Tesla Fires Up Two More US Superchargers


Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla Supercharger Map

4 days ago, Tesla celebrated the opening of Supercharger #50 in the US.

Tesla 52 Superchargers and Counting

Tesla 52 Superchargers and Counting

Today, Supercharger #51 and #52 came online.

As we’ve stated recently, it’s getting incredibly difficult to keep pace with Tesla’s Supercharger rollout, so rather than cover a single station, we’ll typically report on a few that go online each week.

The latest sites to become operational are as follows:

Onalaska (La Crosse), Wisconsin – 6 Stalls

Saint Augustine, Florida – 6 Stalls

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Hi there,

BTW : East coast open !!!!!!!!! Miami to Boston!!!!!!!!!
With Santee (SC) and St Augustine (FL).

Good road with Tesla.

Well, unless our friends up North have annexed the state of Maine we need a couple more to go.

Last I checked, Maine is north of Boston. Therefore, not included as part of Miami to Boston.

East Coast FL to MA is still a bit of a stretch, till either the Savannah GA or the Lumberton NC charger opens up.

Right now, you must break for the night in Georgia with L2 charging. Which is fine, b/c the rest of the way to/from Miami is a Supercharger-paved cruise and a good long one-day drive.

But going north from there, one Supercharger later (the SC one), you find yourself in a precarious situation with some 250 miles, maybe more, to the two open NC chargers. So it’s still not quite the completely pass-through road trip as advertised, unless you are using a 85KWh model. Using the 60KWh you will probably need to top off with L2 on the way, surely in the winter.

But great progress nonetheless. And these two should open up pretty soon, making the point moot!

Looks like Elon will be doing his cross-country family trip as he planned.

Now let’s see some focus by Tesla on Europe also. I would love to see super chargers popping up on a regular basis like in the US starting to connect different parts of it. And of course to give the dutch and norwegians more value for their money after holding their own in the Tesla market.

Yeah, those Superchargers in Wisconsin and
Midwestern locales seem to be strategically set
to A) Give Tesla bragging rights for coast-to-coast
ability, B) Conveniently help Elon fulfill his promise
to drive his family across the USA in his Model S
this winter – Tweeting all the way, I’m sure. Just think
of the news media interviews along the route Tesla
is surely setting up. Very clever folks over at Tesla…

Just think, the mega car corps routinely spend
hundreds of millions of dollars broadcasting ads
filled with drivel that most of us love to ignore.
This way, a small David of a startup can stick it to
the Goliaths whilst putting thier money into
a proprietary fueling infrastructure that also serves
as the best form of advertising! Genius, really.

I’m hoping Elon Musk will do another road trip in 2014 too, from Narvik, Norway to Lisbon, Portugal.

Well done Tesla! What Tesla is doing for the future of EVs is amazing.

Building this SuperCharger infrastructure that enables cross country travel via EV, is making it possible/more viable for other manufacturers to offer longer range 200-300 mile EVs where the consumer won’t be concerned about local charging, since all their commuter charging will happen at home in their garage.

But their only EV concern is a periodic, once a year or so longer trip. And the Tesla SuperStations will have that covered. Which means at that point, a 300 mile EV could be an only car for a household with no reservations.

Very soon Ford, GM BMW, VW and any other automaker with a 200+ range EV and Combo Charger, will take Tesla up on their offer, and invest in the SuperCharger infrastructure and Tesla will install combo chargers at the SuperStations for their vehicles, or there will be an adapter to handle the conversion.

East Greenwich, RI Supercharger just opened today. Lumberton, NC, Edison, NJ, Woodbridge, VA, Savannah, GA and one more north of Jacksonville, FL would make the trip comfortable for Model S with 60kWh battery packs. Both Lumberton and Savannah are well underway and will probably be done in January.

It is 53 right now, so time to write a new article

Eric, i hate the title of this article…:0

Tesla Takeover

All those wicked republican politicians and their oil masters must really hate that map 🙂
Maybe the inexorable defeat reminds them of their final resting place in hell.

I wonder why Tesla doesn’t have a station in Vegas yet though

It’s actually comical what Tesla is doing because coast to coast wont do, covering the map with spheres wont do. You need many more. Every major city needs a station in every major exit direction because you can’t assume that it’s always full in a city. If you go to a city and has to get back right away the charger is often too far away. Case in point Vegas. You can get there but you can’t return.
So Tesla will have to place hundreds of stations and then keep expanding each site with more and more bays into the hundreds at each site. pulling multiple megawatts of power.

A daunting task indeed yet they just push on like petulant children who don’t really know what they are embarking on but like divine providence they keep scraping by 🙂
More and more destroying the establishment and their reluctant minds.

It will do for the 20k Tesla Model S customers in the US and the ones on waiting list.

Superchargers are not for major cities. They are for travel between cities.

You can charge at home or your home away from home and start every morning with a full battery.

Case in point Las Vegas. Many hotels have charging stations.

MGM Resorts

The Shoppes at Mandalay Place

The Palazzo

The Venetian


Crystals at City Center


The Las Vegas Convection Center

I knew it was hot in Vegas but I had no idea they had a Convection center!

LOL. The heat in Vegas always seemed more radiant to me.

Right. Impossible to keep up with Tesla.
Besides the one mentioned in the comment above by Tech01X (East Greenwich, RI), now also Gallup, NM is online. N. 54 in US.

Poor red counties, this Tesla map almost completely avoids you. Maybe you should stop selling out to old money. Maybe you should be more optimistic and less willing to sell out our future because a few oily old barons tell you to.