Tesla Gen 3 To Cost Same As Nissan LEAF In UK?


Nissan LEAF Principe in UK

Nissan LEAF Pricing in UK

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On several occasion, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dropped hints related to pricing for Tesla’s Gen 3 electric vehicles.

For example, Musk stated that Gen 3 will cost half a Model S, or approximately $35,000-$40,000.

Even Tesla, the automaker, released a statement on Gen 3 pricing in the past.  That statement, from 6 months ago, is as follows:

“Our Gen III car will be out in around 3-4 years. We are targeting a $30-$40k price for it.”

Now, here’s Elon Musk once again discussing Gen 3, this time it was while he was in the UK at the launch of the right hand drive Tesla Model S:

“We’re never going to release an ugly car. We want it to look good, to feel good, to have good acceleration, handling, everything.”

When prodded on pricing and the launch timetable, Musk stated that within 3 years Tesla aims to launch Gen 3 price at approximately £25,000.  Converted to dollars, that’s $42,426.

But when we examine electric vehicles sold in the UK, this £25,000 price target is right in line with a top-level Nissan LEAF.

If Tesla can indeed match the price of the LEAF with its Gen 3, then lookout.  Of course, Nissan will have advanced the LEAF within 3 years too and presumably brought down its price, but still the £25,000 price target, if achieved, will make Gen 3 a game-changer for sure.

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Well, that schedule seems to keep dragging (witness the model x). According to what both sides have said, the contest would be more like an Infinity EV vs. a Tesla gen 3. Since the range specs would be similar, the difference would mainly be the charger.

Similar specs? Highly unlikely as long as the Infinity will only have the 150-mi range of the rumored next-gen Leaf.

hey have already said Infiniti EV will have longer range than Leaf. I expect it to be 200 miles, with Leaf being 150. Infiniti will also be released earlier than next gen Leaf in 2016.

I’ll believe this when I see this for real in that Tesla is leaving a train wreak of broken promo’s lately.


I think he was using “promo’s” [sic] as short for “promises” in regards to delivery dates to China and the like.

What specific promises?

Mostly it’s been about delays… Not that many promises that actually have beeen broken as far as I know at least.

Works for me. Lets see…pre-order deposits for the Gen 3 should be starting sometime next year…right?

Reservations won’t start until a prototype is released. If Model S and Model X development are any indication, the GenIII prototype will probably be revealed sometime in mid- to late- 2015. The GenIII most likely will not enter production until mid-2018.

I love Tesla and all.. but until I see a product and a real price tag, I’m not going to sweat it much..

Anybody else notice that the “3-4 years from now” story hasn’t changed since they first mentioned the car what, 2 years ago?

I still think that Tesla will try to deliver the first Gen III during the 2016 calendar year (much like Leaf/Volt were launched in 2010 – December 2010). Whether they hit the date will remain to be seen.

In 2017, I expect production to ramp up, but they will probably be production limited for many years (the Model S still is production limited today).

I think Musk mixed up prices with and without taxes. So Gen 3 will be £ 25,000 without taxes, while the Leaf is £ 24,000 with taxes today.

I know this is a Tesla thread, but the BMW 3 series in the UK starts around GBP 30,000 (USD 41,500).

I’m expecting that Nissan will surprise the world, not with the forthcoming 150 mile LEAF, but the 200+ mile Infiniti LE.

For the Tesla Gen III to really compete at that time, it will need to be, yes, at least a 200 miler with a starting price point of no more than GBP 30,000.

And Nissan will need to create a nationwide 120kW+ supercharging network to compete with Tesla.


Nissan’s attempt to rollout a CHAdeMO network via their dealers is a valiant effort, but ultimately futile compared to the Supercharger network. Of course, Nissan could decide to offer Supercharger access with the Infiniti with an upfront buy-in similar to the Model S. It seems that Tesla would be more than open to that idea.

Has there been any change to the Nissan chargers so a person could use them when the dealer is closed? When the one opened here I was shocked to see the charger was NOT available for use on Sunday because the dealer is closed…

Rudy, note that is £30k before subsidy, so actually about £25k.

$30-40k would normally translate to about £24-31k

And I highly doubt they will get close to the lower number so it will probably be £30k+.

Anyway, if they can hit £30k then there would be a lot of people wanting to add £5-6k premium for a Tesla over top end Leaf.

The difference is that you can get the LEAF *much* cheaper than RRP in the UK but the Tesla you pay the price. Personally I’m likely to still go for the Tesla but maybe Nissan will pull something out of the bag and if they do I’ll be ready to drive a hard bargain.

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Today Nissan own this section of the market just as Tesla own the luxury EV end. At some stage I would expect Nissan to go up the tree and Tesla will come down, neither is going to find it easy to walk into the others patch. It is easy to look at a Luxury brand and think it is going to dominate the cheaper end of the market but in reality the Tesla Gen 3 is not going to be the same as the model S just cheaper, it might look similar but either the model S is wildly over priced (unlikely) or there are going to have to be big changes to meet the price point. Similarly, comparing the Leaf now to a car 3 years down the track is a stretch. How much was the Leaf 3 years ago? If Tesla release the gen 3 with 200 mile range and Nissan have a similar sized car with a 150 mile range it will be great and they will compete against each other. What could also happen is a 300 mile infinity. As for the super charger network… Read more »

For a network of charging stations to be built quickly, ALL electric vehicle manufacturers need to get together and standardise the chargers so that with a bit of electronic wizardry, either the charger recognises the needs of the vehicle, or you can press a couple of buttons to get what your car needs.
It is no use to ANYONE to have Tom, Dick and Harry’s separate network of charging stations all no use to the other’s vehicles.
Imagine life if ‘your’ car could only use a Texaco or a Shell or a BP garage?

Today I picked up my 2015 Leaf SV on a 3 year lease. I’d love an affordable version of a Tesla. Hopefully by July 2017 that will be a reality. #notholdingmybreath

$45k will probably be the average price with options.

It is good to remember when compare Tesla gen III car to LEAF that Tesla will come with AWD and the most popular battery option will be for 300 miles range.

Electric AWD will provide superior handling compared on what we are used to with ICE cars.

Old hat mate if you drive a Mitsubishi EVO…