Tesla Gigafactory Evacuated After Hazardous Material Spill


The Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

“Out of an abundance of caution, a couple of employees who may have been exposed are being transferred to the local hospital.”

Says Tesla in response to a hazardous material spill at the Gigafactory in Nevada.

It has nothing to do with battery manufacturing though and should have no effect on production at the site.

According to Tesla, the spill occurred around 12:45 PM on Monday. The spill was from a drum of “standard construction cleaning solvent.” The spill site was limited to a loading dock. A small surrounding area was was evacuated for safety reasons.

Here’s Tesla’s statement in its entirety:

“A drum of standard construction cleaning solvent was spilled at one of the Gigafactory loading docks this afternoon. Although this minor spill poses no threat to the public, per our safety protocols, we evacuated a small portion of the building and alerted the authorities. A cleanup crew is onsite and out of an abundance of caution, a couple of employees who may have been exposed are being transferred to the local hospital. There are no reports of serious injuries. We don’t expect any impact to production.”

Joe Curtis, director of emergency management for Nevada’s Storey County, stated:

“There was no threat to the public, no plumes or anything.”

Reno Gazette-Journal adds:

“About nine factory employees reported symptoms such as upset stomachs after being exposed to the chemical, according to Curtis.”

Source: Reuters

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Cleaning solvent? What, a barrel of bleach?

It was not a cleaning solvent spill. That’s just a cover story. It was a spill of thousands of gallons of Tesla Kool-Aid. 😉

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Yawn…. This happens daily at many, many companies and would never make the news. It happens at the gigafactory, and runs on CNBC’s headline ticker tape all morning long.

Ah, the two-edged sword of notoriety!

Yup. I was at a rail yard when I leak occurred. People started having respiratory issues, crying eyes, skin rashes. When we confirmed the container contained an orange juice concentrate, everyone recovered quickly. Fear can produce real physiological effects on humans.

This is news? LOL…fossil fuel industry and its cronies are getting desperate in their attempts to destroy Tesla.
NEWS ALERT…Elon Musk has explosive diarrhea from eating Taco Bell chalupa!

well done sir, well done.

The tin foil hat industry thanks you for your support and multiple purchases. Most conspiracy nuts own only one tin foil hat, but you have different one for every day of the week and two for Sundays. 😉

I don’t really see what’s newsworthy about this. Such minor incidents happens all the time at most workplaces.

There is a concerted anti-Tesla campaign gathering steam. For years this has been the case, and will continue to be.
Mainly on 5 fronts.

1. Many companies are coming out with improved ev’s that will be Tesla Killers.
2. Tesla does not really know how to produce a mass market car, nor does Musk know how to run the company.–Bob Lutz, (Tesla is a Ponzi Scheme) Sergio Marchionne.
3. Tesla will make you sterile–Clueless Kevin O’Leary, along with other baseless commentaries from other financial pages, such as “The Street”, which have given TM a D+ rating for years, when actually has TM performed like an A-.
4. There is no demand for ev’s
5. Attacks from legislatures and politicians, to limit availability.
These crooks are bought and paid for by the auto/oil/industrial complex.

As the Model 3 comes closer to production these attacks will continue in increase in rapidity while the volume of the strident tone will also go up.

Title of story says “Tesla Gigafactory Evacuated..”

Yes, I really dislike this kind of sensationalism.

In other news, a BMW employee somewhere in Europe spilled his cup of coffee. As the coffee was quite hot she nearly suffered minor burns and stopped by the company nurse for a cream and some paracetamol.

We don’t expect any impact on BMW production, and the public, a BMW spokesman assured us, was never at risk.

Meanwhile BP had another well blowout in Alaska on Friday, where the oil leak couldn’t be stopped until Saturday due to bad weather.

It also leaked natural gas from Friday to Monday before they could pump enough salt water down the well to kill the natural gas leak.

If true that’s news big time!