Tesla Gigafactory Fly Over Early October – Video

OCT 8 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

Tesla Gigafactory – Drone fly over – October 2015

Tesla Gigafactory – Drone fly over – October 2015

Youtuber Black66 released a new low-altitude quadcopter flyover from the Tesla Gigafactory, which shows us the progress made since one month ago.

Tesla has already began work inside the building, and there is a power station growing nearby too.

Overall size of the building is several times (probably 4 times) smaller than the final target size of the Gigafactory, and is still called a pilot plant at this point in time.

The pilot plant should go on-line by Spring 2016.

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The factory started off at one times smaller than its final size. I doubt it has shrunk.

The white roof makes sense, both locally, to reduce air conditioning costs, and globally, to fight global warming.

I hope they put solar PV panels on the roof relatively soon. I know it is an unnecessary expense but there is going to be so much focus on the Gigafactory that it will be important for PR.

I think Elon knows where he can get a deal for high efficiency solar panels. 😉

GO TESLA GO !!!! 😀

Yes, PV panels are a must.
Can someone recall the terms upon which Tesla chose Nevada?
There was quite some fight for it!

Besides government money it was the vicinity of lithium mines to reduce transportation cost.

According to Wikipedia, Lithium is gained from Lithiumchlorid in Silver Peak, Nevada.

What a thrill it is to see the future unfold in the form of the first Gigafactory.
Go Tesla !

“several times (probably 4 times) smaller than ”

I think you’re trying to say its probably a quarter (25%) of the final size. But we can’t be sure.

Please specify and please refrain from using such phrasing in future.
Other popular examples include “three times cheaper” (=33% of comparative costs), “four times more economical” (=25% cheaper/less) or “five times lower costs” (=20% of comparative costs).
We have percentages to express the relationship of figures like these and these communicate with precise clarity.

I doubt anyone knows intuitively what “4 times smaller” means, but everyone understands “25% of the final size”, “quarter of final size” or even “75% remain to be built”. Also looks much better for a technology-oriented blog to be precise on the relationship between numbers. Just sayin’!

If you go to Google.de and key in “tesla gigafactory” and then select “Bilder “, you’ll get hundreds of fine pictures. Maybe the same works in the Google platform of your country, too.
Two key results from these pictures:
1.) The roof is planned to be covered with PV completely in the end.
2.) If you compare the size of the planned building with the already existing buildings next door, you will estimate the current building to be 1/8 or max. 1/6 of the final size.

Two questions:
1) what produces the power the factory will use;
2) anyone else hope the site has excellent security to prevent “accidental fires”? Big Oil is watching and not happy, after all.

1) according to Musk: geo thermal, wind and solar… in the end it should be self contained
2) they already spent money for security buildings, so mabye they have the same thoughts as you 😀