Tesla Fires Back at Audi…Sort Of


Screen Grab of Tesla Motors Post on Facebook

Screen Grab of Tesla Motors Post on Facebook

This, we’re sure, will go unnoticed to most, but Tesla cautiously fired back at Audi after the German automaker’s heinous press release made rounds.

Model S Storage Space Trumps Audi Q5

Model S Cargo Space Trumps Audi Q5

How did  Tesla fire back?  In a sly sort of way, that’s for sure.

Tesla Motors, via its Facebook page, promoted out this statement with a link to its Model S site:

“With 63.4 cubic feet of storage, Model S has more cargo space than the Audi Q5”

It’s not a direct shot at Audi unless you consider the timing of the Facebook post and add in that the Q5 is the particular vehicle called out.

The Model S always had 63.4 cubic feet of storage, so there’s no announcement there.

63.4 cubic feet of storage trounces tons of other vehicles, so why bring the Q5, a compact SUV, into the mix?  Isn’t the answer obvious?

Tesla Motors doesn’t take false criticism and claims sitting down.  The automaker could have fired off a press release in response to Audi’s bogus claims, but instead Tesla sort of took the high road by hiding its response from all but the most observant few.

Maybe we’re digging deep here with this Facebook post (doubt it).  Perhaps not.


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I think it should be handled a little differently when a competitor tries to belittle your product vs. when a journalist or politician does it. The motive is obviously very different.

I particularly enjoy how it’s framed like a traditional car commercial – more storage room than X, more power than Y, etc…

The Audi press release was so bad it was comical (and later removed, good call Jay). I am sure most of Tesla had a good laugh over it, just more free marketing for Tesla. Any retort from Tesla, that contained factual information, is a win in my book.

That is a ridiculous post by Tesla. Why compare the Q5 and Model S? The A7/S7 and the A8/S8 are the direct comparison (full size 4-door coupe and sedan). Why not compare to the Q7 instead, it has 72.5 cubic feet (who the hell fills a trunk with feet that are cubic 😉

The comparison also hurts Tesla’s case that they are not directly competing with other cars and therefore should not be forced into a dealership sales/service model.

Don’t fall for the bait and don’t let them drag you through the mud.

True…but the Audi A8 has only 13.2 cubic feet of cargo space…ouch. The Q7, a 5,300 pound behemoth, does beat the Model S with 72.5 though

That behemoth/tank has AWD offroad/snow capability and can seat tall adults in the back or fit in kids with their crap. Soccer/lacrosse moms with means love it — the hell with the environment and with the people suffering/dying in the oil-rich countries.

Telsa should release the Model X as soon as possible and then draw the comparisons with SUVs.

The real sad thing hear is that Tesla, like Audi made their own error in their claim about the number of cubic feet of storage (note in the reprint above). Although the number of cubic feet for total storage is correct, at the bottom they state the frunk has “5.3 Liters” That’s about what the cubby in the back of the frunk has. It should say Cubic feet. Any one from Audi that sees that will laugh at Tesla, noting that they make mistaken claims to. I wonder if Tesla will pull or correct it like Audi did.