them camp out in the desert nearby, but I heard that at least one sometimes sleeps in the factory.

when they started in early 2018, appearantly the project does not have much priority.

Its about time. They *make* solar panels, they should use them.

I’m sure they use them…they just have better opportunities to get a bigger return on them installing them elsewhere at this time.