Tesla Gets Green Light To Open First Service Center & Showroom In New Jersey

Tesla Service Center


Location Of Paramus, New Jersey

Location Of Paramus, New Jersey

Tesla Motors has been greenlighted to open its first combined service center & showroom in the state of New Jersey.

The 27,000-square-foot facility, located on Route 17 in Paramus, will feature 3 Superchargers (some lower powered charging stations too), an education center, an area where vehicle can be prepped for delivery and a full service center.

As North Jersey reported:

“The Paramus Zoning Board of Adjustment on Thursday evening unanimously approved several variances Tesla needed to move forward with its plan to convert the former Sixth Avenue Electronics store.”

According to Tesla, there are 807 Tesla owners within a 25-mile radius of the soon-to-open Paramus service center.

Christy Ortins, a design manager at Tesla, had this to say of the automaker choosing Paramus:

“There seems to be quite a market here where there are people who are forward-looking.”

There’s no firm date for completion of the Tesla Paramus service center, but we suspect it’ll be operational before the end of the year..

Source: North Jersey

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Paramus is not the first service center in New Jersey. Springfield has been open for a long time. http://www.teslamotors.com/service/springfield

Right this is the first one post Christie’s Tesla-gate.

So for a Tesla owner living on the Joysey Shore they can/will be able to choose from two centers in North Joysey or three centers in/around Philly, either at least an hour + traffic away.

Just an FYI, residents of The Garden State see the North and the South as two totally different states, and seldom cross that invisible boundary somewhere around Trenton.

Wrong. I live in NJ. We have the North, Mid, and South. North is North of exit 14 on NJ Turnpike, Mid is between exit 9 and 14, South is South of exit 9 on Turnpike. All considered one State to me. In fact we live in the North and my wife works in Mid NJ.