Tesla Gears Up For Future Strong Sales Of Model S, X & 3 In Dubai, UAE


With Tesla hoping to be at at 500,000 vehicles sold/run rate by the end of 2018, it’s clear to us that the automaker will have to make its vehicles as globally available as possible.

Right now, one of the underserved areas for Tesla is in the Middle East.

Tesla hopes to change that soon with launches in Dubai and the UAE.

Tesla held the official launch event for the area on February 13th and orders are already being accepted.

UAE’s Call For Tesla

Considering that Tesla currently has zero stores in the region, the automaker would perhaps run into a bit of trouble when deliveries of those ordered vehicles occur later this year.

Fear not though, as we’ve now received confirmation that Tesla is working to open its first store in Dubia on the Shiekh Zayed Road, considered one of the busiest streets in the region. The store will be where a Porsche dealership once sat (see image above for banner in front of store). The store is slated to open in “Summer 2017,” just ahead of first deliveries.

Additionally, Tesla is already in the act of deploying both Superchargers and Destination chargers in the region.

Source: Arabian Business

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You can, and in the case of Tesla they have always reached their goals, it just takes a bit longer time…

They will sell more than 10k cars in Germany, but not until 2018.

This is not a wise business move.

Oil is cheap in the Middle East, and the method of driving is typically at max speed between distant cities in the empty desert.

Until the desert is populated, electric cars will not do well.

Sheiks need a P100DL for streetracing rather than traveling!

That’s exactly what I said on another site, they go pedal to the metal down there but I suppose a bunch of superchargers/destination chargers would help to a certain degree.

UAE is brilliant for Tesla. Speedcameras every 2 miles enforce max speed of 130kmh. Distances between cities allow return trip without charging. Acceleration is more appreciated than top speed. Plus you can use a solar panel on your parking spot to be cool and feed directly in the battery.

Anybody who is not happy with oil dominated economy will want a Tesla! What better way to diss the status quo than to own an EV.

Is there any place in the world where the divide between “halves” and “have-nots” is more stark than it is in Dubai? A city built in the middle of the desert on petro-dollars, which caters to those who are not merely rich, but super-rich and ultra-rich. A city where oil sheiks and their relatives are served by imported labor; working poor who live in crowded, stifling barracks with no air conditioning. Dubai is a city so hot that the rich never stay outside during the heat of the day, and where the crowded barracks of those living in economic slavery are often over 100° even in the middle of the night.

It’s not those who are dissing the status quo who will be buying Tesla cars. Teslas will be bought by those celebrating the status quo by buying their 3rd or 4th or 10th or 20th car, as a conspicuous display of wealth.


Down off my soap box now.

The “imported labor” is in many cases barely indistinguishable from slavery:

The arabs are not stupid, they know the oil party is about to be over. They are investing in renewable energy like crazy and are now buying EVs as well. The end is nigh for fossil fuels.

Elon Musk who ass kisses Trump who is a muslim hater tries to sell EVs in an oil country of muslims. This will not have an happy ending