Tesla Gets Its Own Model X-Inspired Rap Song


If, as an automaker, you’re the inspiration of a rap song, then that confirms your status of making it to the big time.

There’s no other measure in which one can so simply confirm the worth of an automaker.

Inspire a rap song = you’re a big dawg now.

So, with that in mind, enjoy this Tesla Model X-inspired rap song by Maitreya on Soundcloud.

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Santana on guitar?

Your comment is immature, idiotic and insensitive, referencing orphaned Somalian kids. Lets hearyour work.

That was meant for Mikael^^^

Worst s*** I’ve ever heard. The song is so poor it would make an orphan street kid in Somalia look like Bill Gates.

The rapper must be shorting Tesla stock.

Sounds like a 99 cent budget jingle.

Terrible.. yo.

Pretty dope, and I mean that in the sense, of bad, or not cool.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I want to thank Eric loveday for the write up. I’m just trying to do my part to help save the planet. Thanks to all the haters on here too.

your not a dr. and that dmx song has nothing to do with tesla lol

When I say Timeship in the song Tesla i’m talking about The Timeship project the largest structure dedicated to life extension. For more info go to timeship.org

I love the song. Great job Maitreya. Where can I get your music?