Tesla Gigafactory Construction Ahead Of Schedule (w/video)


Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

MyNews 4 is reporting that work on the Tesla Gigafactory is actually ahead of schedule:

“High winds blasted through the region halting heavy construction yesterday and today. The mix of dust, low visibility and heavy machinery was not a good combination. Developer Lance Gilman said, “We’re clocking winds out here measuring 70-to-80 miles an hour. Anywhere else in the country that would be called a hurricane and everybody would stay home from work. You know, we’re all still just out here doing our thing.”

“Despite the wind, a Tesla spokesperson said construction is ahead of schedule. Gilman said that doesn’t surprise him. He added, “They’re all hands in the cook, if you don’t mind me using an old rodeo term. I mean they are very, very busy. I think there are 250 steelworkers alone here right now.”

It’s not often that a construction project is ahead of schedule.  Furthermore, Tesla is apparently at the stage in which it doesn’t want visitors due to proprietary equipment/components now being on site:

“Gilman said Tesla was allowing him to bring his prospects on a tour of the facility but not anymore. Gilman said, “They don’t want visitors. They pretty much put everyone in the company, their subcontractors, all of us in the county, on notice. They do not want visitors.” He added the facility contains proprietary components Tesla does not want anyone to see up close.”

More secrecy from Tesla, which includes the removal of that Gigafactory video we posted last week.

Source: MyNews4

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The solar panels are going to be a high maintenance hardware from what this video shows.
Wonder how they plan to keep that enormous surface from getting covered with dust.

Automatic solar PV cleaning robots. But the solar PV on the roof will be mostly for show anyway.

Yeah, modify an iRobot Roomba, and call it a Roofba!

Hehe… funny. 😛

But reading the answers below it’s obvious that not all know that it’s the standard solution for dusty areas with automated cleaning robots.

And since the PV’s on the roof is much more about PR than actual generation you can bet on Tesla wanting them to be sparkling for the apperance from above.

Really? the PV will be for “show only”? I guess the batteries they’ll be manufacturering will be for “show only” as well. What an imagination you have.

there should be enough rainfall even in Nevada that it rinses solar panels well enough. And if not, it is not that difficult to create an artificial rain.

Solar panels are pretty low maintenance. Just ask the robots on Mars that have been driving around using them for many years.

I’ve cleaned mine now & then. But even when I don’t, they work fine . . . they just produce a few percent less. And the next rain cleans them off.

Dusty panels has actually been some of the main problems for space vehicles. NASA would have been really happy if there would have existed a marsian cleaning service.

For a while I managed a 3MW facility and while I didn’t have that level of dust problems (it was in an urban area), I found that the little rain we got here in Vegas was enough to dust off the panels. Unless you go for 180 days without rain or something crazy like that.

Ahead of schedule. That means that they expect the facility to be finished before the year ends.

I hope that is true. The faster they can get started on the inside installations of battery manufacturing equipment the better.

I think that Tesla was conservative with their Gigafactory schedule, because there were so many bureaucratic unknowns.

Anyway, if Tesla can keep going ahead of schedule, then it means that Tesla Model 3 will too enter to markets ahead of schedule. My predisction still stands that performance and signature versions of Model 3 will come on sales in Summer 2016. Well ahead of schedule!

I hope you’re right but I’m fairly confident you’re wrong.

I highly doubt we will see the Model 3 in production before 2017 and no real ramp-up before H2 2017.
Hopefully it will be around that time and not a lot later though.

A year delay with Model 3 will cost Tesla approximately 5-10 billion dollars in forever lost revenue. Are you sure that it makes economic sense for Tesla to delay Model 3 by one year?

Only thing what I can come up why it would make sense for Tesla to delay Model 3 by one year would be that there is only enough battery production capacity to satisfy the demand of much more profitable Model S and X. But I think that the battery supply bottle neck will be resolved by 2016. Therefore the delay of Model 3 will not make an economic sense.

Musk recently said that the 3 doesn’t even exist on paper yet.

Given how long it’s taken between the release of the X prototype and the Beta version, with the X not really starting meaningful production until 2016 there is 0 chance that the 3 will arrive the same year

I think 2017 May see a few signature 3 if we’re lucky. And 2018 before any meaningful 3 production occurs.

I’m hoping to be wrong and it’s 2017. But no way for 2016

Tesla delayed Model X because they were concentrating on Model S development and profitability. If Tesla had brought Model X to markets in 2013, like was originally planned, then it would have meant that Tesla had sold for each Model X sold exactly one Model S car less. Therefore Tesla’s revenue stream would have been exactly the same, but their expenses would have been greater, if Tesla had chosen to bring second parallel model to markets. Tesla did much better by investing their revenue on general R&D and Supercharger and service network expansion and invading new markets. Therefore it would have been outright foolish for Tesla to not delay Model X until they have resolved their battery supply problem. In 2016 however, Model S and X production will not be limited by battery and component supply anymore. Therefore it makes sense to bring Model 3 to markets as it greatly expands Tesla’s markets. And indeed, if Gigafactory races ahead of schedule, then it makes very much sense to bring Model 3 to markets ahead of schedule. Of course if Model S and X demand exeeds expectations, then it might make sense to delay Model 3, if all batteries that Panasonic,… Read more »

I agree with $5 billion (100k 1st year sales averaging $50k each), but “forever lost revenue”? When there is no serious competitive alternatives and the EV market is wide open, a year delay does not cause revenue to be forever lost. What will cause forever lost revenue is delivering a mediocre product. This is why Model X delays are also acceptable. There’s plenty of room in the massive sedan and SUV market for Tesla, GM Bolt and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to steal plenty of sales…

It’s not a delay. Mid 2016 would be early. Mid 2017 or early 2018 would be on schedule (current schedule that is, a delay compared to some very old schedules including when they thought the Gen 3 would come in 2015).

And it’s not like they have much choice. After the X is done they will put most of the engineers focus toward Model 3 and then it will take the time it takes to get it done.
And remember that the Model 3 will have to be pretty much perfect from the beginning. They will not be able to afford all the mishaps of the Model S on a lesser margin, higher volume vehicle.

Tesla can have 10 models in development simultaneusly. For example BMW has about dozen plug-in models simultaneusly in development and Tesla’s capital potential is roughly half from BMW’s capital potential.

Actually, one of the biggest Tesla’s problems is where to invest all that capital that is poured from doors and windows to the company by all those greedy and dreamy investors.

I don’t know if their suppliers will be ready by then. The raw materials and the equipment might be the factor holding it up, even if the building is done early.

Yea – Tesla has such a great track record getting products to market ahead of schedule….Anyone seen an X on the road yet???

Wait a minute, Tesla has produced the only BEV that is giving big ICE manufacturers real competition in performance and styling. FYI, I leased a 2012 Leaf and am looking forward to model 3.

That still doesn’t address the Tesla production delays in his post.

Car manufacturing is not easy, Elon Musk said there was a 10% chance of success with Tesla. I’m glad Tesla is successful despite the odds and naysayers (big car manufacturers) constant thrashing and bashing.


Tesla’s Uberfactory, the Leaf 2.0, and the Bolt will all likely arrive in 2017. (I know, the Bolt is supposed to go into production 10/2016, but I’m guessing we won’t see wide availability of that car until at least Spring 2017, even if GM meets their production date.)

Plus, I would expect some major changes to the e-Golf, even if “only” a major price cut, plus longer AER and possibly lower prices from a bevy of PHEVs, and (dare I type it?!) some sign of sanity (and an EV) from the likes of Honda and Toyota.

Man oh man is 2017 going to be an interesting year.

2016 will be even more interesting year, because Model 3 will enter to markets well ahead of its schedule.

Although I think snow has a better chance in Miami I would love to see this. It would be the best kept secret of all time and would slaughter the speculators

Sorry Jouni don’t get your hopes up.

Unlikely as Elon will be “nanomanaging” each aspect of the development of this car with likely “cool” aspects that will take time to develop, that’s just the way he is. So my guess is that Model 3 will be a very good car but that will be put in production later than Bolt & Leaf 2. As for the billions Tesla may loose doing so I do not think this is too much Elon’s concern, it is not like Tesla is owned by a pension fund pushing for double digit ROE number. In that aspect Tesla is a refreshing sight. Taking its time to produce high quality products. Old fashioned in a very good way.

Bolt and Leaf do not exactly compete with Model 3. The purpose of Model 3 is to take down Audi A4 Quattro and BMW 328i xDrive that are SERIOUS German cars.

Bald speculation. You really believe that Tesla will be able to design, test, and produce a car in 18 months?

It has never been able to do that.

Tesla could design and develope 10 models simultaneusly in 18 months. The capital potential of Tesla is roughly about half from BMW’s capital potential.

Actually, the most burning problem with today’s Tesla is that they have surplus of capital and they have run out of good ideas where to spend all that capital. Introducing new models does not help much, because Tesla can do very little on short term with their component supply bottle necks.

Go, builders, GO!

The world needs that gigafactory as soon as possible!

Not only That Gigafactory, but world needs few hundred of their friends too! And of course ASAP.

It’s glorious…

Great news!

Now, does “ahead of schedule” mean ahead of the original schedule, or does that mean ahead of even the new schedule with Tesla pushing forward the scheduled completion by a full year?

Much as I hope Tesla will deliver the Model ≡ in 2017, as they plan, I will be quite surprised if they do. I think the best we can realistically hope for is 2018, and at least some of the InsideEVs editors have predicted 2019.

I think the push forward on the Gigafactory is an indication of how much Tesla needs a bigger supply of batteries for its Model S and X, not an indication they’re developing the Model ≡ faster than planned.

The Model ≡ can’t be a rush job. Just like the Model S, it has to be done right to generate the sales Tesla not merely wants, but -needs- to be able to keep growing the company swiftly.

Tesla is no longer your small start-up company that can focus on single project at time, but it is by far the biggest electric car company in the world, if measured in capital potential and could easily develop 10 new models simultaneusly.

Tesla is perhaps 10 times bigger than Nissan Electric and BMW i-section compined, if measured in capital potential that is available for investments on electric car development and manufacturing.

I think they should partner up with Google Aplle and start building now ,with half the profit that those money generate in a single quarter and START BUILDING TODAY another 2 factories in US and another 2 gigafactories, just to start.
I am 100% sure that with the prices of today and 10%gross profit they can sellas of today a 200mile electric car (~50kWh) in the hundreds of millions,given the inherent huge advantages of electric transportation (low maintanance, price, freedom-superchargers,convenience, efficiency).
THAT wouldbe a revolution

I think that there is a chance that the oil-politics cartel will do really bad stuff just to stop this,it’s trillions at stake.

Somebody should fly a drone over (through) that structure for some better pictures.

After all we do want to know everything right?

Only as long as it’s an pure electric drone…

Or a pure fossil fuel rocket. Lol.

Don’t understand the secrecy at this point though. What can be secret in a rough building structure?

I’m putting my money where my mouth is and will be ordering Model 3 even if it is late(2017) or very late (2020) in delivery. Because it will be a high quality product with rigorous testing and excellent styling..
not GM, FORD, BMW, VW, HONDA, TOYOTA garbage.

I somehow think the model X and model S will devour up all the battery production from this place.