Tesla Gen III No Longer To Be Tesla Model E


Tesla Says No To Model E For Gen 3

Tesla Says No To Model E For Gen 3

Tesla Motors no longer holds the SEXY trademark.

Effective late April, Tesla Motors abandoned the Model E trademark, leaving the automaker with just S, X, and Y for now.

Tesla’s Gen 3 was widely believed to eventually be called the Tesla Model E, but that’s no longer the case.

Tesla Abandons Model E Trademark

Tesla Abandons Model E Trademark – Click To Enlarge

According to AutoblogGreen, Tesla Motors went on record stating that it’s “no longer pursuing the Model E trademark.”

It seems likely to us that Tesla wanted to avoid battling it out with Ford over the Model E trademark.

We now believe that Gen 3 will be called Model Y, which makes sense if you look at it as a vehicle for Generation Y (aka Milliennials with birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s).  Generation Y is likely the most targeted audience of Tesla’s lower-priced Gen 3.

The Tesla Model X seems to fit this generational naming convention too.  Generation X, with birth dates ranging from the early 1960s through the early 1980s, would be the ones most likely to buy the Model X electric SUV.

The only oddity would be the Model S, of which no generational name matches it.  But that’s likely because Tesla didn’t think of this generational naming idea until after the Model S was launched.

If not Model Y for Gen 3, then perhaps Tesla will return to what was rumored in the past: Model C, with C standing for compact.

What is certain is that the Tesla Gen 3 will not be called Tesla Model E.

What’s your guess as to the name of Gen 3?

Source: AutoblogGreen

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Who cares? Call it the Gen III, even.

YES!!!! 🙂 (I hated that name)

And I would prefer Model C over Model Y, otherwise you will get smart alecks saying “Model Why?”

After X,Y comes Z. And that will be the last model 🙂

Nah, starts over at Model A.

agreed, kdawg

So long as they don’t name their buyers “B-class”, I am OK with it.

I didn’t like Model “E” either.

They should abandon single letter names.

I know. How about “Volt”

Oh darn the name’s already taken.

I’d be OK w/dropping the “Model” moniker also. Being that Ford already went that route, not sure what they were thinking. It would be like calling their first one “S-Type” and copying Jaguar. Need some originality here.

I actually can’t stand the naming behind the Tesla series. I liked “roadster” but I do not care for this single-letter nonsense. Cars should have names that are easy for people to remember.

Not for a luxury brand. The models will be letters and numbers, and the name people will remember is the name of the luxury brand. See Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus. You are buying the brand and the name of the brand is the most important.

For a non luxury brand, the name of the model becomes a brand itself. See Camry or Accord.

You and I may not like it, but it works.

Excellent point…didn’t think of it that way.

Not so sure about that. Maybe that’s the German way which understandably gets copied, but British luxury makes have long used actual names – e.g. Silver Cloud, Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Continental, Mulsanne, Flying Spur, Vanquish, Rapide, Vantage, etc.

Tesla doesn’t have to or need to join the pack chasing the German marques. Elon might want to mix his interest in the cosmos in with naming his cars. How about Andromeda, Scorpius, Eridanus, Mensa…. Hey – that’d be a good combo – Tesla Mensa…. kind of Italiano sounding…

Yeah. Like the Ford F-150, or the Mazda 5, or the Mercedes-Benz E-350, or the Chrysler 500, or…

There seems to be considerable precedent for using obscure model names/numbers in the auto industry, and there’s no automaker who hasn’t done this.

And if we remember the dress-code in the 90s, we all know why it’s called generation Y:


I guess I am the only one who didn’t hate the name, I guess I got used to it already. I hope they’ll call it a Model C now…

Should name it Dgeneratiom x.

I think that they will have some really cool model name, like Edison.

That would be kinda weird since Nikola Tesla battled Thomas Edison.

I would prefer something more “Tesla” related.

How about the “Death Ray” LOL 🙂

How about “Tesla Coil”?

kinda cool…

The Tesla car in GTA V is the ‘Coil Voltic’

I read that Tesla worked for Edison but they had a falling out. In the end Tesla and Edison didn’t like each other. How about calling the 3rd generation Tesla the Model T? May not such a good idea. Love Tesla and wish them every success.

They would have to get permission from Ford to use the Model T name. They might do that, but I somehow doubt it.

Yeah, Ford has kept the Model T trademark active.

Some names.. just thinking out loud again.

Quake (after his earthquake machine)

Gen3 (Gen for generator, which Tesla developed and 3 for 3phase AC, which he developed)

Neon (which Telsa made the first neon lights. Unfortunately this name is taken by Dodge)

Arc (this could be used for a large EV Truck. A play on words to sound like Ark, think Noah)

Current (related to electricity)

Bolt (related to electricity)

Power (related to electricity)

Inductor (Telsa made the first wireless power transfers)

Turbine (Tesla invented these. Kinda has a nice ring to it, the “Tesla Turbine”)

I like the line of thinking…I think several of those could work…

I like the Tesla related names. Especially Turbine. Though he named that invention after his mother-in-law: Turbina.

What would Elon design for a mother-in-law car???

Edison sounds too much like Edsel. Tesla might want to stay away from it.

Love the generational stereotyping. 🙂

Yeah, Model X, sure, why not? 🙂

Then who is Model S intended for, seniors?

Call it the Tesla Dynamo

MG already took that name.

I liked Model E name.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

They could call it the Donkey R*per and I’d still buy one.

Put a warning statement first…I just spit out my coffee.

I’m still laughing…

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

WARNING: Interspecies Erotica ahead.


I didn’t mind the E moniker, but was sort of generic, since it didn’t really refer to anything.

How about the Tesla EE? Exciting Efficiency (or Electrical Engineer or Exciting as Excrement 😉 )

I thought the letters were indicative of the vehicle, not their target market.

Model S => Sedan
Model X => Crossover
Model E => Economical

Now I have to figure out what “Y” stands for! 😉

Maybe “Y” stands for Ypsilon? You know, the greek letter?

Model S = Senior (big sedan)
Model X = Crossover for middle aged people w/kids (gen X’ers)
Model Y = Youth (or young, for the younger generation)

And here, I thought the Model E was rated E for Everyone.

It was already a bit of a household name. If this was indeed Ford bullying Tesla out of it I think it succeeded in dealing a competitor a blow.

I don’t care what they call it, just bring it on time and within budget.

AMEN to that Nate!!!!

Model S, X and Y. Eh, ,I don’t see the reason in changing the name from Model E to Model Y (if that’s what it’ll become). It would still make a chuckle here and there.

Model `C’ is much, much better than Model `Y’ in my opinion. I’m not sure why I feel that way either, it just seems Model C is much better. Maybe because it’s the third letter of the alphabet and it’s Tesla’s Third vehicle?

and compact

Model A

And yes, that is why.

I think they should call it the Good Air Sudan in that in this one cartoon Captain Planet Episode they had a car factory that was like Tesla in the episode. What was wild about the Captain Planet episode it was about a new car factory that made ultra clean high gas millage cars called Good Air Sudan’s. The cars in the episode oddly looked like the Tesla Model E and the Tesla model X in that they had gull wing doors on them.

Here is a link to the episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxurXd7kkDQ

The car shows up in the first five minutes of the episode.

They should call it the Tesla Joule or Model J.


I like Joule.
TJ for short.

It would be nice if Tesla dumped the letter names and just flat give the cars names. Call it the Tesla Millennial if you want, just lose the letter names. Or name it according to the price: Roadster=”Outrageous”, Model S=”Unbelievable”, Model X=”Who Knows”, and Gen III=”Hopeful”!!

Soon, the Model Y will start at $50k without the steering wheels & seats. Those are extras. I guarantee that the Model Y will not have a base price of $35k.

Tesla, please prove me wrong.

If they re-register the Model E name, they’ll be bringing sexy back.

…you have been waiting on that one haven’t you?

Can’t say i was, but i’m a little proud.

How about just flip it and call it the Model 3.

S for Sedan / Saloon Class
X for Crossover Class
H for Hatchback Class
C for Compact / City Class
R for Roadster Class
T-150 for F-150 Truck Class

I like all of those Anon. They make good sense.

+6 (one for each)

I think they should keep all the letters. Put them in proper order so that they become the S.E.X.Y. brand that they are!

There I said it, Tesla cars are S.E.X.Y.!